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  1. Profile Icons

    so, what is obtainable actually ? Hallowed Nights/winterfest drops (like holloween suits or winter hat?) ? what about varg or pig years ? (i had a lunar collection drop this morning).
  2. Profile Icons

    Sure, i prefer wining some commons skins because you can, at least, trade them in tarde inn. But finally, you can weave your icons to make some spools (and bye some new skins with) and, well, you can have 8 drops and 7 daily ones, so, more chances to have at least one good drop (like elegant). Better than before.
  3. maybe you're offline. Happened to me. Check your connection.
  4. Hi I got some doublons that i would exchange for other stuff. For exemple, i have 3 red backpack, and i miss the green one, so if somebody have it in doublon too, maybe we can tarde! Here's a list of items i own and the ones i want and a trade link. also, the idea is to trade fair, a common for a common, spiffy for spiffy... I have : -red buckled backpack -blue backpack -dainty coatdress -sandals -steel-toed boots (dark brown ones) -canadian boots -green/black overall -blue checkered trousers -tan knee pants -low heels -red cardigan -red ruscksack -yellow suspension shirt - beiges tweed waistcoat --blue plais skirt -some commons shirts and gloves... I want : -quilted outerwear -shearling coat -night gown -purple jammies (ensemble) -red and white silk loungewear -pink silk robe -yellow trenchcoat -blue and grey sweaters -brown tweed waistcoat -brown lumberjack shirt -fuzzy sleepers - some chest skins or fur roll or anything else you wana trade (but not sure i got the equivalent to trade, so check before on my tarde link). Thanks !
  5. New Character Ideas

    I imagined a plant caracter (in fact, a scarecrow, just like the ones you can build, but living). He was able to feed himself with manure/rotten eggs/guano or rotten (with different degrees of hunger recovery, as the rotten is the equivalent of seeds for other caracters). I would him to come with an unique built (a compost bin) wich can be used as a crockpot to make some recipe with fertilizer as ingredients. Rain (and wetness) should be a way to recover health/sanity. But now we have Wormwood
  6. Nice job!
  7. maybe we can trade...but later, i'm actually under 7 days ban again from steam tarding :/ I ll call you back when it's ok for me if you are still searching.
  8. I love verdant ones.
  9. but maxwell appears in the SW trailer (his face in the volcano, during the last seconds) And it shows at least Wilson rowing in SW sea. But i think that caracters( walani, wilbur...) arrived accidentaly on the island (according to the title of the game and the broken pieces of boat at the begining. Also, the possibility of building the seaworthy make me think it's canon that the basic cast (wison etc...) can travel into the island (same for Hamlet, wich is a part of the main islande). For me, Maxwell created and rule this place too (wich is part of the constant world, like an archipelago in the ocean around the main island) and that's why Charlie is here too.
  10. Well, steam crashed when i was trying to make a trade and now, i'm 7 days ban from steam trading system (from this computer - i'll try from an other one ) but, well, i always got s--t with steam :/ So, i'll probably will be able to trade again next week...
  11. Well, i don't know why my inventory is hiden, maybe i did something wrong... In fact, I don't have many things to trade anymore but the kittyKit except a "shadow dress" :/
  12. Hi, i have KittyKit in doublon, and i want to trade it with an other critter. You also can check my inventory to make offers for other stuff or propositions...
  13. Ha ha i love don't starve but i also like playing it because of Klei philisophy. Best devs ever
  14. no more skins

    That's why i think, finnally. That's why i didn't got any gift too. I checked on my other computer and everything's ok. Thanks for your answers.