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  1. Hello everyone, I never change World settings, except to disable disease (thank you @V2C ) and part of the reason is that most of the World settings kind destroy the world itself. If you put Mobs or Resources to More or Lots they will appear all over the world instead of the biomes they belong too. A nice change would be to actually have the Resources spawn in the biomes they belong, like, if you Increase Reeds there will be more in the Swamp if it's cactus we will have more in the desert, same as goats, More beef means we have more of them in the Savanah and so on. I would really love to see some changes in this since now that I've been doing a 16 player Server and might even go bigger for the new content this would be a nice touch. Feel free to give your ideas, Best Regards, Glermz.
  2. @V2C YOU LIED TO ME WITH THE BALLOONS. HOW DARE YOU!!! ps. One day Wes will pop in your dreams and you will be scared for life.
  3. Pig City Build in RoG PogChamp
  4. I guess wigfrids are mad. GL for the next character.
  5. @Bigfoot @V2C No adjustments. WORTOX IS PERFECT. Please no nerfs. Me begs
  6. Hello everyone, It has been a while since I've posted either a picture or video of one of my bases so here it is. After around 5 months, 500+ hours of twitch streams, I've reached a point where it was ok to share a base tour, as I believe this is my best base yet. Hope you all will enjoy the video. Best Regards, Glermz.
  7. Thank you @Jason I can finally sleep in peace with those owls fix!!
  8. Tbh i wanted this. Healing trough ash was just too easy and cheesy. I still love that the character requires to play differently from any other, especially early game, and ashe was destroying that part. I would still like something more than speed on the blooming phase, perhaps self light would be an interesting mechanic to counter all the hardcore mechanics he have. Still its a really fun character that i'm enjoying a lot to play with. I'm up to give him even more goodies, but not to buff what makes him hard to play.
  9. Howdy, i forgot yesterday the forum, yes i actually have 2 saves with the same issue so i just sent them to Hugo. Hope you can fix it
  10. : Video:
  11. Ok one resource is not the same but its just a color change. They can easily make it like that.
  12. Hey @V2C , thank you for this addition, but i was wondering if you have any plans to add a version of the Shovel and Axe Skin to the Gold ones ? I love their Design, is just sad its only used within the first few days, don't even get to use the shovel one, since i always go for the gold one right way
  13. @V2C i still can't create my own server, always fails to determain my location? Am i being targeted ?
  14. Wes Memes: The Saga

    Stop this Madness. Wes is Real, not a Meme.
  15. Hey everyone. Make sure you know, before buying, that you will need too order 2 servers to be abble to have UpWorld+Caves. Also customer feedback is pretty slow and the tutorials to connected servers are very unclear. Consider instead on buying a dedicated machine that will be cheaper and more eficiente than buying two cheap servers with low CPU clock and tickrate. Just my two cents after trying out there service. Bottom line spend almost 30€ for a very good server that will sit unused till the end of the month, because nobody wants to play without caves (: Never making that mistake again. Just be advised when you order. Best Regards, Glermz