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  1. I was fighting a charged Volt Goat and i jumped on my beefalo and fought it. i was wearing a eyebrella to not get electrocuted. Normally you wouldnt take damage as a player if you ride your beefalo. The beefalo would take the damage but with this charged volt goat i took damage.
  2. hello, i have built the mysterious energy thing by building the 3 celestial statues. but now i cant built the incomplete experiment on top of it because there is a fissure nearby that is blocking it. i also cant destroy the satues with a hammer. anyone knows what to do?
  3. spent too much time but worth it. Joew!.mp4
  4. cool stuff! the only problem i have is now that this leaves more questions than answered. i need more lore! that giant eye is just staring at us menacingly until the next update?
  5. nothing to do with the main topic but if you guys have any important documents on your pc, always do a backup on a external hard drive or cloud.
  6. The future doesnt look bright. I can see the impending Doom approaching.
  7. This also happened to me. Any boat will do. you either need to jump on an island and back or reconnect to the game.
  8. i love the changes! Now Wendy can fight alongside her sister and they can defend eachother. thanks klei!