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  1. I'm actually watching again this show and MANY things in DST seems to be refering to it (Island, ancient civilisation, stranges places, sceince and magic, survivors...). That's so funny, i watch it with a other eye.
  2. I don't think so : spools resulting items are mostly some loyal ones, witch you can't trade.
  3. So Woby is a girl and maybe we'll have Woby's skin for Chester (actually possible with the sweeper!!).
  4. So walter accidentali found the cabin and the radio as he was scouting.
  5. Please, Klei, add it as a Halloween costume skin
  6. The new section of the main menu doesn't show the picture of Wes with the Eiffel tower anymore, but Wes in the Constant.
  7. he didn't come from Paris because it said that, after being over there, he returned to his home (something like that, i don't remember exactly). Could be french but from an other city or a totally other country. I read somewhere that he could be from french islands (Polynesia, la réunion, caraïbes...) sounds quite realistic, since his home looks a bit exotic.
  8. I hope he'll be a ranged attack character (slingshot, darts, boomerang...) with ridiculus health. So it could bring a new way of fighting.