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Forgotten Knowledge And Hallowed Nights Coming Soon!

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Hey Everybody, 

Return of Them: Forgotten Knowledge will be released on PC this Thursday! Console players will receive this update early next week.

In addition to that we're kicking off the holiday events season with Hallowed nights for everybody to enjoy. Like we mentioned previously, we have decided to save development effort to avoid delays so nothing was changed with Hallowed Nights content this year.

We're also bringing back a bunch of the past Hallowed Nights skins and a few new skins to add to the collection as well as a special Hallowed Nights Twitch item.

We'll have all the details with the update this Thursday. See you then! 

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17 minutes ago, GLERMZ said:

Thank you for this early Warning @JoeW It helps a lot in organizing things :)

Can't wait.

Best Regards,



I've been in limbo for a few weeks now debating if this was going to happen Thursday or if I was streaming something else that comes out that day. Now I don't have to worry!


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