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  1. Other case of punishment is leafy meatloaf, has more priority than monster lasagna and exist better uses for leafy meat
  2. Some of the recipes are a certain kind of punishment the kebabs are the punish of use twigs as filler in meat Dish , the aspargus soup is also the punish of aspargus as filler instead of make a stinger juice, the same with barnacles they have good dishes and regular dishes to make ocean life less monotonous, not all recipes need to be really special
  3. It would be good to add certain creatures to specific biomes, like the other person say, maybe a beefalo hunting in Savannah or a new creatures to the plains
  4. In that case make new creatures that has similar footprint more punishment creatures and new rewards in certain rare hunt Not know what beast are hunting, know the kind of beast
  5. Maybe not a rework, adding new creatures to hunt or a tool to know what beast are hunting by the hints in the track maybe a poop or some fur during the hunt
  6. I like the actual boats to ocean bases, but y would prefer a mix between SW and DST boats, smaller, faster, and with the capacity of buildings on them, and would be great an upgrade merge of anchor and steering wheel maybe using marble or gears
  7. I'm not a English speaker but if a bee rest over 6 flowers they would create a new flowers depending in the flower they rest, if only touch evil flowers, create a new evil flower
  8. The homeless bees would make new evil flowers
  9. I suppose that ice got the tag off mineral, and they would be sink like the ash
  10. The problem is they doesn't spawn in the coast and it would be hard lure them without die
  11. If the forget me lots would be dryed to preserve it and make tea (Is just a suggestion, sorry the English doesn't is my mother Language )