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  1. I t bought a winter hat (black one) and just got a winter hat skin.
  2. Where does these 2 Christmas Pull-over com from ?
  3. Ha ha but they're close to my base. I feel it will bring me problems on heat period or with fire hounds around...
  4. My "bell one" beeffallo made some babes. Since that, the trade in guy don't wana do his job ("not enough safe"). What can i do ??
  5. can someone explain me the thing with beefalos ? I crafted all the stuff, i put some wool in the shrine, i gave the bell to a beef. Next step ? How could i get some glod nuggets ???
  6. For sure ! beacuse of, well, chill mood, relax personality and ukulélé voice !
  7. Last month, i got a alchemy pod, today : #Ibelievein2021
  8. But boat will be destroyed by fire hounds. no? Ho, i just saw the flingo, sorry.
  9. Hi everybody. Since the Winterfeast Event ended, i'm looking for the skin i was hoping to got this year (and i missed) in order to finish my winterfeast skins collection : the Pinglet (the Giblet's winter skin). I still have a heirloom Batling (broodling halloween skin) and some other stuff (rare and heirloom skins). You also can add some dupe i have in my inventory. And, of course, you can make other offers if you want. Happy new year !