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  1. Hi, i got an Heilroom Batling skin for Boodling critter and i wana trade it for any good offer... I'm looking for stuff i don't own, feel free to check my inventory (here : ) Thank you !
  2. doest they turn normal again, after beeing petrified ?
  3. Hi, i got an Heilroom Wendy Flower and i wana trade it for any ood offer... I'm looking for stuff i don't own, feel free to check my inventory (here : )
  4. I agree, it looks like to be a lil bit fastidious (but didn't tried actually). But interesting. Maybe we should have the choice to create a farm or use this gardening system. Something like "if you don't mind or don't want to lose your time", just create basic farm plots (witch should be less efficient) or "if il like the idea and do want to plays with seeds and need big harvest", use this system. 2 options. Or just simplify the system... ?
  5. I'm just sad they turned some rare skins buyable. costume collrection, for exemple, cause i miss the exitation of opening a gift on hallowed night as i can have it when i want.
  6. skins from other games, maybe... anyway, he should specify.
  7. What kind of offer are you looking for ? Money, skins ?
  8. I think that this picture show us the cane bearer using dark power to improve farming (carrots), science and technology (screws), magic (gems) and black magic (shadows). He used the gateway to feed the ancient people and to improve the ancient civilization's skills. Later, Shadows corrupted him and his people, killing them, since the torch bearer tried to stop shadows with her torch (torch symbolise the light where cane is the darkness). Your analysis is pretty cool, il like the idea of centipedes protecting the Ancient from shadows.
  9. Hi there, i'm willing to trade a complet Wes Halloween skin set for a complet Winona's one. (possible to trade head for head/top for top) Also, i have other halloween skins in doublons : Anyone interested ?
  10. That's cool. You can swap your character when the game begins to be boring and you can try many characters without starting a new world. Anyway, you're not obliged to use it so... what's could be wrong with that ?
  11. Ho, i tought i had a old one and the new one too. Sorry.
  12. Hi, you can send me an offer for the grass geko costume if you want. Or for few lower rated skins that i can use in trade inn if you prefer.
  13. I remember the same thing. I think they're in the constant, but don't belong to the "survivors team".
  14. As I remember, they're "half canon" (as said someone from the Klei's team. I think they came trhough a portal.
  15. No mod, no critters except Woby. I can hit few times the enemy but then it crashs. So, what can i do?