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  1. Wigfrid Appreciation Club

    Okay now, club fees everyone, put it here please.
  2. make a gigantic burial site with 1 million twigs, and lure a bunch of animals inside and burn it.
  3. A picture of new receipes from youtuber Jazzy
  4. Since new DLC is free, I don't think the game is that profitable based on selling just skins and characters (you can still get them free if you play a lot). Therefore, they must have limited manpower in developing the new content. If somehow they can make the game more profitable in an acceptable manner to players, they will be able to allocate more personnel to DST development, new content will be so much faster. It is hideously slow right now in pushing new content XD, just take my money and do it twice faster with twice many people on the job. lol Overall, I think DST has become a mascot of Klei, for popularity not for money, cos after so many years, most of people who ever gonna play have alread had a copy. It's a one time purchase. They always talked about the option 1 for the sake of player base, but player base will be reduced either way. 1. Free DLC: Pro: Do not separate player base; New contents are free. Cons: New content coming up very slowly (yearly most likely); Some players get bored quitting -> smaller player base Klei's perspective: The game might not be sustainable, for paying their expenses from the selling skins for fewer and fewer players, but it promotes the company's popularity. 2. Paid DLC: Pros: Faster in publishing new content; Player pays a few dollars to get new content every a few months (less than 5 dollars most likely when on sale). Cons: Some decide not to buy the new content -> smaller player base Klei's persepctive: Paid DLC can increase Klei's revenue from DST, whihc can increase the longevity of the game. Changing from free DLC to paid DLC will make some player MAD.
  5. The Legendary Leviathan.

    If there is a monster ahead, you may want to defeat it, but... when you reach the end of the map (the fog appears like in shipwrech), it pops up a message "immediate danger ahead, your monitor will shut off, and your computer will explode", that may stop you.
  6. I'm worried about Klei

    the new buffs are preparing players for what are coming... disasters and formidable new bosses
  7. massive seasoned food production is expected, bundled up for years to come.
  8. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    spare 4-6 bunny hutches to build a spider farm, then you will have enough bee hats for each bunny every time bee queen respawns.
  9. Wormwood is Now Live!

    regardless of wormwood's abilities, she is really pretty
  10. Secretly watch James Bucket's videos
  11. Wormwood Arrives June 6th!

    I usually plan 90 trees a time, and it took one summer day time with 8-10 pig helpers to cut them all down, or two daylight time during winter. You can't hire a helper to mine nitre for you unless you are Maxwell. Even if you wait for the autumn and lure bearger to do the work by destroying petrified trees, it more than often gets killed by excessively spawned tree guards when he destroyed other trees in the process. The effort spent to farm 75 trees and 25 Nitre are NOT the same, not even close. you probably can get 2 stacks or less of Nitres from one big rocky biome, that's nothing. If you have two domesticated beeflos, it can last for 200 days. If you use endothermic Fire, it will consume faster, well, you may never use morning star or gun powder or even booster shot, but FYI, the bath bomb from the new update also requires Nitre. Well, it isn't without a solution though, if you run a gigantic moleworm farm, you can farm a stack of nitre in less than half an hour. But, still, if I could heal using non food item during a battle, I might, only if the boss gives me enough time to apply them, I highly doubt that. Use or not to use the food item to heal is your option, the rest of us would like to have both options open. Once it launches, there will probably be no rectification until years later.
  12. Wormwood Arrives June 6th!

    I think inability to heal from food changed into can only heal from raw or cooked vegetables (not a recipe produced by crock pot) should be more appropriate, that gives a purpose for planting extra amount of seeds when playing alone. Some veggies consumed do give 20 hp, it can be useful for fighting. Compost wrap should be changed into using for other purposes.
  13. Wormwood Arrives June 6th!

    That could be a solution