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  1. I've seen red hounds during the first autumn before. Although it's extremely rare. I've only seen it a few times personally. .
  2. Character Modding help

    @ImDaMisterL *Turns on the bat L signal* This seems to be in the wrong section.
  3. Seems a little unnecessary to me. Just use an eyebrella, or an umbrella and just about any other hat. Personally, I'd rather just see beeswax removed and have the wax paper crafted using the honeycomb itself. Refining it always felt completely pointless if 1 honeycomb = 1 beeswax.
  4. Dang, that's a good counter argument. I liked this theory, but you make some excellent points there.
  5. What is this? The Forge? Team composition isn't really that important in the base game. I was just simply pointing out a character synergy, even if it is a bit niche.
  6. Defending werebeaver is only one part of why Maxwell is there. He's digging up stumps and collecting at the same time. His strength is mostly with his ability to multitask, and Woodie is good at exclusively chopping. Take a look at the video in the OP. Again, Maxwell's strength is in his ability to multitask while Woodie surpasses him in the actual chopping aspect. Now I don't have much experience with 2 Maxwell's chopping (I've only done this once or twice before), but I do have experience with Woodie+Max. I could be completely wrong on this, but it seems like the Woodie+Max was faster then Max+Max.
  7. There's a very overlooked character synergy going on here. If you combine both of their strengths you end up with a very powerful, forest destroying duo. Woodie focuses on chopping, and Max uses a digger while he collects the logs and defends Woodie when he's a werebeaver.
  8. It's possible the forums update we got a while back just handles banned accounts differently.
  9. Make bunny puffs a fuel

    Holy crap, you actually can do that! I didn't think it would be possible so I decided to try that ingame to see if it would work, and to my surprise it actually did! My mind was blown today.
  10. Funny story. In the current world I have going with friends, I think I've actually given away more of my amulets then I've actually used for myself. Although I will admit I'm likely using up more healing salve then anyone else...
  11. I'm guessing it was due to constant disruption.
  12. Isn't that just how the internet works?
  13. I think I would rather have the on/off switch. If the puppets were universal like they were in DS then it would work well, but I like how they work automatically in DST. It leaves me free to focus on the collecting and treeguards.
  14. Mini base showcase

    Why would you be so paranoid? If you have a small and compact base then you should be able to protect everything with just a flingo or two.
  15. Ignoring the stumps just means you're losing out on potential resources. That extra log per tree really starts to add up.