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  1. Why, there is something intresting in new carnival thing after all. Quotes. Quotes are very intresting and cool! Mini games still sucks tho.
  2. The mini games are boring, primitive and simply not impressing. Crows are... Not sure about them, hope there is some lore about them to discover. Oh, there is also some cool decorations from event so yeah nice i guess.
  3. Huh. I thought Leviathan in DS reality was Quacken, but oh well.
  4. Before this update my logging in procces was 5-15 seconds, Now its 2 minutes and I still cant launch DST. Is that on my problem or you people have it too?
  5. First there was Wes rework, not its Webber. My hope for Maxwell rework died. *sad emoji*
  6. Perhaps Webber is the most kind and innocent being in the Constant, but indeed not the smartest.
  7. As you know, many people pronouns our beloved WX-78 as "them", but is that right? WX-78 have many quotes where they pronouns machines as "sister/brother", but what about WX-78 itself? If we can consider old skins are canon and made for lore/character backstory/other facts, thanks to Guest of Honor skin - we can know the exact answer - It`s him. I mean, why would WX-78 drew mustache for? And yeah, I know about Maxwell "Greeting, Mx. WX-78". Agree or disagree with me, and dont forget to share your thoughts
  8. We have Maxwell, Willow, WX78 and even WENDY as playable characters. Can`t call them all pure and good, eh? But they still fit to the team. I belive we in final run now, "Endgame" of sorts. Its time for "Them" to finally reveal themself, finally understand what all Charlie`s motivations all about... And discover what happend to real Wagstaff. For me, it`s the perfect timing for Wagstaff annouce. Good/bad/neutrual NPC or a DLC character
  9. Wagstaff is too important for lore. How he can be ignored in final DS end game?
  10. Sup, people. How can I get drops from twitch via phone? I used PC but now i sadly cant. I was trying to find drops option on phone but i didnt find it... How can I see my progress and claim rewards?
  11. Same. I would also like to see 2020 year roadmap promo as a vignette
  12. Wurt newest skin looks just gorgeous, but her tail seems to be clipping and look out of place sometimes. Animation errors
  13. About to revive this topic. "Dream of all the boys in the class" Wendy, "Hot summer day in the Woods" Woodie, "Both coldest and warmest gramma around" Wickerbottom, "The outfit that just screams - "Happy winter holidays!"" Winona, "The ultimate viking-valkyrie cosplay" Wigfrid, "Victorian times Graph Webber" Webber, "Against all possibly odds, Maxwell has become even more dapper... And Shadowy" Maxwell, "Poor Wilson sell his soul to a Chinese company... Looks like he become elegant and corrupted as heck!" Wilson, And... "Pro gamer when he got in army" Wes.