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  1. Look at that curve... it's so erotic.
  2. the moon

    You are all wrong, I had a bite... I was hungry.
  3. Have no motivation to start game anymore, except to claim daily gifts. Time to add 20 more islands, and 100 more bosses to kill. ;p
  4. To pee or not to pee, Dangerous appears to be, Fire, hounds, darkness, Run, faster my friend, speed is the key.
  5. Wilson Update

    Apart from his magnificent beard, rework will also grant Wilson with magnificent body hair
  6. [Poll] Domestication

    Domesticate him, ride on this sexy body~
  7. what if swimming will be allowed?

    You sure there is enough space?
  8. What I want and really really what, is a helicopter
  9. Wormwood is Now Live!

    regardless of wormwood's abilities, she is really pretty
  10. Yes, the hair color changed.
  11. [Poll] Lucy the Axe

    Once upon a time, Woodie~ THE Man
  12. Why did I click on WES again? I swear it's not personal!