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  1. I don't think this is exclusive to the beta branch because it has happened to me before. I always thought it was intended behaviour
  2. If you use decorated spider dens next to dangling depth dwellers and step on their web, they will not only instantly teleport from ceiling to ground, but they will attack you with a smile >:D
  3. Do you pick your grass by hand? Grass gekkos only spawn if a player harvests grass, so other farming methods like lureplants do not cause gekkos to spawn. Speaking of lureplants, did you know that you know that eyeplants now eat spiders whole like rabbits and birds? Don't be surprised to kill a lureplant and watch it release a not very amused 8 legged friend.
  4. It is unfortunate that every source of damage removes the decorations, including earthquakes in the caves
  5. Maybe it is intended behaviour, but lureplant eyes no longer damage follower spiders, and instead consume them whole.
  6. I used decorated tier 3 dens in the labyrinth to make it safer, but when a non-ridden beefalo walks over a dangling depth dweller (DDD) webbing, they get attacked by pacified DDDs. In the screenshot attached, the beefalo is hurt. DDDs are *not* aggressive if one is ridding the beefalo, though.
  7. I changed the world settings on "Lord of the Fruit Flies" to "None," but it still spawned while farming giant crops. Maybe the setting is not being correctly applied? If I can reproduce the bug again, I'll submit log files.
  8. I validated the files and disabled all mods, the crash still happens. I'm attaching the most recent log files, and I posted a screenshot in the original post. I hope that helps! server_log.txt client_log.txt
  9. I disabled geometric placement, and the game still crashes when trying to place the eggs in the basket kit (I think that's the right name?)
  10. I don't know what happens, but when I tried to place some of the cawnival kits, the game just crashes. The only mod I have currently enabled is Geometric Placement. I don't know exactly what could make the game crash, only that it does when placing some of the kits. Edit: I added a screenshot showing the positioning of objects, when I right click, the game crashes.
  11. It is an unfortunate inconsistency. It is a bit weird that Maxwell can be insane and enlightened at the same time under the same sanity value (e.g., by spawning two fighter shadows and a miner) when going to the lunar island, but not when you wear a crown, since you do not get the benefits of enlightenment.
  12. No, it's an issue about a modded version of their game. There is really nothing that can be done about this (except probably disabling mods altogether)
  13. You can say both, they are equivalent. If you prefer to state it in terms of time it takes to spoil, fine. This reminds me of the famous story: lol
  14. I had a very limited number of anenemies in my world, so I just spawned more because I wanted to use them for farms. I don't have a loot world, so there are no more ways to get them
  15. They were unexpected allies in battle and their sacrifices will be forever honoured