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  1. i also think that there is a lot of annoying stuff. no challenge or fun. just annoyances. you can get your hands on everything on day 5. the biomes are also boring and not special in any way. the most annoying stuff are bats. they spawn and annoy you every 10 days. spamming mobs is boring and no challenge. i want new mechanics that make the game intresting and fun. not boring annoying stuff that you have to repeat so often that you sometimes think you dont play a game. you work basically.
  2. instead of making paid characters you could make paid skins. there are tons of skins that everyone wants but dont want to buy it on the community market because of the crazy prices of 40 dollars for a wendy skin. you could get more money this way. or is there something i dont see?
  3. i dont like the spamming of enemies. its not good content if you need to spam hundreds of bats or frogs to make it more challenging. it is not a well thought challenge. it is the easy way out.
  4. If Spider Monkeys target an enemy, for example Ro Bin, they don't loose their aggro even if i attack them.
  5. yes, i am on the latest version. i use mods. i use flingomatic range checker, dst skins and emotes and geometric placing mod.
  6. i still have this bug. i shift clicked several items and they vanished. i used the comman c_gonext("") and i landed out of the map. i used this command with all lost items and i land always at the exact same location. the funny thing is there is also a pig which house got destroyed and one of these little squirells who kind of bugged into a cut tree. like it is the purgatory in dont starve.
  7. i also have this bug. it is not only volcano turf. every turf is invisible if you drop it to the ground.
  8. I reported this bug last week but nothing has been done. Here is a video showing it in more detail.
  9. I went into an ancient ruin with 4 pig guards. upon entering it i kind of got pushed by them out of the map. i cant get back. i tried commands to teleport next to these crumbling faces but it didnt work. quiting the game also doesnt help.
  10. will there be a discounted package like the alone pack or the mega bundle? is this only on sales or will it come?
  11. If you press on Quick Match and then cancel, after a certain amount of time that does't recognise it and you enter the server.
  12. i thought that this release date was kind of a secret between the devs and steam and after steam implemented the new wishlist they mixed them up. Its not like anyone else has access to this particular date except the devs from klei and steam making it believable and plausible. But whatever floats your boaty.
  13. Ha, yes. they changed it fast. As big fans of the game of course we added it immediately to our wishlist.