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  1. I hate Wendy, because she is typical suiciedal-depressed 10 years old. Whats funny about her? Never understood why everyone so hyped about her
  2. Poor boy is corrupted. Im genuiely curios, is Wilson about to get shadow corrupted too? KLEI, SCIENCE MIXED WITH SHADOWS CRAFTING TAB FOR WILSON PLEEEEASE
  3. Woodie had a terrible secret... Sigh. Klei ruined it by adding new wereforms just for gameplay and fun. How and why he got trapped in Constant, why he is cursed and who is goddamn Lucy anyway
  4. So much people enjoy playing as Wendy, and yet, I just dont understand, why you like her, people? Her abilities is just strong companion, her persona and quotes are just sad and not intresting. Kill, death, suiciede, dead will find, you blah blah. Is that all because she is typical 10 years old suiciedal-depressed girl? Or because she has "cutie" design? Woodie - Can replace Abigial purpose just fine. And her character is, as I said before, typical cliche.
  5. I liked Wilson and his will to deal with unknown... He passed adventure mod, sit on Shadow throne, build portal alongside with Maxwell... Such potential, but alas, Klei make him "ahha funny jokes and puns scientist-idiot guy"... Why devs don`t like him so much? He isnt suicidal-depressed 10 y.o girl! He could be so much better
  6. Same here. I like his persona; always calm and cold-hearted in any situation. And perhaps, he understands Charlie`s plans, due his quote for new moon altar. "Such power... I`ve seen it before."
  7. RoG: Summer showdown, Summer work theme. Shipwrecked: Dry and Hurricane season work`s themes Hamlet: Temperate Work (beta), Main theme Together: Crab king, Moon island work theme, Antlion battle theme and finally, second Ancient Fuelweaver theme
  8. I do hope that third "main event" should go right after Gorge events, so story will continue. But RoT events happening at the default Constant world, before Survivors use Ancient Gateway. Maybe First one goes exactly RoT, Forge and Gorge? Don`t know. Theories are more based on personal thoughts and less on facts
  9. Still, It`s charming to see how he call Pig man friend and feel sorry for doing such crime
  10. Wolfgang. Even when he is fighting mobs, he show his feelings. Like, come on, everyone do their "battle cry", but Wolfgang feel bad for killing innocent creatures
  11. Where did you get this screenshot? EDIT: Nevermind, I remember its from Forge trailer EDIT №2: I also remember Wortox`s quote to Winter`s Feast Forge ornament. Intresting quote, actually