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  1. i would love to ses achievements for dst but sadly the devs are against it.
  2. i would love to see wheat from the gorge added to the game. i want to make all the recipes that were available in the gorge. i also would add a station where you can craft potions to transform boss monsters into different types. like deerclops fire version or ice version of dragonfly. special powers that can be unlocked with all four boss items or rare items. like wormwood can use a type of spiny bindweed to lock enemies at one place. wilson uses special magic science staffs to confuse enemies. wolfgang can do a super punch and wendy can bring ghosts tot the surface to attack.
  3. the event itself is very lacking any mechanic that makes interaction fun. but i like the qol changes. all in all its ok i guess.
  4. says the guy who spams this post all the time.
  5. The future doesnt look bright. I can see the impending Doom approaching.
  6. you are very naive to assume that they will not interfere in the future. if they own the majority of the company they could change anything without worrying much about the past promises. mark my words. once they sucked dst dry they will implement anti consumer crap into the game. like keys to open chests and gambling mechanics like in cs:go or pubg.
  7. Tencent is a big Chinese Corporation that is under control of the Chinese Government. These people are lunatics who commit genocide on the uyghurs and they Censor anything that doesnt fit their views and i am pretty sure they could interfere with klei and their games. Dont be surprised if they censor the chat in the game. lol man, i was really hoping you guys wouldnt do such a move. but apparently money is tight so you sold to them. sad to see that such an awesome game company goes to such people. also my meme fits here even better. klei.mp4.b826f5cc7a6c195eafe632b4edf412f3.mp4
  8. i dont think they need to change the fire aspect but at some point, it is just a chore and annoying. you hear them and then you run to your traps and get rid of them. they are kinda annoying tbh. there should be an endgame item getting completely rid of them.
  9. i think wormwoods shadow skin should be like a totally normal tree with nightmare fuel oozing out of his dark petal like flower. EDIT: also he should have a dark petals and nightmare fuel trail while he is blooming during spring.
  10. This also happened to me. Any boat will do. you either need to jump on an island and back or reconnect to the game.