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  1. He is most certainly trapped on the chair isn't he? I believe Willow's actions towards Maxwell will have something to do with Maxwell joining the survivors (yes, as in Willow lore wi connect to metheus lore)
  2. Hear me out. Next rework is Wilson. Then it is Maxwell. Maxwell's animated short will contain him backstabbing Willow but Willow pulling him to constant with herself.
  3. Willow's bear is pretty effective against shadows. Maxwell probably tricked her into helping him instead of kidnapping her right away, which he can't.
  4. Wormhole skins, signs, backpacks, pig houses or nearby stuff (ex. the wormhole in the mosaic next to 3 boulders lead to pig king)
  5. Still, it is a feature we should have by default already. It has been at least 2 years since Wortox ate that Kramussy. Souls are now valuable as never before yet we can not use them in comfort.
  6. So Wickerbottom rework adds a bunch of other things to other characters too yadda yadda yadda. If you have played Wortox before, like even once, you accidentally soul hopped right? Please, add a button that temporarily disables Wortox' soul hopping. Like any key on your keyboard. I'm tired of accidentally soul hopping trying to do simple tasks or in a hurry. I don't want to waste souls when I'm trying to click one of those small hitbox structures on my boat, or trying to open a chest, or die trying to pick something up when running away from shadow monkeys. Especially now that souls are more valuable we should get this feature. It is not a buff, not a nerf, not a rework. Just a basic QoL thing that likely takes only a few lines of scripting and I believe it is neccessary.
  7. Literally Wanda herself. Her face doesn't have any details, it is no different that dropping a paint with that bucket icon in paint. She just doesn't fit in, especially the skins oh my god could they suck any more?
  8. I have a theory for Wanda. Keep in your mind that her name is WANDa. Take a look at her, such a stereotype. Her messy hair, her shoes, her skirt. Kind of looking like a witch. When you search "cartoon witch" on Google everyone looks like her lol. Just minus the hats. (Sorry for the quality of these pictures, I am putting first stuff I see when I searched it.) And another thing is, her watch. No doubt that this is a pocket watch. And I wonder about the most definite shadow hand coming out of it, too. So here's my theory: Wanda is a time type witch. Maybe her personality is not based on watches, but maybe the reason she came here is because of a clock or had past experiences with magical clocks. There's no doubt that, that is a pocket watch with a shadow hand coming out of it, but I can not say if that is just her portrait or an actual character trait. Also there's some doubt that she might not be a witch. Maybe she dresses as one with her ugly old-fashioned skirt and her dirty, messy hair. I don't doubt it myself though.
  9. Wagstaff is getting no different from Maxwell from day by day. His curiosity in constant is doing nothing but harm, I can't believe he caused Webber too. Maybe we don't have a good guy in this story.
  10. Ok it is time to discuss the next character rework thats gonna happen many months later
  11. Okay, I just love this 1. Update dropped one day early, plus thirty minutes earlier than expected. 2. This was a HONEST trailer. We saw players and items with skins, we saw megabases built with techniques players use (such as rocks dropped as a decoration around the farms), we saw real gameplay, (Default Wormwood base sitting next to a default campfire and a grass suit on the ground).
  12. Maxwell examining Wes: "He displeased me." I think it is canon that Maxwell was trying to get the guy on the portal into the constant, but Wes pushed him and guy managed to run away. Not to mention that the guy KNEW he was being drawn into the constant, as we can confirm by his facial expressions. This is certainly why Wes "displeased" Maxwell, and Maxwell trapped Wes (as we can see in adventure mode). Also we can assume Wes not being able to talk is not a curse or something. He either chooses to not talk or has a disability.