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  1. Not everyone will understand, but who will understand will appreciate ^^ lv_0_20220809191507.mp4
  2. I still think that this is a beautiful, but maralno wrong recipe, robberies, prohibition in a world without caves, misunderstandings for beginners. it still persists, I really think the yellow lunar lens will solve these problems and do it right
  3. I ask you to add the ability to raise live frogs instead of paws, it can be used in many places, and it will also give a greater correspondence to the fact that we catch live rabbits and spiders
  4. either add all the Wonkey skins, or let them remove them from the collection:<
  5. I spent a lot of time drawing this (I have a deep night), but I really dream that the skin of a surviving wurt looks klei a security guard, glue, I know that you will make this skin 1000% cooler and more thoughtful, I just decided to show how cool, ethical and canonical it can look!
  6. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  7. I can't wait for the full collection of survivors and I want the paid characters to be shabby classic skins and not a remade look like they did with Wortex >:(
  8. Klei did a great job, everything is insanely beautiful! but I've already noticed a couple of bugs: if you 're reading a book with something in your hand, then one hand disappears + a book on forest cultivation disappears when you read it lv_0_20220728151752.mp4
  9. Recorded all kinds of books on video The klei did a great job, everything is insanely beautiful! (It's nice to see this in the game, considering that I - suggested it, hehe) but I have already managed to see a couple of bugs: if you work with something in your hand, then one hand disappears, and also the book on forest cultivation disappears:< Видео 28-07-2022 143955.mp4
  10. Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug Beard Hair Rug
  11. yes, but it sweeps away many problems the lens is directly connected with the moon, and the yellow stone is its symbol
  12. pov: Wanda resurrected you lv_0_20220721225000.mp4
  13. after going through a series of discussions, the best candidate for replacement was identified
  14. wow, you put so much effort into calculating everything :0, thank you for your efforts. it's hard to argue with you, I think my option is a bit more expensive, but it is more aimed at protecting archives from theft, expanding the use of these lenses and allowing them to be used on the surface. thanks again for your efforts ^-^ do you think replacing with 1 lens with yellow stone and moon butterfly wings, then it won't be too cheaply?
  15. so yes, but we are now talking about such a thing as the summoning of the full moon, it is much bigger and more epic than a dish or balls (which are rarely made by anyone). Ky^^ I don't quite understand what fashion you are talking about, apparently the translator is not doing his job well. mods, of course, are super, but again, many people grab the way the developers themselves intended, that is, without mods affecting the gameplay
  16. although it pleases, if they do not change the recipe, it will be a little consolation. but still it won't solve the problem for a world without caves. and it's extremely sad [>~<]
  17. you spend yellow stones on a staff to create an Iridescent Gem + not everyone has access to caves finally, at least someone used "criticize but suggest" as we say. adding stuff to treasures doesn't sound like the worst alternative.^-^