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  1. Same here. I think devs kinda switch forest and caves worlds. Forest is addition world now, and caves are main. Hope it will be fixed soon though or at least it could be optional
  2. Ah, the one, (and only) character I can actually relate too. Hope Klei will give him more attention and care! Such potential he have and yet, even the one-role-actress preform more magic than he do. Cheers!
  3. Thursday. Its coming thursday. Maybe this thursday, maybe next one. Klei will say when the update coming, and please, stop comparing other games.
  4. Besides missing skin itself, I found a new bug. Sorcerer`s profile pic is in "Sideshow" collection instead of "Crystalline". Please change it and make this skin working.
  5. Its been a long time since last Community choice vignette. Walter was released on june 15 th., and today is august 12 th., and there is still no topic about vignette choice? I don`t think its such a problem, just create a discussion to let people choice vignette.
  6. The whole point of QoF update was Wilson`s beard. There is still many beards left, so yeah, go Klei, draw some beards. It also will be nice to see the ability to change starting item skin. There are many starting items that can be changed. Wigfirds helm and spear, Willows Teddy bear and Lighter, Wendys Abigail flower and etc Maybe some updates on mobs, like adding hounds howl sound? Oh better yet, what about new character background and profile pic? RoT themed! Sounds cool and neat. Now for real. I really want to see reworked "putboxes" or whatever that thing called. You maybe know about the fact, that you cannot build walls on the edge of a ground, so popular solution to that problem is using sculptures instead. I was making some testings with console. In result there is no problems with walls on the edge of a ground, not physically nor visual. it works just fine Problem with buiding walls on the edge Then I use console to spawn walls right on the same place where I cant build them *Reposting my thoughts from another tread.
  7. Well, Im a PC player and use a mouse. I dont click madly, just simply adding number to number
  8. Someone have that problem too? No idea how to fix it. Others mini games work fine
  9. It appears that while wearing hat slot items, like beekeper, football and etc Wilsons hair is sticking out from the hat. P.s add verdant beard pls
  10. Please fix my boy. And add him a themed beard. Please. This is the only reason I even launch DST today.
  11. "S.S.S.S" beta update last uhhh 1 week? Though it was bigger and has actual patches in beta. Just in 1 week! So no idea, when will update go live. Hope next thursday
  13. No one knows when. Only devs do. All what I can say - is that with every update comes new twitch drop. Just wait for troubled waters update.