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  1. Well @JoeW you already saw me... I'm speechless... Taking tomorrow off for a looooooooooooot of preparation for this Thursday-Sunday Marathons (:
  2. [Game Update] - 388647

    Hey @ScottHansen thank you for all the fixes. Any chance that we get a fix on the Invisible Gingerbread Houses? When Offloading/loading some became invisible. Best Regards and Happy New Year
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you all having a fantastic Sunday. Here to deliver all the screenshots so far from my 3000+ Megabase. I had a lot of help from my twitch subs gathering all these resources and making this possible. I hope you going to enjoy all of the setpieces I've done so far. A lot more to come this year to this World, that i think it will be my longest ever in DST. Enjoy Some of Ogait's Farming zones Worlds Map
  4. Thank you for this Winter Feast content. I had a blast working in this Klei. Can't wait for what it's coming up next. Happy Holidays, you deserve it! <3
  5. "The Malbatross does not tolerate players fishing at any of its shoals." @Jason Thank you so very much for this. One of the best things out of the update and that is saying something <3 Happy holidays!!
  6. Hey everyone, just dropping this here since I know a lot of people here still enjoy my creations in this game. Hope you will enjoy this work in progress.
  7. Hey @PeterA Thank you for these amazing new skins but a question remains for me.... We have Boomerang skin, BEE MINE skin, BAT BAT skin before an actual, and most used, Dark Sword.... Why do you keep forsaking us!!! Appreciated everything else, much love <3
  8. World takes forever to create, and start without ocean. c_regenerateworld() takes lots of minutes and also starts the world without ocean. Best Regards, Glermz.
  9. So I've spoken about this since Hamlet was still in beta, and wormwood only got fixed in Hamlet but totally forgotten in RoG and especially SW. During hurricane season you can't do anything to avoid fire damage (edit: Thunderhat works across all 3 worlds, but eyebrella/dumbrella only in Hamlet). You can get strike by 3 lightnings in a row, while wearing a Dumbrella, and still you going to burn 3 times. 1 Day has gone by and i already used 10 Honey Poltice, that equals 300 damage, with something that i can't avoid at all, unless i literally cover the entire world with lightning rods. But also, i can't cover the entire SW world with lightning rods because msot of it is Ocean, and we also don't have a lightning rod that we can place in the ocean. So my only reason to thing that this is indeed a bug, is because there is no natural way to counter this and also because this is not how he works in Hamlet. Looking forward to see this getting fixed soon, Best regards, Glermz.
  10. [Game Update] - 338264

    Hey @Jason thank you a lot for all of this fixes but i would like to ask if the following things are still intended or are going to get fixed soon. 1. Wormwood artwork changed in his last blooming phase, is this intended or we going to have his old artwork back ? 2. Wormwood doesn't get on fire in Hamlet from lightning when using a dumbrella/eyebrella but he does get on fire in Shipwrecked and RoG, any fix coming for this? 3. Wormwood still burns (even if he doesnt take any damage) when using Dragonscale or Obsidian armor, is this intended? I meean shouldnt a fire immune armor make him not burn at all ? Best Regards, Glermz.
  11. @V2C YOU LIED TO ME WITH THE BALLOONS. HOW DARE YOU!!! ps. One day Wes will pop in your dreams and you will be scared for life.
  12. Pig City Build in RoG PogChamp
  13. Thank you @Jason I can finally sleep in peace with those owls fix!!
  14. Tbh i wanted this. Healing trough ash was just too easy and cheesy. I still love that the character requires to play differently from any other, especially early game, and ashe was destroying that part. I would still like something more than speed on the blooming phase, perhaps self light would be an interesting mechanic to counter all the hardcore mechanics he have. Still its a really fun character that i'm enjoying a lot to play with. I'm up to give him even more goodies, but not to buff what makes him hard to play.