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  1. Aww yes, just like other years. Thnk you for your answer, i forgot the shrine thing
  2. hi, somebody can explain how does year of carrat works, please ? I don't reaaly understand how to do anything :/
  3. Actually really nothing very interesting. With 2 accounts (mine and my girlfriend's one) we had 4 costume suit ( i already had 2 of them), a roseate head i already had and a lot of commons. I'm quite desapointed because i got all the daily gifts of the event (on both accounts) and average 4 ingame gifts/week x2 accounts. Even the trade inn doesn't gicve me cool stuff... And my sister, for her first hallowed nights, get 2 costume heads and 2 costume suits in one week! ButI'm sure i'll be more lucky for Winterfest but i'm sure
  4. Pugna was on the throne befor him, no?
  5. Wes is probably french or at least, he came to Paris (maybe for "l'exposition universelle"). Warly first came to the Gorge (as we can see on one picture) I'm not sure the Weber's case (he's half spider) is official. Maybe someone can attest that?
  6. So hallowed nights are ended ?
  7. I always tought that SW characters had no links with DST ones, but now, with Wagstaf, this is a thing. So yeah, wilbur is probably a circus monkey. Cool!
  8. I don't remember the name of goats world, so i name it like this.
  9. I personnaly think that all the survivors have been tricked into Constant by Maxwell beacause he was looking for amusement and someone strong enough to free him and take his place. So he chose people he met, wich have some kind of skills (a good scientist, a pyroman girl, a strong man...). Maybe some of them are just...mistakes (Wes, for exemple). And some are just here because they accidentaly came (Wormwood, Wortow and probably all the payable charaters). Warly came in SW in a boat crash then traveled to Cornutopia then to the constant.
  10. I had a rookie suit and my girlfriend a chester suit and lot of skirts, shirts, gloves...
  11. are daily drops concerned by the increased chances of having halloween stuff ?
  12. that's the cool thing with Klei...
  13. What a cool surprise i had when i started a game and saw this super sail!
  14. I think that every missed skins should be available by this way (bottomless pit, valentine's hearts, letterman jacket, smart sweater, passed chines new year skin... except maybe for seasonal skins, like halloween or Christmas ones, which are obtainable each year) since points are not so easy to win and rarity is considered (some rare skins should cost more points). I don't see the interest of exclusives items that only a few people can use. And i don't think it would spoil the owner of those items because if they're won't be the only ones to own them anymore, they won't have to spend some points to got them, so they're be able to spend their points in other stuff (so they still have an avantage over other players). But this way, everybody will be able to make use of all the skins. Just like for forge or twitch skins which turn buyable or obtainable. And everybody will be happy in this world...