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  1. So...it looks like dropperweb.lua in the singleplayer files has the "health" component added. This is probably what made them burnable. Not the fact that they are flammable, but that they have health that can be reduced with fire damage. So modding it in might be as simple as just assigning it a health value. Not a modder, unfortunately.
  2. I will say this once. You back off of ma 0% ice. But thank u for midnight Summer fix.
  3. It's all on Electroely's list. Extra Starting Resources is "extrastartingitems" Season Starting Items is "seasonalstartingitems" Spawn Protection is "spawnprotection"
  4. Seeing as current worldgen no longer generates leafy berry bushes, I figured I'd drop a save for the loot world that I've been using for my Warly world. Feel free to pop this onto your dedicated server; it was made pre-March QOL and it's got plenty of all berry bushes and beehives to keep you busy for a while! Loot World - Beehives & Berry Bushes.zip
  5. Didn't get a chance to add those commands by the time I made the video but I'll mess with them on my own and maybe add it to the pastebin. Anyways, here's the finished video guide!
  6. I suppose the main reason for this was to simplify the managing of cave entrances on each shard, and cracking them all made it easier to check the total number of portals in a forest world without having to run console commands on two different prefabs. Plus I was also having linking issues with unopened portals that I am now unable to duplicate, so perhaps it was an unrelated problem. I'll probably edit that suggestion out.
  7. Working on a video guide for this. Wanted to drop a couple of important notes here for would-be multi-shard world admins: 1) Keep only the portals that have matching ID's in the shards to which they are linking. For example, if I'm linking a third world then I'll only keep portals with ID's 5-10, and my second world will keep portals with ID 1-5. This might not be entirely necessary but makes troubleshooting infinitely simpler. (EDIT: some of the dev comments strongly suggest that this is necessary as portals will look for their matching ID when linking). 2) This has been mentioned but you MUST manually run the linking command on each portal in order to completely turn off automatic linking. 3) You need to modify your .bat file to start up additional shards.
  8. Yeah I get the frustration; I hear about it often on streams, sucks that it hasn't been fixed almost 1.5 months after the Beta went live. I'm not a developer but my understanding is that it takes much longer to push out updates for console because of the extra Cert processes needed.
  9. When emerging from the caves I am usually attacked by bats before I have a chance to strike back or move anywhere. Similarly when entering caves, I am often assaulted by bunnymen before I can move. Would it be possible to receive just a small window of invulnerability when switching shards? It could be similar to the protection you receive when you emerge from the portal and would alleviate the unavoidable risk of mobs getting in numerous cheap shots.
  10. Awesome. I'll be keeping an eye out for more updates regarding Fourth Floor. Not incredibly familiar with them but I know they ran some excellent campaigns for Hot Lava. I'm glad to see a move towards a formalizing of Klei's relationship with content creators; seems like a very good move for the game and for the Twitch category.