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  1. Who do i have to marry? I'm willing too...
  2. Thank you for this early Warning @JoeW It helps a lot in organizing things Can't wait. Best Regards, Glermz
  3. Matheus Puzzle Chest is exacly the same as the skin. It's totally possible to be a skin. I actually think it makes total sense, just like the walls being Stone and Thul Walls skins. The kiln itself can be used to something different that a normal crockpot can't, just like the matheus puzzle is different from a normal chest. Anyway, this is just my two cents
  4. Well @Jason and team, i'm finally aboard the hype train.This and what it might lead too is something else. The new turfs, creatures, puzzles, art.. absolutely phenomenal. Being able to craft turfs? Spectacular. Looking foward for the fixes so i can explore even more in depth. Super super excited. Thank you for all the work in this patch.
  5. Thank you very much. Im excited to be back to DST tomorrow after 2 days
  6. Also @Jason CrabKing his finishing his cast again when he dies, either freezing you or ripping your boat apart!
  7. Thank you @Electroely and @Maxil20 for the explanations. Appreciated and good to know it's not just me. Than i'm sure they are trying to find a way to fix this. Thank you for the mod but i already had in mind using c_freecrafting with the resources in my inventory since it consumes the cost if you have it, will use this as a temporary solution. Appreciated.
  8. Hey @Jason again posting this in here. I do not know if this is just happening to my old worlds, but even my Vanilla 6,0000 base that has been around since Warly Update, without mods is having trouble. She does give the pearl now but still her tab disappears if I preform the 9th task (The 3 houses upgrades + 6 taks) Till the 9th she upgrades the tab nicely, after the 9th she says she will have more stuff and the tab no longer appears when near her. Tab 1 Tab 2 Tab 3 Tab 4 After this, when the next tab upgrade is supose to come the tab will never open again unless i use c_freecrafting() Wonder if anyone else have this problem in their old worlds. I have it in both of mine. Best Regards, Glermz
  9. I'm actually good with this one, i said it on my stream the moment the flute was patched that i wish he would go full underwater and reset so we would use other items that are not used as much and require a bit more hits like the ice staff. Also seems like range option is back on the menu for me to solo, witch i also don't mind, always loved having an excuse to go ranged over melee and now i have one. Now about the video that i just made 2 days ago, yeah that hurts She actually gave me the pearl the moment i put all meat in the racks (since i had done everything before). I still don't have the tab to buy stuff from her lol This is still an Old world, and retrofitted from before this update. ps. Tested with a version i had previous to update, still her tab disapears at the 8th quest for reason.
  10. Hello @Jason, thank you for all of these updates. Few things: Pearl looks like she is bugged. Her buying tab disappeared, she keeps asking for Flower Salad when i already gave her, and even trying to give her more doesn't work, she says it makes her sad. (Retrofit World) As for the statues, any hope of us getting statues for the AnR bosses? This new ones look awesome! Best Regards, Glermz. Edit: Did everything in a new World, got the pearl no problem. Still having same issue after repeating everything in my Old World. She is still stuck in the trash and i think that is being the problem. Also i still don't have her tab unless i free_crafting() Edit2: After a lot of testing, she seems to always break at the 8th quest (no matter the order) when she goes "I added more stuff to the shop" her tab disapears, and nothing seems to work after that even if you complete, she keeps asking for stuff you did already.
  11. First off, You are not wrong... But they also delivered a lot of stuff that they didn't talk about. And Wormwood still counts as a NEW character for DST, as-well as Warly since he actually is nothing a like in DST (even if this one was mentioned as a refresh). If you don't like them, or you played them in single-player, doesnt matter, they were still NEW for DST. We had the most content ever within a Year, even if you don't like what you got, it was the most we had specially in the last 3 years. You people need to stop just looking for what they got wrong and also give some credits to what they did right. The concurrent playerbase speaks for itself but i guess you decide to ignore that. I'm the first one to say that i still hoped for more specially from the RoT updates, but just because i didn't like them as much as i enjoyed the last 3 patches of ANR back in the day, doesnt mean they were not content, and with some completely different new mechanics that probably takes more time to develop. They just stated that they going to push content every month and here you are saying will be less than this year. Maybe you are the one with too high of expectations. As someone who didnt stop playing this game even during the almost 3 year of content drought, i loved last year and i'm even more excited for this one, If they make a patch every month it will be a first, and it will be huge. Always look on the bright side of life.
  12. Hey @ScottHansen thank you for all the fixes. Any chance that we get a fix on the Invisible Gingerbread Houses? When Offloading/loading some became invisible. Best Regards and Happy New Year
  13. "The Malbatross does not tolerate players fishing at any of its shoals." @Jason Thank you so very much for this. One of the best things out of the update and that is saying something <3 Happy holidays!!
  14. Hey @PeterA Thank you for these amazing new skins but a question remains for me.... We have Boomerang skin, BEE MINE skin, BAT BAT skin before an actual, and most used, Dark Sword.... Why do you keep forsaking us!!! Appreciated everything else, much love <3
  15. World takes forever to create, and start without ocean. c_regenerateworld() takes lots of minutes and also starts the world without ocean. Best Regards, Glermz.