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  1. I know this isn't exactly a meme but couldn't stop myself from sharing it. When game weren't able to choose if it's too early for deciduous tree to lose leaves or to late to become a treeguard.
  2. Oh dang. Now it's gonna be secretly nerfed with next update.
  3. True. And it's probably one that change how many items you can stack together. EDIT: Or "Lazy Pick Up Items" reupload.
  4. Yet I do it all the time too. Today during my gameplay I was trying to get desired shape for marble trees. It's even more painful when you cannot see what you are getting right after planting.
  5. I think everyone here knows how Clean Sweeper works in game and how useful it is to sometimes grab it and walk around your base and change an appearance of a thing or two. But are you also upset (while doing so) catching yourself trying to "sweep" a flower or berry bush? It would be really cool to be able to change a shape of things that have more then one appearance with this item. There's more like skeletons, desert bones, cactuses, trees, pigs and probably some more. I know there's a "rose" flower who works a bit different then other flowers and less common berry bush is not used in a berry bush hat recipe but I think it's still doable with some logical ideas. They could add a skin for berry bush that looks like the other one and then combine them into one prefab with two separate skins. Rose could be still exceptional and force player to plant butterflies until you will eventually get one but trying to plant some random flowers when you want them to look exactly how you desire is a pain in current format. Tell me what you think about that. Maybe only I'm this crazy about details and your flower gardens looks completely random compared to mine but for me this "update" is really needed for Clean Sweeper.
  6. I just opened my "empty chest" and the content was a little different. Is it intentional? Do you need to weave other tools or is there other way to get all those skins?
  7. Wes isn't that bad when you're playing solo. At least no one would kick you out.
  8. It weren't exactly a public server but I once joined some random guys' game. They were kinda new to it and it was very funny to help them build a base in a meteor field area. I've told them that it's not gonna least long but did not said what I really do mean by that. I couldn't see their faces when "IT" started but I'm 100% sure I know how they looked like.
  9. Maybe try to change into Wormwood. Those Beefs probably look at you and know that you may eat their kids sooner or later as Wigfrid.
  10. Well... I came to this thread to talk about items that shows as "not claimed" on my "Klei Rewards" page while I'm 100% sure I do have them ingame, but based on some last posts it looks like I'm not the only one having that issue. If I accidently missclick on any of those would I lose klei points?
  11. They should add Heater Chester that cook anything you put in him instantly (including Thermal Stone) alongside with Coffee Bushes.
  12. Does that mean Meteor Fields changed to "more" or "lots" will no longer spawn them all around the world?
  13. I'm not gonna be creative with my answer. I would simple like to see Steamed Ham Sandwich and Palms with Coconuts.
  14. And I'm pretty sure there'll be no Wilba.