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  1. Is it literally a goat? Can't it be a kind of nickname or a way to call people as he is a horned beast himself ?
  2. Gift Drops.

    you actually can win 15 skins/week so use the trade inn system and you'll have your elegant in few month.
  3. HooOo - ok, i'll check for a in game one... well, i won my in game ones...
  4. Hi Maybe klei said that anywhere but i didn't notice it after searching. I don't have my daily drop so i wonder if drops are enable anymore with the beta ??
  5. Ok , it looks like to be solved. I had 2 normal gifts after 2 hours. It was a glover and ,Ironically, a brown lumberjack jacket again, Maybe it was due to the bad internet connexion at my job (yes i play DST at my job but...well...copuldn't miss Willow refresh). Now everything looks allright! Thanks for help!!
  6. Thank you, I used our link and it's OK. Maybe i have a bad connection from this computer. I'll try later on my own one and see what will happen. (i still get icons as daily gift by the way).
  7. Hi. I have a probleme with my drop system. This morning, I won a drop (1h after starting to play, not my daily one). I played again in the evening and when i start my game, a gift icone appeared as soon as i was connected : it was the same gift (brown lumberjack jacket). Later, i stoped playing and when i connect again, the same thing happened, i had a gift non opened and it was the brown lumberjak jacket again. I played lore than 2 hours, and instead winning 2 differents gifts, i just have this one, again and again like if i never opened it. The new item don't appears in my inventory (in fact it does but,that's normal, i already had one brown lumberjack jacket). Any Ideas? Connexion problem?
  8. Thanks again, Klei. New clothes look very cool and Bernie and Ashley too!
  9. so Circus skins are over? Flingomatic was the last one ?
  10. because they're jealous :)
  11. uncorrupted is'nt just like the "untriumphant" skin for Maxwell (shadow collection) ? No horns, baby face... because he normally is a bad guy, so Klei turned him as a nice one for this set of skin. Don't really think there is something relative to his back story.
  12. For me, Wortox is a goat-style deamon like Krampus, Klaus and the fuel weaver. Not a goat people from Cornutopia.
  13. i'm not sure. We'll be abke to weave Wortox. But what about the different skins ? Will we be able to weave them or we're oblige to pay the all pack (wortox + skins ) to have all the staff?
  14. Profile Icons

    so, what is obtainable actually ? Hallowed Nights/winterfest drops (like holloween suits or winter hat?) ? what about varg or pig years ? (i had a lunar collection drop this morning).