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  1. The clean sweeper currently works on stone walls unless they are completely broken. I can't confirm if this is the case for marble walls but I'd imagine it is. I use broken walls for many builds and it would be very convenient to be able to sweep them. What do you think?
  2. Thanks for tackling these system changes in a beta, and definitely good timing to do this between major updates. Will definitely enable and do some testing. Keep you posted!
  3. Wow! So amazing to see these finally added to the Rewards page. What a day.
  4. Shared unlocks working great! So glad to be able to use five years worth of accumulated skins and DLC on the Switch. Thank you so much to the whole team for making this possible.
  5. Server does not necessarily pause when empty. It's a togglable option in server.ini .
  6. Go to sleep, Vancouver! J/k you guys are the best.
  7. Hi! A member of my Discord mentioned that they had an option to turn off lag compensation in-game. I checked and it appears that the option has been added. Was there a game update recently? I see no mention of it here or on the Klei Discord. Definitely hope that we can receive patch notes for updates; I am interested in the development of this port and want to keep players apprised of changes.
  8. Mind you, lads, this is the edited version of this comment.
  9. Thanks for the hotfix! Fingers crossed we can eventually have deployed Jimmy follow WX into caves.
  10. How about it? Would save a few extra actions for sure. Inspect could be moved to alt-click.
  11. The boss run lives again! Thank you thank you.
  12. I notice that the transitional music that plays from Day to Dusk and from Night to Day still plays regardless of the Music level setting. I'm guessing it's associated with one of the other two levels.
  13. I set the music to 0 in the game settings and noticed that all of the music from the intro animation disappeared the next time I opened the game. Not sure if that was meant to be associated with the Music setting.