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  1. i think if you can defeat every boss without dying you are a veteran and a pro.
  2. i also think this should be implemented into the original game. maybe it will. until then use a mod.
  3. that sounds great! cant wait. and i hope we get a satisfying story about webbers life and how he stumbled inside a spider.
  4. I was fighting a charged Volt Goat and i jumped on my beefalo and fought it. i was wearing a eyebrella to not get electrocuted. Normally you wouldnt take damage as a player if you ride your beefalo. The beefalo would take the damage but with this charged volt goat i took damage.
  5. hello, i have built the mysterious energy thing by building the 3 celestial statues. but now i cant built the incomplete experiment on top of it because there is a fissure nearby that is blocking it. i also cant destroy the satues with a hammer. anyone knows what to do?
  6. spent too much time but worth it. Joew!.mp4
  7. you know what i like most about this kind of things in games in general. having a choice. giving gamers a choice to play how they like it. you feel it is cheating? well, then don't use it. Feel it is awesome to swap characters for whatever reason. do it. its up to you. giving a choice increases the value of a game for me because it is beneficial to a wider audience by giving both sides what they want.
  8. i think we will be able to give them helmets based on the trailer with the spider with the top hat. the other part is, yes, very similar to wurt. we could make it different by being able to craft different neests including these long range spiders who are in the caves.
  9. i think webber should be able to level up spiders into warrior spiders and warrior spiders into champion spiders for more power and hp. also imagine webber being able to ride the spider queen. that would be awesome. it should all come at a cost of sanity and resources. he also should be able to craft the silk ground that makes enemies slower.
  10. is it just me or are these two trees not palm trees from shipwrecked? i am kinda confused. anyone can explain? EDIT: ok, i got it. stone fruit bushes....
  11. now you can make a little sheep herd and be a shepherd with chester and ewecus.
  12. cool stuff! the only problem i have is now that this leaves more questions than answered. i need more lore! that giant eye is just staring at us menacingly until the next update?
  13. i love cooking. both in real life and in game. warly is the best choice as a cook. i also like his special dishes and spices.