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  1. Has someone tried to feed Woodie three Weremoose Idols in a row? Maybe we could get this:
  2. You never know. Maybe Wormwood sacrificed his arm to made Lucy into Stormbreaker during not revealed Woodie's lore.
  3. I don't mind if they buff Abigail and possibly made her obey to player's orders. I really liked to play as Wendy when I was a novice but now I'm just angry at Abi whenever I summon her. She's so stupid. I hate things that aren't under my control in this game and simply can't stand Abigail dying during every single trip through the swamps. I know she's not a simple tool and it's kinda necessary for her to stay out of Wendy's complete control but she should be more aware that when she dies she cannot protect Wendy anymore. I would like to see her as a protector and not as a little punk that flies around and mess with everything in the entire environment. And I was always confused why Abi is escaping Wendy whenever she tries to approach her. I know it would be to easy to avoid Charlie by standing near her but still I think it should be a thing. It's not really that OP anymore like it was years ago. Now there's a lot more of OP light resources in the game. They are sisters and Abi wants to protect Wandy so it's irrational that they cannot even stay close to each other even for a moment.
  4. But you can still be healed by Wortox perhaps?
  5. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I said he's going to be a zoan last week.
  6. Okay! Where are those secrets and surprises? Short is nice but I was sure it would take place in Canada when I first saw the teaser last week. Wasn't really hoping for any important lore but this time I'm seriously disappointed. There was nothing new. It's just a promo video about Woodie's new abilities which I personally liked to discover during game play. I'm glad Klei said that his new forms comes with him being exposed to lunar power more directly because otherwise it would be just speculation. It would be more accurate to actually shot the short about him discovering new powers and changes I guess, but that's just my opinion.
  7. It kinda confirms he's a zoan type.
  8. Hi there. So I recently experienced some small but annoying issue in my DST game. I was in the middle of building my mega-base storage when I noticed I cannot mark my minisigns with fireflies anymore. I know it may not be something to be furious about but I can't stand my storage with one sign unmarked properly. I'm pretty sure it was possible to draw them with feather pen earlier or maybe I'm confusing my older worlds form single player DS. Anyways I need you guys to confirm if this also happens in your games and if yes then maybe we can make a little fuss about it here. This way our amazing devs could notice this cosmetic issue and possibly fix it in near future. One more thing - does anyone know if there's a way to spawn marked signs via console? I was trying to do it but maybe it's not possible at all. Also I tried to disable my mods so it's not the case I guess.
  9. Also there's plenty of gems in small chests in Ancient Guardian's labyrinth. But it's actually in ruins tho.
  10. I don't think you will be satisfied with any result after farming tumbleweeds. It's way more easier to get them by mining stalagmites in the caves and also you can get them from earthquakes in meantime.
  11. About Meat Effigy.. I always thought it was strange that all characters were able to build it only with Wilson's head even if they technically didn't know him in sp. When DST comes out I was sure that this structure will gain alternative looks for any characters or at least will stay exclusive for Wilson but... nothing happen, all guys are building structures around constant with Wilson's face and he's even perfectly fine with that.
  12. Great. You could wear it, sleep in it and heal with it. Lets made it edible also and don't forget about adding bearded hair carped from hamlet. And seriously, I don't mind to see new use for Beard as an item but your suggestion is too much I guess. When it comes to Wilson I would like to finally see more of his "scientist side" in the game. I would like to see some unique profits from prototyping items. This way he would be perfect as starter character for new players and as starter for those who like to switch character after getting access to Moon Rock Idol which is so popular this days.
  13. Every time I see this guys topics I can't stop thinking he's just a prankster.
  14. One thing to confirm, because I'm to lazy to check. Can they put Wickerbottom to sleep? I know it was possible to force her to fall asleep with mandrake before but I'm curious if this is possibly new way to do it.
  15. Then just don't post.