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Often Killed By?

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I find that new stat interesting :D

My top 3 is:

1. Terrorbeak 12.8%

2. Bunnyman 10.3%

3. Ancient Fuelweaver 7.7%

got over 2500 hours in this game, so i guess it's pretty relevant. It's funny how my many failed FW attempts made him top 3 tho

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Actually it's a nice feature, but sadly it does only count the deaths from your longest runs (unless they did change it recently), which means that if you start a new world whenever you play DST, your 'Often Killed By' won't update at all if you don't manage to play for longer than you did play the last time.


My list:


Flint: Leftovers of an official minigame I did play.
Pig Man: Don't remember anymore, I did either suicide myself towards the pigs before I left or it was caused by accident.
Fire: Just an old habit for rollbacks. If a rollback is happening then I burn myself just for fun.

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Starvation is often my way to say "goodbye" when I'm leaving a public server, especially when a Warly is on this server.
But I really don't remember ever been killed by a Depths Worm. I've met them maybe 2 or 3 times, always just leaving them behind.

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Moslings: 15.4%

Terrorbeak: 15.4%

Freezing: 7.7%

Other: 61.5%

i don't know how, i rarely get to spring before i either abandon/delete/leave the server....

...although i do have an uncompromising world that likely gave maxwell rollback vertigo because i kept on dying and i was just so determined to beat moose goose on that day. 

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Here's mine:


I have over 800 hours in this game but I still cannot kill Deerclops, despite my best efforts. As a Webber main, I'm bombarded with shadows whenever anything else is going wrong, hence why that is such a high percentage. As for hounds? No idea, honestly.

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Apparently I have a good REASON to be paranoid about getting caught by hound waves while out and about.  I'm pretty damn sure the "freezing" being (tied for) the top spot is because of DOUBLE deaths in winter--you know, like when you respawn at a touchstone with nothing burnable nearby and no warm clothing? or possibly also SURPRISE! spring freezing. 

I'm really morbidly curious as to what the beep the "Other" is, though...


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1 hour ago, Viktor234 said:

I don't see any hints about 'Death by Drowning' in regular DST, this list appears to be modded.

You used to just straight up die when your boat broke and you were on it. Now you just lose some items and are teleported to the shore.

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