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  1. Ahahahah well let's say it is loud but not in a wholesome, Winona's ahh I farted and I feel reilieved way but just loud and dry. But at the end of the day he still gets a point for being loud.
  2. Hello everyone! I have been thinking deep about this. It is not a shameful thing, infact it is healthy as long as you know your limits! If you have any questions, go ahead; here's my fart tier list! Loud and Nice: Loudness is essential if we are even just talking about a competetion here. The "nice" stands for how efficient it is for them to do it. Just Loud: title explains itself. Again, loudness is essential. Although if there's nothing else to it, it is clearly not the best. Ehh: title explains itself again. Wilson is the average boy with an average life and average, boring farts. I also thought Warly would fart in an average extend, because I bet him taking good care of his tummy only helps his digestive system. Not nice at all: Yuck! I won't explain everyone in this tier list with extended details, but using poop as a skin treatment and old age doesn't really go along with digestive system! And think Wheeler as Warbucks, not as Wheeler. No: I won't talk about the minor characters. But the silent farts are always carry the worst essences ahahahah! Also I don't think robots can fart, and old men who sat in a stone chair for god knows for how long clearly doesn't have a nearly mediocre digestive system! Yuck!
  3. It waa always much to speedrun some helmets and a hambat for combat instead of building a spider army before. And it seems to remain that way.
  4. At least it was not a Webber post. Anyways, if we take a look at the 00:28th second of the trailer we can see that silouette doesn't have a physical form. Portal is clearly made out of something that disintegrates the physical form of the person who enters the portal, so even we wouldn't be able to say it was or was not Wagstaff. I was not here when we got the Winona rework, and I didn't see the proof link before either. I was not going to assume it was someone else, but oh well, I took a nice slap to my face trying to prove something.
  5. His hair doesn't look like anything to Wagstaff's, considering characters have bones in their hair. I doubt we have any clear evidence who the figure is.
  6. Wagstaff is getting no different from Maxwell from day by day. His curiosity in constant is doing nothing but harm, I can't believe he caused Webber too. Maybe we don't have a good guy in this story.
  7. Ok it is time to discuss the next character rework thats gonna happen many months later
  8. Okay, I just love this 1. Update dropped one day early, plus thirty minutes earlier than expected. 2. This was a HONEST trailer. We saw players and items with skins, we saw megabases built with techniques players use (such as rocks dropped as a decoration around the farms), we saw real gameplay, (Default Wormwood base sitting next to a default campfire and a grass suit on the ground).
  9. Maxwell examining Wes: "He displeased me." I think it is canon that Maxwell was trying to get the guy on the portal into the constant, but Wes pushed him and guy managed to run away. Not to mention that the guy KNEW he was being drawn into the constant, as we can confirm by his facial expressions. This is certainly why Wes "displeased" Maxwell, and Maxwell trapped Wes (as we can see in adventure mode). Also we can assume Wes not being able to talk is not a curse or something. He either chooses to not talk or has a disability.
  10. Same. I didn't touch anything whatsoever, even the name. Server crashs instantly. But my transactions was authorized instantly.
  11. PLEASE we need a custom mod save system, where we can enable/disable more than one mod at the same time. The system would work much like custom presets.