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  1. How is keeping a backup cheating? It's only cheating if you abuse the backup system, not for these type of situations.
  2. I'm sorry for your lost world. In the meantime, try to keep backups of your worlds in case bad things happen. 300 days lost hurt, but maybe you can find a better world next!
  3. (Sorry for the double post, I simplified polling options. Thanks for the feedback! ) I am thinking about keeping the mysterious energy active, but there are pros and cons. I was just curious about what the community thinks! Will you keep the mysterious energy active? Why or why not?
  4. They were unexpected allies in battle and their sacrifices will be forever honoured
  5. Didn't we get the word 'Metheus' from the AFW? Maybe something in the game will give us a clue! Maybe in the archives? I dunno
  6. This is awesome! I can't wait to discover all the surprises the devs have in store for us! <3 Thanks Klei!
  7. I'm not sure anyone has mentioned this, but the celestial champion in its third phase really looks like a torch. Are we supposed to look through it like Charlie did?
  8. Why does the shadow thurible smell different for everyone? Its quotes from Wickerbottom and Woody make me believe that Charlie wanted the Fuelweaver defeated (?) I hope many things are revealed with the Return of Them
  9. I would not say pathfinding is broken. I'm sure you know pathfinding is a hard problem, where you want to balance efficient computation (memory+time) with effective pathfinding (how well obstacles are evaded). Perfect pathfinding is possible, but too computationally expensive. Lava pools and burnt structures are also seen as "gaps" by entities pathfinding. The more checks you add, the better the pathfinding, but the more expensive it becomes. I wonder if the current pathfinding is implemented this way to avoid server lagging. I have also sometimes wondered how you could fix some pathfinding issues (e.g. I think blocking the Fuelweaver with lureplants/spider eggs is extremely cheesy, and a couple simple of checks on the fuelweaver could fix this), but ultimately it is up to the devs to tune the pathfinding parameters. @Cliffford W. do you have a mod that implements this behaviour? I would love to test it! I also have a couple of ideas for pathfinding for bosses, but I don't know how hard it would be to implement them.
  10. Klaus' theme is also amazing!! As far as I know, it is Vince de Vera and Jason Garner, but I might be wrong, which is why I didn't address them by name
  11. I would like to congratulate the composers of the celestial champion theme, especially Phase 3. It's wonderful! Another masterpiece added to the DST theme collection, which I can only hope is eventually available for us to obtain like the DS soundtrack. Kudos! I can see me re-battling this boss just to listen to the theme in game!
  12. No misspells, but I do adopt grammar from pigs Is beauty!
  13. Since you can no longer hitch beefalos in heat, this bug could be considered obsolete, as it cannot be reproduced (you should no longer be able to enter a contest with a beefalo in heat)
  14. If you enter the contest with a beefalo you are domesticating while it is in heat, and the contest runs normally until it is time for the participants to choose the winning beefalo, if your beefalo attacks a pig/merm (due to heat) and ends the contest before you choose a beefalo, the game will crash when you choose your own beefalo after all others have disappeared. I disabled all mods prior to reproducing this bug.
  15. As long as I wear the beefalo hat, it won't attack me, but before the update I was wearing the eyebrella because it was spring. I just assumed the bell removed the effects of heat in the beefalo you were taming