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  1. Trading Dublons

    Thanks, i will see that. But for now, i think it's a bit difficult to use even if it's a great idea. Hers 's my distinguished doublons :
  2. trade inn

    ok, didn't knew that. thanks ! I'm ready for Hallowed night...
  3. Hi. So, i used the trade inn system to change 9 commons skins and i got a spiffy sleeveless blouse. I thought that the trade inn system just allowed you to change 9 skins into one skin of the level above (so, in this case, it should be classy). Does the rules changed ? Or maybe my thoughts were fake news.
  4. Maybe you were unlucky. It worked fine in my last winter but sometimes, deerclops don't spawn any treeguards...
  5. Ho... thanks. I hope they'll add a Mac version on steam too, like other Klei's games.
  6. Anyone knows how long the skin will be avalable? And if the game will be avalable on Mac ?
  7. Trading Dublons

    No, i just need to edit this topic again...
  8. Hi everyone, I'm updating my doublons trading list. Here's what i have to trade(the red skirt is a doublon too, even if it's not noticed as one) : I'm looking for : -ANYTHING YOU SEE IN MY INVENTORY THAT I UNOWN ! : -grey trensh coat -red buttoned shirt -collared shirt (science experiment green) -t-shirt (pumpkin orange) -nightgown (purple) -silk loungewear (red/yellow) -sweater (electrolytic blue) - some belonging skins or anything else you wana trade (but not sure i got the equivalent to trade, so check before on my tarde link). /driving gloves (dry tan) -unprotective gloves (chocolate brown) -shorts (brown, grey,cobaltous blue, flat fish grey) -pleated skirt (intellectuel blue) -jeans (bird tail blue) -winkerpeakers -ankle boots (red and black) -buckled shooes (blue and red) -fuzzy slepers you can check this : Thanks!
  9. wigfrid. And except in DST cast, Walani.
  10. that's the cool thing with Klei...
  11. in a Micmac indian cimetary.
  12. maybe i'll finally play Woody sometimes...