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  1. I traded in some excess commons and classies and got an Heirloom Distinguished Woodie body so for this year at least the costumes are still available this way.
  2. I must agree that buying anything on the Steam market is essentially an exercise in speculation (like the stock market) and that items can and do fluctuate in price. There are two main factors at play for why the cauldron price dropped: Heirloom rarity and Hallowed Nights. Heirloom rarity tends to drop an item's price simply because a new weavable Elegant version is available, which tanks demand because now people don't need to buy it on the market to get. For example, the lifetime sales history of Wendy's Guest of Honor: That massive price drop of nearly A$40 coincides almost perfectly with the date of Wendy's rework and the weavable skin becoming available. Hallowed Nights exclusive unweavables always have a price drop when Hallowed Nights is activated, since the supply goes up. Creepy Cauldron sales: Where the price has dipped every October and slowly rebuilds until the next October. Your Cauldron has dropped in price because of both factors. For Hallowed Nights skins especially, if you ever wanted to buy them before now, buying them closer to the end of Hallowed Nights, when the price has bottomed for the year, was the best choice. Unfortunately, you probably bought it at an inopportune time, and now that it has gone Heirloom, the value won't quite recover. Again, that's just how the market speculation game works. The Steam market tends to overprice rarer items, so you must be aware that anything you buy that costs more than about A$1-2 could be anywhere from an amazing investment to a total loss monetarily.
  3. I agree with others that the walls look too primitive to be acceptable nowadays. If they had an aesthetic improvement I would be all for it as it would give the caves more character than they currently have. I actually remember when the caves had walls because the version of Don't Starve that video was filmed on is probably the same version that I played DS on for the first time. I don't remember them being that dodgy, but I do remember that at that time dying in the caves would respawn you at the entrance and for Willow at least a new lighter would appear in your inventory. Interesting times.
  4. It appears I had a similar idea to use that skin when creating my Wortox outfit. I don't generally use combined top-and-bottom pieces, but Wortox's tails are the perfect excuse:
  5. Woah what happened while I was gone? We were just over 100 when I last saw this thread. You guys really went all out.
  6. tbh I only used Google Translate because I don't really have a way of typing those characters. I could try a Japanese keyboard but that would take some research and experimentation to find what I want. Also,
  7. I like this game too, so take my contribution: 四十八
  8. I'd imagine the only people that could give you the sales figures are Klei themselves, should they be kind enough to divulge that if you asked, and maybe Steam, though I'm not sure if they would hear about in game sales or who the heck you would even ask to get that information. Given the enormity of Steam though it would probably be a waste of time to ask. As for my personal take, I don't think it really matters how many units they sell since they've put work into making the content and it can stay in the store as long as they want it to. Klei most likely is just sharing the love around with the characters and Winona just happened to get lucky, since the only characters that get the least skins are ones that require multiple designs, like Wormwood, and the ones that have been added past the main 12 in the last year or two.
  9. Obligatory meaning of life, the universe and everything.
  10. That's rubidium! Alkali metals are neat because they explode when they touch water. Now, allow me to follow it up with