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  1. a) 24/7 streamers for months. b) Viewbotting hundreds, in some cases a thousand viewers, to be able to be the number #1 and get the foot traffic of people who just want to get the skin. c) Using a & b to be able to spam ad's on cooldown. These were problems other categories, Valorant & LoL faced that made twitch take action and enforce it. But since DST is not of that magnitude, no action from Twitch as ever occured, so this continued to be the case for an entire year. Just like those categories were getting associated with just being an Ad fest, VOD fest & Viewbot fest, those are now associated with DST category which led many to not stay and kept preventing many to come. Not even going to mentioned the rest because it's not game/drop related.
  2. I doubt that we will even get a Partner Program, which i still think would be the best way of avoiding people exploting the category and drops, but i absolutely agree that being a Twitch Partner should never be a requirement. There are plenty of people who play the game Drops or no Drops, partnered or not partnered and those should have a chance to get the Drops. With that said the Sea of Thieves Partner program doesnt require you to be a Partner, in fact, a lot of the SoT streamers got partnered after getting into their partner program. As someone who has raided and continues to raid a lot new and non partnered streamers, specially finding some streamers with only 2 viewers who are experiencing dst for the first time, i know how much impact a boost in viewership can make, but at the same time, drops available to everyone the way it was will create the same kind problems with it. In the end that will most likely continue to happen, view botters will continue to exploit the system, twitch will keep not doing anything because the category is not big enough for them to care, and streamers who left or gave up on DST because of it will continue to stay out of it and more will join them. I can say with 100% clear mind, if DST category will ever be exploited the way it was, i will stand agaisnt it . I will refuse to help even further giving projection to people who really show they only care about the game because of it's drops. Either have a system to avoid people exploiting drops and bringing bad rep to the category and other streamers or just don't have drops at all. And this is coming for someone who despite being partnered before drops, got a huge boost of growth from drops. Still what was happenning was too much and i will not want to be part of it again. Best Regards, Glermz.
  3. Thank you so very much for this. Can't stress enough how the Dont Starve Together category needed this. Came faster than expected but also not surprising taking in consideration what has been happening. Love you all and thank you so much for your extremly hard work on this <3
  4. I was only able to see the update this morning and i do love the fact that the walls are looking less tilted but there are still a few things, in my opinion, that dont look as good as the previous walls and fences. Here is an image. Both the fences and the smaller walls stay in front ruining some of the prespective. I dont know if this is fixable easily or not but i wanted to point it out regardless.
  5. Can't describe how amazing this is. Thank you. edit: I dont seem to be able to push the update @Jason, is it actually live on steam?
  6. No need to be sorry. More than understandable Joe
  7. Simple, Moon Altar Craft 3x Moon Glass + Spore = lightbulb of that color. 3x Moon Glass + Lightbulb = White lightbulb. Perment light bulbs while using and farming the intended game mechanics. edit: Idea based on a suggestion from a viewer of mine, LegoKirbyTwin during a stream.
  8. Thanks @JoeW Another awesome looking drop with an amazing patch!
  9. Scott thank you very much. This is really phenomenal, i can't wait again to have this on Live! The overcrowding seems a really smart way to deal with the 4x4 without taking away the 3x3 easy tilling. Thank you again for all the work and fast changes/fixes You all have been beyond awesome this year!
  10. Lmao i got a notification from your quote oh well what i stated is still okay haha
  11. What is OP about it? First i said the tile nerf is okay as long as the 3x3 actually works. Second untill you get into the giant growth formulas you had to put work for it and in the end you have to think that this ingridients are competing with many other fillers that are waaaaaaay easier to gather. I love the new Farming but DST is still a game outside of it, if you end up having to put so much work into it will defeat its purpose.
  12. Im going to be completely honest as i always am. I think farming was perfect as the previous patch. If we going to start to have to invest so much time into growing stuff, add even more complexity, it will end up being something fun for a while and then something we ditch in the end, and that would be really sad in such an awesome content update. The tiles nerf is totally okay as long as we can do the 9 per square easily, which aint happening at all.
  13. Thank you for all these 3 lines. Really awesome changes, specially the book of-course. Stone Bushes for stone farm will be missed for sure, but i understand its the best comprise possible. I promisse next time i will not make jokes. Thank you Klei Dev Team, can't wait for this patch to go live!