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  1. healing as warly is not a problem. use 1-2 food items with salt and heal the rest with healing salve or honey poultice. i played warly for a very long time and i could kill bosses very easily.
  2. Hold on a minute. You think Warly is bad at killing bosses? He is much better at killing bosses with his buffed food items than the majority of all characters.
  3. This also happened to me. Any boat will do. you either need to jump on an island and back or reconnect to the game.
  4. the mothling is a light source so the other pets also should have little perks and abilities imo. the kittykat can catch butterflies if they are close the wargling can bring every once and while a bone shard the glomglom can also make little pink poops and the dragonfly could cook food if you feed him wood or something.
  5. I think the game lacks different fighting mechanics. It is mostly hit 3x run back and repeat until enemy is dead. why cant there be a new mechanic which needs other ways of dealing with an enemy or the environment. like a puzzle game which is randomly so you cant learn the pattern or a jumping game where you need to jump from one place to the other or a skill game where you need to click something in a pattern or a memory game type of mechanic. i mean there are endless possibilities which could make things fresh and different but they are not used too much. i would love to see something fresh and different built into the base game. imagine you are playing a memory game against pig king and if you loose you die or loose something important and if you win you get a special reward. or they can use a sanity mechanic where you have to fight monsters in your dreams but not with melee weapons. with your mind. like they could ask you a quiz or what not.
  6. wes is a challenge character. giving him special abilities would go against the reason he was made in the first place. if he should have any ability it should be negative towards him and the other survivors even more. like a 50% chance of things he crafts turn out to be something else or everything he touches turns to dust lol
  7. i love the changes! Now Wendy can fight alongside her sister and they can defend eachother. thanks klei!
  8. after the shadow pieces are killed in your world you can get rook/bishop/Knight chess piece trinkets which after giving to the pig king drop their corresponding sketches.
  9. can i play this new content in my old save?
  10. Congrats! One problem though, there is no purchase button. does it take a bit of time or is it a bug?