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  1. It appears I had a similar idea to use that skin when creating my Wortox outfit. I don't generally use combined top-and-bottom pieces, but Wortox's tails are the perfect excuse:
  2. I'd imagine the only people that could give you the sales figures are Klei themselves, should they be kind enough to divulge that if you asked, and maybe Steam, though I'm not sure if they would hear about in game sales or who the heck you would even ask to get that information. Given the enormity of Steam though it would probably be a waste of time to ask. As for my personal take, I don't think it really matters how many units they sell since they've put work into making the content and it can stay in the store as long as they want it to. Klei most likely is just sharing the love around with the characters and Winona just happened to get lucky, since the only characters that get the least skins are ones that require multiple designs, like Wormwood, and the ones that have been added past the main 12 in the last year or two.
  3. aaaaaa I remember this that was so long ago now. The hecking Jury-Rigged Portal.
  4. It's Super Starve Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Wii!! Every other survivor but Wilson is $5 post-release DLC. Doydoy mains rise up!
  5. I last posted on this thread nearly a year ago, wow. My new main look is this: And I updated my rebel look with the old one relegated to gladiator, which suits it better I think. Occasionally I use this look too.
  6. I made up a nice look for my Victorian Webber. I use this outfit whenever I play Webber, so basically whenever I play lol I also found a nice look for Hallowed Webber, though I don't have the head skin yet :'(