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  1. Here i thought that the UI couldn't get any better. This QoL update is a gift who keeps on gifting.
  2. Damn, now this is a big 7 day tease! As for the patch, i'm sure it will have a big impact in the community, team put a lot of work and honestly the changes were more than expected, all in a good way! Kudos to all.
  3. Actually insane. You are wonderful Devs!
  4. As someone who was completely disappointed with the first re-work of Wolfgang, this beta made me actually enjoy Wolfgang again. Even considering that the loss of Mightness was too punishable in some moments, I do think that this was a really nice approach and idea that the team came up with. Removing this all together and just giving more passive mightiness loss goes back to the problems that the first re-work of Wolfgang had, I actually enjoy a lot being able to stay Mighty for quite some time before using gembell, if I wasn't doing any tasks, and I enjoyed actually having to be careful not lose mightiness while fighting, I think that was more engaging than a simple passive debuff. I think a better approach would have been taking half of MIghtness loss if wearing armor, and still, be what it was if you get caught without one. This would help those who have more trouble kitting while still making it punishable instead of just braindead press F. TLDR: I think the devs Nailed the first concept in this beta. Why was this a needed change? And why now? If it's because it was too strong for Wanda why not make some of the gaps that were cheesable, especially in the Robots setpieces, be 1 full tile wide instead of half a tile? I would understand this more than not being able to hit across a gap that my weapon can clearly reach, while a Bishop can still snipe me from the same gap. I can get aboard of the theme that the Ruins are supposed to be walled like they were in the DS beta, but then it would make sense that everything would work like that, us, Lazy Explorer, npcs, etc which I'm totally up for it. I just think this was a none issue and feels a bit weird to be noted as a Bug when it felt very much intended. Cheesable yes, but understandable. I knew this day would eventually be here, and i always prepared my bases in the events of happenning within any of the patches of the past years, so this comes with no surprise. I still wish fire hounds would get re-worked. Why not make them exactly like the Ice Hounds? If we kill one we start to glow red, if we kill the second one in a short time, before cooling off, we burst on fire. Not only would this actually be a bigger threat to the player and do more damage, would still have the fire element, it would work exactly like the Ice Hound but a fire variant, instead of just being a bunch of fire puddles that just ruin a lot of the endgame. Even doing safe hound kill zones, because of the way the fire ones work now, you have to make them bigger just to take into account how far a fire can spread and how random it can be placed. This idea was from @chaosmonkey Since we most likely not getting a fire hound re-work, can we at least have a setting to disable the fire hounds specifically? I like hounds, I don't mind the waves at all, I just don't want to have to deal and think around a mechanic that only griefs enveirmont. Would be a nice option to have --- As for the rest of the patch, phenomenal work, can't wait for the rest of the actions being able to be done while the crafting menu is open. New icons look so much better, and some of the other bug fixes and tweaks are pretty awesome. Keep up the good work, Regards, Glermz
  5. Since we going to have to deal with Varglets spawning hounds, can we please adress 2 things that have been forever weird with the Vargs itself? His attacking range hitbox doesnt really match his attack visual range, he hits further way then his mouth reaches, Also Varglets still having the same problem as Vargs, they sometimes still owl after death spawning more hounds. I honestly still would have prefered to have something else and new then a Varg who calls in for more hounds. I feel this is just having more pointless mobs that have been in the game almost since its birth just for the sake of it, more annoyance rather then something new, challenging and more fun. Just my two cents on the matter. Regardless this update will be absolutely fantastic. Thanks for all the fixes. Didn't play a beta this much for a long time Edit: Mea culpa @ScottHansen : With further testing and knowing the Varglets have a CAP of how much hounds they can spawn, this is indeed less annoying than assumed, and its just same total ammount of hounds + one Varglet in a hound wave. One point still stands that would have been nice something just different, but atleast this is not as bad as first appeared and might be a good change afterall, even more considering the waves having more time between them. Would still be awesome to have the issues mentioned above with the Varg/Varglet hitbox and owl.
  6. From the stand point of everything that was announced here, honestly 10/10. More stuff than expected and honestly the UI felt even better than what i was expecting when i saw the screenshot. AG fight still easy but atleast more fun, enganging and better looking, his loot re-worked which is awesome too. Wolfgang changes are actually pretty great, even for someone like me who still misses his speed, but atleast his Mightness feels almost as easy to obtain and maintain as previously. With all of that said, since it doesn't appear on the patch notes, is it intended that a Warg spawns with hounds everytime after day 100+ ? If so, can we get any insight on why this change happened? Keep up the great work, Best Regards, Glermz
  7. New Guardian looking super scary, loving it. I also hope this re-work means his loot will be re-worked too? Maybe removing resources and items that aren't even used or crafted with the Pseudo Station, like red/blue gems, ice staffs, firestaffs, etc?. Maybe even a buff and some QoL changes on the Houdious Shootious? Looking foward to this Beta, wasn't expecting a "New" boss fight and i welcome it with open arms!
  8. Thank you very much for this roadmap. Super excited that things are already getting planned for 2023. 2 Years of almost monthly updates it's huge. Keep up the incredible work Klei team. I think DST will have his big time soon enough.
  9. This is awesome Scott. Can we have it for Celestial Champion phase 2? We can stucklock him the entire phase without him casting nothing else besides the first spin and first gesalts. Thanks. Ps. I can provide gif if needed.
  10. Server is crashing, happen two times, after i disconnected from it. (dedicated server) server_log.txt server_log_2021-08-13-13-45-00.txt
  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR the figs! Incredible stuff!