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  1. Hello everyone, i just finished my first Aporcalypse so i wanted to share already some thoughts on the current state of the game and MY OPINION one what should be changed. Aporkalypse in general is really nice, but: If a person, like me, is playing without spoilers and doesnt know how to end it, and finally discoveres a clue in a ruins in the gas zone, and tries to uncover just to find out that inside the ruins the Shadow Boss also spawns 8 nightmares + Frogs + meteors, is just too much!! We should be able to explore those ruins during the aporcalypse and right now its impossible. - Like i mentioned, the Big Shadow boss still spawns in there and spawns all the minions he does up. In a small room, with no camera rotation, its impossible to kill anything, or to open the vines to try to explore the ruins. - Bat waves. I think we already have to deal with so many, making us also deal with constant bat waves, happening everyday of 20+ bats makes so we spend just too much time running and not much time playing the game and having fun trying to kill something. - Lightning Strikes. I mean, can we please not get target by lightning strikes if its other creatures targeting the owls ? It's not fair with all the ammount of minions, for us to get stunlocked with not 1, not 2, but 10 lightning strikes + burned damage because you get stuned for like 5 seconds with so much lightning spam, specially when we are so far away from the owls. - Ghosts, if we killed ghosts inside the ruins room, can we please not have to kill them again, if we get into that same room again ? - Ghosts, Nightmares, anything that doesnt actually weight anything, can we make it so they don't target the weight plates in caves/ruins ? Other suggestions outside of Aporcalypse. - Why the nerf on nightmarefuel ? Is it fair that 1 Nightmare fuel, that requires us to be insane and kill shadow creatures, that cost weapon resource and armor in some cases, to have a value of 5 oincs, where berries ar 4 oincs and they grow freely every 3/4 days on stacks ? You can even buy 1 berrie to trade it for 4. Again why the nerf ? 1 Oinc per fuel was fine taking in consideration the cost of the other resources. - Gas Mask. Why so low durability ? If a new player figures out that Gas mask protects you agaisnt allergies just to discover later that you need 2 of them to survive 12 days of that season. Isnt that a bit too low durability ? specially when Sewing kits don't come that fast early game ? Isnt it possible to make it so 1 Gas maks = 12 days if you don't use nettle recipe ? - Ladybugs - I understand that we can use Bug B Gone on them, but when every spawn has like 8 of them and there are like 20 spawns within the same forest, isnt that just a bit too much ? At one time i had like 60 bugs following me / killing stuff for me. - Nettles - The fact that they have to be inside the jungles, where there is too many limits of space in the ground, and also in a place that is near the water for the sprinkler to work is just too much. Make it so they take 3 days to grow, but allows us to put them in whatever spot we want as long as its near the water. Despite all of this i love the fact that Hamlet is being a Hardmore DLC, but that doesnt mean that we should not have controll and be able to actually play the game and properly kill stuff, other than RUN and lose aggro. Thank you for all the content and can't wait too see what comes next.. Best Regards, Glermz.
  2. Can't wait to start my Non Modded Megabase with 3 Worlds at my disposal with all of the work you putting up to DS!
  3. I got mine from a Twainese Viewer of mine who offered me the code!
  4. Howdy, i forgot yesterday the forum, yes i actually have 2 saves with the same issue so i just sent them to Hugo. Hope you can fix it
  5. : Video:
  6. Well @JoeW and @Bigfoot thank you for the gift and all the support, but i will be sure to throw in some copies to people cause Hamlet Beta was miles ahead of Shipwrecked one, and i know was not even the whole content you have planned for it so, i can't wait enough for December Release!! Keep up the good work, only a DLC like hamlet, in BETA, makes me go 12 hours non stop for 5 days in a row!!
  7. Ok one resource is not the same but its just a color change. They can easily make it like that.
  8. Hey @V2C , thank you for this addition, but i was wondering if you have any plans to add a version of the Shovel and Axe Skin to the Gold ones ? I love their Design, is just sad its only used within the first few days, don't even get to use the shovel one, since i always go for the gold one right way
  9. @V2C i still can't create my own server, always fails to determain my location? Am i being targeted ?
  10. Not going to lie, if this was not build in the diagonal shape would be one of the best tidy bases i've seen. I wouldn even attempt to do such a thing. I guess you using that mod that allows you to build stuff extremely close right ? Again, Well Done.
  11. Wes Memes: The Saga

    Stop this Madness. Wes is Real, not a Meme.
  12. Hey everyone. Make sure you know, before buying, that you will need too order 2 servers to be abble to have UpWorld+Caves. Also customer feedback is pretty slow and the tutorials to connected servers are very unclear. Consider instead on buying a dedicated machine that will be cheaper and more eficiente than buying two cheap servers with low CPU clock and tickrate. Just my two cents after trying out there service. Bottom line spend almost 30€ for a very good server that will sit unused till the end of the month, because nobody wants to play without caves (: Never making that mistake again. Just be advised when you order. Best Regards, Glermz
  13. Honestly i still feel the loot doesn't reflect the fact that ruins content should be matched for everyone. Dragonfly currently drops greater amount of gems than the Guardian. Makes zero sense to me. Specially when now we even have a fight were Lazy Explorer are actually good to use and there is no way to be refuel it, and deconstruction or not, we get no gems back! Even with all being renewable i feel we have little orange gems. Just my two cents
  14. So if i still haven't mined a single statue or hammered a Broken Clockwork means that if i do it now i will get them back after reset right ? Also thank you for this, having all the ruins renewable is awesome and the bump on the FuelWeaver HP made the fight longer and cooler to appreciate! ps. Any hopes on creating different jelly beans maybe for, +5 Hunger requering 1 Royal Honey and 3 Meat Balls (good for wolfgangs fighting mechanics) +5 Sanity 1 Royal Jelly + 3 Pumpkin Cookiez (for fights like FuelWeaver) ? Just an idea Best Regards,
  15. When AntLion dies he drops meat, desert stones and the Teleport Blueprint. Sandstorm still continues i just think he can no longer destroy the world. So this makes it less grindy and a tiny bit more challenging. Also the fight is fun and solable, and really easy with 2/3 people. I really like this new AntLion. Good Luck for you.