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  1. Today on my survival world I went to the Ancient chest in the ruins to obtain the six replica relic blueprints and I learned that the two combinations that require regular berries will not accept juicy berries. Is there a chance that could be changed to accommodate worlds such as mine that do not generate with regular berry bushes? I realize that there are alternative sources of regular berries such as tumbleweeds and catcoons, but it seems like these particular ingredients were not intended to be difficult to acquire and grinding tumbleweeds for berries seems like an unusual side task to unlock these blueprints.
  2. Function is hardly the purpose of skins. I honestly thought that went without saying.
  3. This amazing piece was done by Jess of the Devil's Roost: https://devilsroostjess.tumblr.com/post/159749412827/sometimes-you-need-to-flop-face-first-into-a While I agree that all artists deserve credit for their work, I'm not sure that it's realistic to demand credit for every instance of artwork sharing, especially when a piece goes more viral like this one did. But if I had a hard time finding original credits (as I did here) but still wanted to share the amazing work, I don't know that I would consider that "stealing" fan art or exploitation, especially when nobody is using the artwork to make money (throwing it onto merchandise, commercial artwork, etc). We're just showing off amazing work done by the community and reaffirming its value; I don't find anything wrong with that. EDIT: Found this cake inspired by the piece on Reddit:
  4. Wondering how Warly could be rebalanced in that regard. You'd have to make it so the only way a non-Warly could get the buff food was for a Warly to feed it to them.
  5. Trail mix is cool for boss fights; I made a fair amount for first BQ. For me though, nothing really beats the convenience of blue caps. Plus in a ruins rush I'm probably not gonna make a crock pot, so it's nice to just swoop up a stack of blue caps on my way in.
  6. That's fair and considerate, and I admit that my desire to shame comes from a rather visceral anger towards someone who would seek to profit from the intellectual property of an indy game company. Like I got a real, real big problem with IP theft, and I don't want any freelancing developer to ever get the impression that they could get away with something like this.
  7. Got it. I must have missed the part where personal information was shared.
  8. Is there a rule against this in these forums? If so then I respect that but beyond any formal rules, if somebody is selling or giving away for free paid content that Klei relies on to sustain their game development, I have no qualms with publicly shaming them. It's stealing, plain and simple.
  9. In my current Wurt world I rushed the ruins in first Autumn. For that trip I lived off of carrots, lichen, and blue caps. Once I got back up to the surface I had plenty of unpicked carrots and berries from starter biomes to keep me going for a while. I also picked a lot of cactus in first Winter since they grow back and I wanted to top off my sanity for boss fights. In Spring I believe I knew enough of the map to sail to Lunar Island for the kelp and stone fruit. If I hadn't rushed the ruins tho, I probably would have tried for lunar in first Autumn. Those two food sources are so good for Wurt and both grow in the Winter. I see a lot of good responses already but let me know if you have any other specific questions that haven't been answered. EDIT: Regarding the early-game healing food. I think I did mostly blue caps for healing, but I also carried healing salves on me. Once I got a berry bush farm going then trail mix became important, and since BQ went down I mostly use jellybeans. Honey is also pretty good for healing, which is why I'll wait to eat until I take some damage, then I can slam like 5-10 honey to recover.
  10. Currently Crab King is a massive needle in a haystack of ocean. There are no breadcrumbs to indicate his location like there is with bottled messages pointing to Pearl's island. Perhaps the Astral Projector could point the way towards the Celestial Tribute once it locates all the pieces of the Celestial Sanctum? Or perhaps a device similar to the Astral Projector could be crafted to help track down the location of the Tribute. Assuming the three altars are going to be integral to unlocking some endgame content, it would be nice to have the means to track it down besides hours of blind sailing.
  11. Considering there are not currently many other food sources around the new biomes, it would be nice to have a fully-farmable food source in moon shrooms.
  12. Bone shard seems to work as well, but yeah, use the twig.
  13. I mean this almost sounds like an argument against a public bug tracker. How else was Klei to learn about this? We should definitely share bugs that can be abused by griefers so that Klei can patch them. I don't mind the posting of them in a public space even though it brings the issue to the attention of more players. In the short term there might be an uptick in abuse but it will be brought to the attention of the devs much faster. That said, this should have gone in Bug Tracker. Posting the bug here seems to imply that OP was more interested in sharing an exploit as a tip rather than out of desire to fix it. Now if you will excuse me, I have some frazzled wires to attend to before this gets patched.
  14. The way I see it she was refreshed, not reworked. 100% ok with that.