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  1. i want new mechanics. new ways of dealing with enemies and the environment. the hit x times and run cycle is very boring and dull.
  2. i just hope her singing will not be as annoying as her voice.
  3. wouldnt it be cool if she could change roles with a cooldown? i mean she is a fierce warrior who only eats meat and then she changes her role and she becomes a cute little thing who only eats veggies and is good with animals?
  4. i think wormwoods shadow skin should be like a totally normal tree with nightmare fuel oozing out of his dark petal like flower. EDIT: also he should have a dark petals and nightmare fuel trail while he is blooming during spring.
  5. This also happened to me. Any boat will do. you either need to jump on an island and back or reconnect to the game.
  6. i love the changes! Now Wendy can fight alongside her sister and they can defend eachother. thanks klei!
  7. after the shadow pieces are killed in your world you can get rook/bishop/Knight chess piece trinkets which after giving to the pig king drop their corresponding sketches.
  8. can i play this new content in my old save?
  9. Congrats! One problem though, there is no purchase button. does it take a bit of time or is it a bug?
  10. if you put glow berries or light bulbs inside hutch he will glow in the dark like a lantern fish.
  11. The fastest way to gain sanity is to befriend 5 pigs and start chopping trees. just standing at the tree boosts your sanity super fast. you can make fish sticks with 1 fish 1 stick and 2 monster meat you can feed your bird in the cage seeds and it will drop after 4 seeds poop. craft a campfire and but dont place it. keep it for emergencies. use the ice hounds from walrus to freeze it with a blow dart and then easily kill him dont know if it changed but tallbirds dont loose their aggro on chester so you can easily kill them without getting any damage