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  1. cant find the toast emote in the curio cabinet under emotes.
  2. after the shadow pieces are killed in your world you can get rook/bishop/Knight chess piece trinkets which after giving to the pig king drop their corresponding sketches.
  3. can i play this new content in my old save?
  4. Congrats! One problem though, there is no purchase button. does it take a bit of time or is it a bug?
  5. if you put glow berries or light bulbs inside hutch he will glow in the dark like a lantern fish.
  6. The fastest way to gain sanity is to befriend 5 pigs and start chopping trees. just standing at the tree boosts your sanity super fast. you can make fish sticks with 1 fish 1 stick and 2 monster meat you can feed your bird in the cage seeds and it will drop after 4 seeds poop. craft a campfire and but dont place it. keep it for emergencies. use the ice hounds from walrus to freeze it with a blow dart and then easily kill him dont know if it changed but tallbirds dont loose their aggro on chester so you can easily kill them without getting any damage
  7. I am playing on a vanilla server without any mods. If i attack Goose Goose it doesnt register the damage every time. Only sometimes.from 10 hits it registers only 3. I dont know what to do.
  8. Me realizing Klei turned to the dark side and are no longer my favorite game developers.
  9. They got sweet fortnite money. they will not change anything.
  10. [Game Update] - 333702

    i stopped playing after i found out i could exploit the shops by hammering them down and rebuilding. i got infinite madrakes and other crazy items. did they fix that?
  11. instead of making paid characters you could make paid skins. there are tons of skins that everyone wants but dont want to buy it on the community market because of the crazy prices of 40 dollars for a wendy skin. you could get more money this way. or is there something i dont see?
  12. If Spider Monkeys target an enemy, for example Ro Bin, they don't loose their aggro even if i attack them.