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  1. If only that were a thing in the actual above ground ocean :c I feel like the Wilds biome where there's tons of lightbulbs should have something oceany going on. Either that or have giant worm there idk.
  2. Caves canonically have walls. Just to put that out there. We can expect that once and if cave content starts pouring in
  3. Server named Koalephant Ears (endless) europe seems to be having weird hard lags on the surface that it's barely possible to move or know what is happening. Whatever is messing with our game we can't do much and it's annoying unless very few people are on the surface world doing anything. Caves are fine tho, no issues there apparently.
  4. Maxwell - cause I am often a gatherer and generally he's a very dapper old guy with funny cynical personality. Willow - cuz she's got the fashion yaaaas, easy early game and big bernie distracting most annoying things. I still think she could use some additions to her fire affinity. Wanda - cause simply I love her glass cannon playstyle and the damage output she has. She's practically has everything you need for doing damage if you know how to play well. Wortox - self heal, teleports and generally is a great looking character. Despite the massive painful drawback on his hunger.
  5. WHAT THE HECK that'd be so cool to see something this huge and terrifying swimming around with a big shadow under water. Man, honestly I feel like you see the sharks the monkeys and at night the water changes color and gets darker and THAT thing is there. That's a monkaS moment there.
  6. Add maybe an order switch for Polly to nor pickup items to act as partially vanity creature by ordering them or using the hat to tell them to stop doing it. Some of us like the hat and wanna not have our bases robbed by ourselves when placing items just for decorational use ^^
  7. We need regeneration for MOST plants, if really. Makes no sense it being only exclusive to endless mode
  8. I've more love it it had some way to BUFF your followers while at it. Kinda like Wigfrid songs in a way.
  9. Would be cool but he might be stuck in SW world instead of the where those monkeys came from.
  10. Sometimes it would be fun to just keep killing the bosses repeatedly to get all the resource you want from doing it instead of waiting for 20 or so days for them to come. Either it being via a trader or some special station to get Bee queen, Toad, Dragonfly and Antlion immediately instead of waiting. Either it being some sort of upgrade to the boss statue or some other way.
  11. Looks more like Wagstaff's contraption than anything. Not what I had in mind for what I meant in this topic.
  12. I feel the same. World is missing on it's iconic set pieces sometimes. Marble is nice but those don't generate all over as guarantee and their variety is very limited.
  13. Klei could just make it so that "docks" would count as "swamp" since they are close to the sea and all. At least in my idea how'd I do it for Wurt.
  14. It's not a good idea. Better to give those prints for giving the monkey slushies to the queen or something to get those prints like others should be with other banana foods I feel. Other than that please do improve treasures to be more worth it. Either adding those new exotic plants and some shiny stuff, shells and what not but don't keep how it is right now. It'll end up as a flop like how it did with Crabby hermit's treasures, which barely anyone does it for the actual loot than the actual chest just cause it looks nicer than the loot inside xd Reconsider the drops cause right now it feels like a scam. Also may reconsider Pearl's treasure drop rates and what not? People genuinely want to sail around and have reason to do it, and generally it's not as rewarding as you'd think it is. It's very underwhelming treasure hunting wise already. Please, Klei