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  1. Howdy, i forgot yesterday the forum, yes i actually have 2 saves with the same issue so i just sent them to Hugo. Hope you can fix it
  2. : Video:
  3. Well @JoeW and @Bigfoot thank you for the gift and all the support, but i will be sure to throw in some copies to people cause Hamlet Beta was miles ahead of Shipwrecked one, and i know was not even the whole content you have planned for it so, i can't wait enough for December Release!! Keep up the good work, only a DLC like hamlet, in BETA, makes me go 12 hours non stop for 5 days in a row!!
  4. This would be a great idea. a Feature to Enable Disable all. Make it happen please
  5. Hello everyone, just sharing this here that has been a big request from a lot of new people to the game. Pretty much all the important items that are needed to defeat Fuel Weaver + Gunpowder Kill Strat. Thank you for watching.
  6. Hello everyone, just before the video I want to point out a few things. A) With this video i'm not trying to show the BEST way to Kill Bee Queen, or a FAST way to rush her. I simply like to defeat her this way. B) I only did this video to show several people who asked me to kill the bosses the way i do in my Single Player runs without the Health Adjust Mod. C) Posting this video here because there might be some people out there who will enjoy this strategy and use it in their Solo Runs or with friends Hope you enjoy it.
  7. Ok one resource is not the same but its just a color change. They can easily make it like that.
  8. Hey @V2C , thank you for this addition, but i was wondering if you have any plans to add a version of the Shovel and Axe Skin to the Gold ones ? I love their Design, is just sad its only used within the first few days, don't even get to use the shovel one, since i always go for the gold one right way
  9. @V2C i still can't create my own server, always fails to determain my location? Am i being targeted ?
  10. Not going to lie, if this was not build in the diagonal shape would be one of the best tidy bases i've seen. I wouldn even attempt to do such a thing. I guess you using that mod that allows you to build stuff extremely close right ? Again, Well Done.
  11. Wes Memes: The Saga

    Stop this Madness. Wes is Real, not a Meme.
  12. Hey everyone. Make sure you know, before buying, that you will need too order 2 servers to be abble to have UpWorld+Caves. Also customer feedback is pretty slow and the tutorials to connected servers are very unclear. Consider instead on buying a dedicated machine that will be cheaper and more eficiente than buying two cheap servers with low CPU clock and tickrate. Just my two cents after trying out there service. Bottom line spend almost 30€ for a very good server that will sit unused till the end of the month, because nobody wants to play without caves (: Never making that mistake again. Just be advised when you order. Best Regards, Glermz
  13. Honestly i still feel the loot doesn't reflect the fact that ruins content should be matched for everyone. Dragonfly currently drops greater amount of gems than the Guardian. Makes zero sense to me. Specially when now we even have a fight were Lazy Explorer are actually good to use and there is no way to be refuel it, and deconstruction or not, we get no gems back! Even with all being renewable i feel we have little orange gems. Just my two cents
  14. So if i still haven't mined a single statue or hammered a Broken Clockwork means that if i do it now i will get them back after reset right ? Also thank you for this, having all the ruins renewable is awesome and the bump on the FuelWeaver HP made the fight longer and cooler to appreciate! ps. Any hopes on creating different jelly beans maybe for, +5 Hunger requering 1 Royal Honey and 3 Meat Balls (good for wolfgangs fighting mechanics) +5 Sanity 1 Royal Jelly + 3 Pumpkin Cookiez (for fights like FuelWeaver) ? Just an idea Best Regards,