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  1. i feel like theres a secret puzzle around they are not telling us but im not sure since its been 2-3 since the last one
  2. Whenever celsestial champion is in his phase 3 form if hes Near a lunar meteor and does his laser attack he will deal 450 Dmg to himself (Note im not talking about if it lands on him) the meteor is already landed and if hes close
  3. For example if u have 400% speed in phase 2 celestial champion has 400% speed too so theres no way to escape it if u even haev mag or cane he will have that speed too
  4. The servers aren't showing for me in dont starve together it just says (0/0) shown
  5. 1.Champion does the gastlat attack multiple times in phase 1t 2.Server crashes if someone leaves