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  1. W E L L B E A R D M A K E S 99999 V I D E O S W H E N E V E R S I N G L E H O T F I X D R O P S
  2. My symphaties. Same situation here, Im with friend in another country now and all we have is poor laptop that cant even handle DST aha. Man I miss my gaming pc back home
  3. Yes, and remastered this year as well. It would be logical thing to give moon a crack
  4. Wow. Just wow. I hope they will keep updating frames! Kinda confused why Tent portrait still have undamaged moon tho, considering resent updates
  5. Huh. While one of them surely looks like Wagstaff the other two reminds me of... Wavey Jones?
  6. That skin looks really swell and also fits perfectly with other natural-themed skins on base but there is a huge problem... I use ONLY steam and I dont really think its a great idea to make account on some Epic Games launcher that I will never use again just for one skin. If I read correctly, merging accounts are forever and cannot be undone, which again, really dosnt attract me at all. Why not add an option to buy Brambleberry Wardrobe for Klei points as well? People who have account on a diffrent platforms can still claim it for free, and those who dont - can buy it for a reasonable price. klei pls Imma skin collector it hurts me to see a loyal skin that I cant obtain
  7. I want Wilson as a "Captain Black Beard" or something like that oh and also eye patch on him please?
  8. I bet Wagstaffs main motive is monk e curse Having ability to turn into a monk e is worth taking all those risks of destroying worlds and universe itself
  9. https://youtu.be/dN-B82WfNeI?t=1m12s dst players after new update (loud sound warning)
  10. Wilbur skin for Wonkey whe n
  11. Literally will never fight these guys. I will rather die than become a furry imagine being WX78, a person who traded their body for a synthetic one, a hater of all things flesh, become a creature of blood again. Oh the irony