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  1. I'd imagine something similar to the Hamlet city floor.
  2. Just use caves to hide in like a Chad and not smack talking someone who's pointing out your flaw in dealing with the situation. There's Winona catapults, caves, houndius shootiuses, statue walls... **** tonne of methods to avoid dealing with the hounds. I know the fact that they're annoying for being too frequent and doing same thing over and over again which I hope Klei changes something about it eventually, but c'mon man.
  3. To be f'ing honest it's the same damn issue with other musics from RoT... most musics that we don't count the farming one which blasts to full volume compared to the rest.
  4. Doesn't seem necessary, considering how much nitre the world likes to trash around when there's petrified trees, also lategame gems are practically endless.
  5. Kinda makes sense, right? Considering that mosquitos when captured give the sack 100% I think?
  6. Wait pantomimed ones aren't victorian set items, right? Victorian items are walls and fences and so on. It's mostly structures.
  7. To be honest, I love this event. It's simple, it has it's own space to where you get the items you need to get than getting random drops like from Winter's feast baubles and what not... And the decor - it's very good! I wish there were more plant options, but hey! Bonsai tree is so far my favorite thing in this. Hope to see more in the future to play around and build with ^^
  8. So far I spent 3 hours farming tickets to get enough to decorate a bunch of those trees and to get the bonsai ones. Klei, I still want a sapling blueprint or purchasable cawnival tree sapling to plant wihout the carpet so please help me xd
  9. I've run the bells on a fully decorated tree, but corvus goodfeather is not in spawn anymore and my decorations and event stuff are on other side of the world. Anyone knows the prefab for Corvus Goodfeather? I wanna try finding him. Unless it just takes time to get to the bells for him...
  10. I kinda wanna deny this and perhaps to suggest that butter should be able to be perhaps mass produced but it would take maybe pig workers or selves to do it, a kinda of ingredient to take quite a bit of time to make like how it takes effort to farm. Overall, butter likely is one of fanciest and best foods in the game but overall I don't think it would need nerfs rather just better implementation. Maybe if Klei would make it a higher chance for catching the butterflies and murdering to get more butter as a way to get more? Usually if solo DST you get most butterflies up to 11 per day or so if farmed specifically. Catching with butterfly nets or something should perhaps either make a butterfly spawning structure to increase the chances or just increase their drop butter chance while in hand.
  11. Nah anyone should be able to do it. Warly's not a labor character anyway, he's into more refined cooking and refining. Players should either get a blueprint for that from killing butterfly or be able to do this naturally. Or idk, trading with some creature something to get the recipe.
  12. It's ancient plates you find in the ruins, but by reaching the Ancient Chest by the fully built ruins station area you can do several scavenger hunt puzzles to get their blueprints for decor purposes. correct
  13. It's a fairly good nutritional values and all that, but kinda wish there were easier ways to produce a butter ingredient for cooking. Even if it would take a bit of effort farming butterflies isn't all that great or fun for it. Unless we'd need the wings for the butter itself together with electric milk... then perhaps. What'chu think?
  14. xd now think twice on what you're saying here, or at least do a bit of research... that thing costs a fortune, considerably that we need green gems, thule and nightmarefuels which only gives us up to 5 uses. Either Klei would buff on them being less consuming for construction materials or just add some new thing. That'd be my thought. Nobody on the right mind would use this thing on boards.
  15. If you loose all the houses by accident then there's no way to renew them. Especially since the green staff duplication on the tails won't work anymore since reduced costs. They literally can get easily extinct. Considering Klaus sack spawns, weather patterns and that they burn - catcoons are imminent towards extinction. Same would have been with merm houses, but Klei added a way to renew the merms via Wurt. Perhaps we may get a catcoon DLC character...
  16. I get the name of it 'needing three tails' or something, but if all to be honest - later in game ya end up having more tenticle spots than cat tails. Either need a way to renew catcoons or reduce the cost of the whip's tails and increase the tenticle spot cost.
  17. I know it sounds odd but honestly when doing large builds wood chopping is one of things that really cost so much lumber just to make a board that I feel like maybe characters don't actually make it efficient on how they make those boards or something? I dunno, just saying that maybe having some sawmill science structure or tool later on we could have reduced cost for the boards. I at least sometimes gotta spend a whole season chopping just to get the amount I need for the moment till next one comes up... Anyway: Discuss.
  18. Milk for cheese instead of filler, and I think that'd be next best dish to cook if it were the case.
  19. I sometimes use a command to find chester cause he just is in incognito mode whenever I make a shadow chester. The wooly chester is worse with all that detail, my eyes can't see crap in the mansion I live in for a base.