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  1. The sanity loss could be toned down when other players (or Maxwell's puppets) directly chop down a tree. Otherwise, just run away when mass forest murder occurs. It wouldn't be much worse then Wolfgang with his wimpy, normal and mighty form.
  2. I think it's less about the rights and more about it clashing with the lore. Adding in Pyro mean that TF2 would be canon within the DS/T universe, and that just mucks up the lore by introducing unrelated elements.
  3. About new characters

    Looking at the recent character changes in Hamlet... I think they're on the right track of making interesting characters.
  4. question about elegants

    Classic curio chests give 4 drops from the normal drop pool. They sometimes drop during events. And some of the older, tradable event items get added into the normal drop pool during the event. So it's even possible to get event items from a classic curio chest.
  5. *Puts marsh turf under the portal/in base* *Uses On Tentacles* Anti-griefing measure defeated.
  6. items that need rework

    Even as Willow, it's still bad. The sanity drain still applies, so you're getting less sanity from it then you would from a normal fire that uses more abundant fuels. (And completely off topic: I find it a little amusing that someone named Booklover mains Willow and not Wickerbottom.)
  7. Which Skins are the Best?

    The best skin is obviously the pleated shirt. Sorry, someone had to do it. I'm just surprised it wasn't done earlier.
  8. The best way to restore your sanity is to kill your best friend, then resurrect them with a telltale heart. If you're using other methods of sanity restoration, then you're doing it wrong.
  9. Slurtle mounds should also have some kind of regrowth mechanic. Just about everything else in DST is renewable, but these somehow got missed.
  10. Spiderhats exist.
  11. What makes you say that? We know literally nothing about how she's going to be reworked.
  12. About the 2019 plan

    They could always just fix out of bounds exploits by killing players similar to how drowning works in SW.
  13. The effect that makes all the red glowy bits in the ruins applies to anything that's red and some shades of purple. This can be seen in a few other skins, as well as on depth worms. So it's not an effect specific to the tesla coil lantern itself.
  14. There are several different drops rates for each bundle. The first one is guaranteed a life amulet, gold and some charcoal. The next one has a 50% chance of having another life amulet, then has a gold nugget and charcoal. The third one has a 10% chance at containing a krampus sack, then has another gold nugget and some more charcoal. The 4th one is where it gets interesting. The boss loot isn't all just one drop table. It's actually three different drop tables wrapped into one bundle. The items in each drop table have equal chances of being dropped, and you'll always get one. The exception of giant_loot3, as that one is rolled twice. Here are the drop tables if you're interested: During Winter's Feast they will be in gift wraps instead of bundles, and you'll get two extra gifts. One contains two electric milk and 8 cookies. The other contains a various assortment of ornaments. The loot stash will also respawn at any season during the event as well. If I'm wrong about any of this, someone please correct me. It seems to line up with what I've experienced ingame, but I'm not very experienced with reading the code. I could have very easily made mistakes.