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  1. I remember the same thing. I think they're in the constant, but don't belong to the "survivors team".
  2. As I remember, they're "half canon" (as said someone from the Klei's team. I think they came trhough a portal.
  3. No mod, no critters except Woby. I can hit few times the enemy but then it crashs. So, what can i do?
  4. Ok i'll do that. I have the in game report too, i finally succeed to capture it before the crash :
  5. How can i do that ? Fighting spiders did the same thing.
  6. With a spear. Nothing more special ( no other stuff on my character), at day/dusk changing time. By the way, i tought i was in the bug report forum but i'm obviously not. If someone can move my topic in the good place...
  7. Hi. Today, my game crashed 2 times when i was fighting hounds with Walter. I can't paste the report here, sorry. If it can help...
  8. Hi everybody. Can someone explain me the Heirloom thing ? i don't really got it. How a skin turn Heirloom ? Can i trade them ? Can i get some with the trade inn ? ... Tahnks
  9. a giant boss like plant you randomly spawn planting seeds.
  10. I don't mind, i'm ok with that stuff, i just wana know before to calculate what i need to buy/trade
  11. What happen to the skins i already own ? For exemple, i already had the wendy flower's head. Does it turns into Hheirloom ?