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  1. By this logic we should just lump red and blue gems together too. They're both used in similar recipes and obtained in similar ways. They even look almost the same, it's just that one is blue and the other is red. But they both represent different things, and have different properties. Just like with marble and moonstone.
  2. Seems unlikely. Most of these look like a white moonrock. I remember Klei wanting to differentiate marble and moonstone as the two used to look kinda similar. Although the one in the middle actually looks like it could be actual marble. That one might still be used sometime in the future. I think it would be nice if chunks of marble started spawning in the caves.
  3. Maxwell already died to advance the story.
  4. The spiders are living inside a queen's mutated carcass. If anything I would have thought that would be more offensive then the hounds and pengulls.
  5. Bundling wrap exists already. They obviously don't care about the spoiling mechanic anymore. So why is this a problem?
  6. They'll either release it when RoT is finished entirely, or they'll do what they did with ANR and release it in a couple chunks when it's a little more feature complete.
  7. I've seen this happen before the beta. Although I encountered a slurper and a single patch of lichen.
  8. The moon glass axe might have less durability, but it's waaaaay more efficient then a normal axe. A normal axe can cut down 6 fully grown trees, and the moon glass can chop 13. And that's on top of it chopping trees in fewer hits as well.
  9. Wormwood skins?

    Roses are spiky too.
  10. Tips for finding the island?

    I've found that it helps to explore the entire main island first (Or at least the basic outline anyway). Then from there you can look for large amounts of unexplored areas and sail around in kind of a grid searching method to find it. Open your map now and then too. If you see shallow waters when you're not near the main island, you're likely very close.
  11. The issue isn't that we want useless junk items, it's more that you want to remove/combine items that don't warrant it. You want to remove nitre when it's already used for salt licks, gunpowder, endothermic fires, Winona's generators, and when Wormwood gets here, compost wraps. In the beta, it's an even more valuable resource as it's used in the creation of renewable moon glass. Stingers? Yeah, sure. It's only used in what... 2, 3 recipes no one really uses? I don't think anyone would miss them much. Moonstone and marble? They're completely different minerals. One mundane and the other has magical properties. Combining the two would be getting rid of a lot of established lore. Klei's been hinting at the moon's involvement in the story almost as long as DST has been around. And now the moon is the major focus of the new content, I'm sure moonstone will get even more uses soon. Hounds teeth and bone shards? Sure, why not? They're gonna pile up either way.
  12. He already loses hunger at a faster rate when he's blooming.
  13. They likely didn't make it a critter for the same reason they didn't make a grass gekko critter. It would be adorable overload.
  14. You'll likely need to make a new world once it hits the main branch.
  15. If skins were added in the beta, then they would need to be added to the main branch as well. Otherwise you would have issues with people getting skins in the beta that no longer work when they go to the main branch. So it seems very unlikely there are any beta exclusive skins.