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  1. About to revive this topic. "Dream of all the boys in the class" Wendy, "Hot summer day in the Woods" Woodie, "Both coldest and warmest gramma around" Wickerbottom, "The outfit that just screams - "Happy winter holidays!"" Winona, "The ultimate viking-valkyrie cosplay" Wigfrid, "Victorian times Graph Webber" Webber, "Against all possibly odds, Maxwell has become even more dapper... And Shadowy" Maxwell, "Poor Wilson sell his soul to a Chinese company... Looks like he become elegant and corrupted as heck!" Wilson, And... "Pro gamer when he got in army" Wes.
  2. Thanks! I was a bit harsh about loyal skins. I just felt sad because I thought you were trying to please newplayers and forgot about old ones. Everyone should have a chance and all that... Thanks again for Timeless versions!
  3. Why are you doing this? Loyal-skins that supposed to be exclusive for particapation now are given away for lolz. Can you give original owners "Timeless" version? I mean, that sucks
  4. I liked previous one better. Anyway, Year of the beefalo when?
  5. Something that is actually intresting and not simply overhaul/rework of already existing mechanic. ... Something that dosnt makes you sitting on base doing the same exact thing every day and year just for sake of it. (Broken RWYS update)
  6. Let`s wait for the roadmap 2021. Then we can make our final conclusuions. Hope for the best, be ready for the worst. Amen.
  7. With all this... "Chinese ambience", I hope Year Of The Beefalo will be very, very, veeeery good. You no longer just an Indie company, remember that.
  8. ... And I thought 2021 would be a better year. What a shame.
  9. You better hope Klei wont dumb us again. They already show how they can do reworks just for lolz. Woodie just got a funny cartoon instead of lore short. Why?
  10. Maxwell grow way more as character. He understood the value of human life, saving Winona in RoT Forgotten Knowledge trailer just proofs it. He also feels very sorry for child ghosts, and hope they will find peace one day...
  11. Isnt there actually TWO Wagstaff in DS world? The first one, is "outworld project" of sorts, not a real Wagstaff. And the second is Wagstaff hismelf, brought right before Winona. Its confirmed that they get to Constant from one same portal... Then why does first Wagstaff looks like corrupted hologram on low health, and Winona dosnt? This cant be right, Klei wont add Wagstaff all that features just for the sick of it. Really hope he will be in DST soon, as playable character or at least NPC, just like Pearl
  12. You guys are strange. Wolfgang always was, are and will be best damage dealer. Why you wanna nerf his damage? Its like nerfing Woodie's ability to chop trees fast. This just dont make any sense, cuz he is lumberjack. Wolfgang IS supposed to be best damage dealer, by his lore and skins he is former trooper, he sure know how to fight. Its strange that people is okay with Wendy though - Klei remove her only and biggest downside, low damage. And why? For what purpose? Wendy has never meant to be best damage dealer ( and she is better than almost all other characters in DST now ). So why you ever want to kill Wolfgang as character?
  13. So yeah, Wes can read message in bottle but cant read signs. I guess its bug, not a feature
  14. "Reap What You Sow" vignette is not showing in steam inventory for some reason. Other vignettes looks fine