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  1. i was playing the preview and saw it, its not a big problem but its strange to see floating branches
  2. im feeling inspired by all of this support thanks guys ill draw more dst
  3. Hmm i think its because the event its near the end
  4. When i was creating a new world, i discovered that Goose/Goose its called Meese/Geese i was confused so i disabled all mods and same happened.I don't know if its a bug or if its spelled Geese/Meese
  5. Thanks but i get in tournament right now
  6. Every time i complete a match and i did all to be in tournament there's a little red message in top ''unable to connect to leaderboard server''. I updated game i verified game files and same happened. I dont have any VAC bans and my account its not connected to any other ''family account''.