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  1. yes, but with a challenge before, like, if you success to keep it alive enough, or something like that, to not break the actual way to have it witch is cool.
  2. Like the boar (or badger) is in Gorge, maybe (he only has a scaled hand). Also, Wortow call Wurt Goaty (or something like that). She probably is a mutated goat kid sended in Constant before her mutation ended. Fisher mems are just red...
  3. I think it's Warly : in the picture made for his arrival in the game, he seems to be in the Gorge (according to the stone house behind). I don't think ther is many merm species. Just some totally muted goats and some half-muted ones. The half ones kept horns, like Wurt or soldiers. But they all could come from Gorge goats. Why does Klei would have invented the Gorge's merm mutation thing otherwise ?
  4. Woby needs the regular theme skins (verdant, Guest of Honnor....).
  5. ... That Wagstaff used his owne portal to both send WX in the constant and to go there himself. Easier than making an other one.
  6. "Maxwell (née William Carter)..." It's french and it's "né" ("née" is for a girl). Why french words in Maxwell quote ?
  7. I got a brand new computer. With my last one, i would be able to read a whole book during the loading time. Thank you !
  8. Hi I can't read the lore nuggets on loading screens, as the loading time is a way too short. Is there a place where i can found them ? (nothing in comprendium). Thanks
  9. Multiple world events (Winters Feast, Year of the Carrat, Midsummer Cawnival, ect) can now be enabled at the same time, you can find these new settings in the world settings menu nice!!!!
  10. what is the red label, we can see in the crafting tab, on some item skins ??
  11. so you mean that i can enable a Year Of event, create my statue (or any stuff i would) and turn it of. Then, enable an other one... ect ? Cool !