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  1. Hi. I still have my issue : I got the Levianthan Skin Chest in Twitch but not in game (not even in my belongings or rewards). I don't linked different accounts. The only thing i've done is changing my password. I precise that i have the icon and frame in my belongings. Also, the chest does not appears in belongings list, even in "non owned" items. Any idea ? Thank you Ok, finally, i fixed the issue. Don't ask me why but my account get unlinked between the 2 last drops. Now it's fine again !
  2. Yes the capture is the wrong one, i sorted it in all the possible ways and it does not remain. It does not display in the game, nor in my Klei rewards page... Maybe i missed something with the new Twitch thing ???
  3. Hi there ! I have trouble with the Leviathan Chest. I got it, by watching Twitch (as the capture prove it) but it doesn't remain in my DST inventory, as, sadly, the other capture shows it. Is there a new step to do, in order to get it totally ??
  4. Forge and gorge biomes, accessible on a late game by a portal after killing a hard new boss. Could beca way to find some new stuff (seeds, mobs, crafts...).
  5. is this event just a time limited event or is it definitly implanted in the game? I don't see any ending date in the post.
  6. Well i may be wrong but i think he tell something like that in any quote. Anyway, i wana know where does he come from and why was him ejected in forge's world.
  7. Battle master Pugna ´s lore. He was once on the throne !
  8. I think he was looking for someone strong enough to free him from the throne. That was probably boring..
  9. Isn't "mourire" (mourir = to die/rire = to laugh in french) instead of "mourier" (french familly name) ?