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  1. It's always like that for me. Check ingame and you'll be probably surprised.
  2. I don't like this kind of threads. It's like "Oh no we need to find another name quick" for Klei.
  3. So Wendy is bald and she's just using a wig which slipped?
  4. Guys I just noticed some skins called "Gorge Garb" available in game from "Line Cook Collection". Did I missed something or is this a hint for possible Gorge Event return in near future?
  5. I mentioned this somewhere before but I do need First Aid Kit skin for Chest.
  6. What we all really need is a new skin for chest that looks like first aid kit. Seriously. We all need to have first aid kit chest in every base to put healing salves, honey poultices, jellybeans and booster shots in a very obvious and visible place. That is a thing my worlds currently lack most.
  7. I feel like Webber and Wendy are a hint that next character's gonna be a kid too. Maybe that goat quoted by Wortox will be a thing now?
  8. Will it be always available or just for some certain time? I wonder if it's necessary to rush with buying Hot Lava or if it can wait without worrying about losing the chance to get the skin.
  9. But you can still be healed by Wortox perhaps?
  10. You will never look at this vignette the same way again...