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  1. Great Stuff. Extremly happy for the new Twitch Drop skin. Looking Foward to see how the new Advocate Program will look like. All in All wasnt expecting all of this for next week. After 210 hours of DST streamed this month so far, i guess that ain't changing much soon
  2. Thank you so very much for this. Even if i would love more, 5 glow caps makes it worth it to keep doing this boss which is also really nice, since i'm a firm believer of bosses being something that doesnt stop being good to do in long worlds is a must.
  3. Words can not express this. I'm so glad we finally have infinite light and in an awesome way. Thank you Klei for all of this work. I'm so looking foward the next content. I new this year was going to be great, i didnt knew it was going to be this much!
  4. Its awesome to see that the toxicity comes from those who only watch twitch for drops and somehow they forgot that the drops used to be once per month being the difference now that they only active for two weeks. From joeW statements they will rotate in the same period of time as the previous collection.
  5. You talk about slander and do a post like this, on a game forum lol. There are so many lies in this post that is not even worth going to. You will not get what you want from me ps. It has been great too see so many new streamers getting the spotlight. Some who started streaming few months ago, and actually ENJOY the game, not just during drops
  6. yeah i know, i told everyone it wasn't working for consol after your report. Just pointing that Klei's workaround worked. Everyone who actually watched the 6 hours and claimed and didnt had it before got it. That was all i was saying marco
  7. Yap, i've got replies from console players who got it, so i guess they dont have to re-watch for them which is awesome.
  8. But this is where i draw a different conclusion. Every system that works in a base of whitelisting gives you the ability to both add and remove so why would Twitch one be different? JoeW also mentioned a rotation basis, so how would that be possible if they would not be able to remove people while adding others? Also like i mentioned above i saw Sea of Thieves partners being dropped from drops for breaking rules, and Sea of Thieves have been using the twitch 2.0 system for 6 months now so i doubt that changed, and they do use the whitelist system. To be clear they were removed during an ongoing campaign. Again, and this is my view on things is that the way we had drops before, in this new system, doesn't allow you block someone. Keep in mind that the system didn't needed action from Klei to add people by "hand", it was automatic. Still, as you stated i would love Klei to be able to clarify this subject because this is only my rudimentary knowledge of twitch API and drops of talking to other streamers and communities.
  9. I would love that too, merely stating my point of view in what was written in this thread. I just drew different conclusions on it.
  10. Pretty sure what was ment is the old system in this new twitch API wouldn't allow you to ban/block people and thats why we are having this system. It's the only one that allows you to withdraw someone in Twitch Drops 2.0 API.
  11. There is, let's say someone who will have drops starts abusing the system, they can get removed from the program. Creating a whitelist allows you to remove any bad apples. Thats how it works because in other communities some people got removed from having drops and being their partners. Now if it would be the system that everyone would have it there would be no way to prevent an abuser unless twitch would do it themselfs.