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  1. Hype for hamlet?

    It won't be outdated once Hamlet hits. And it'll bring back a lot of players with the new content. So yes, hype. Hype for the revival of a game we all thought was just going to die and wither away.
  2. Hype for hamlet?

    But... we know it's called Hamlet. And it has pigs. That's something. Not much, but it's still something. =Þ
  3. The general health of characters

    "All my joints... are cracking!" -Maxwell
  4. Is Hamlet Seriously Not Part of Together?

    I don't know. I think about 1,700 people would disagree with you.
  5. I hope that's the case. The wording made it sound like Steam made their own currency instead of using real money. I'd hate to go about buying games in such a roundabout manner like that.
  6. That... could actually be really neat. Klei could give a unique spin on these old bosses and include new blueprints and items using their normal drops.
  7. Her GoH looks pretty similar to Charlie. I think the closest we'll actually get to a playable Charlie in the base game is Winona's GoH and the shadow gown.
  8. I love the Klei forums. All it takes is a couple of puns and an entire thread can get derailed.
  9. Special Traits for The Forge

    I just hope they use this as an opportunity to experiment with Maxwell's duelists. It could lead to something that could benefit the base game itself. Cause they're pretty useless otherwise. Well, for their intended purpose anyway.
  10. Is Hamlet Seriously Not Part of Together?

    I don't know. Those bunnymen are intelligent enough to speak and have morals. Kinda seems like a step up from the pigs.
  11. Officially, I doubt it. Wouldn't make much sense seeing as she was brought in during Charlie's reign. But I wouldn't be surprised if she shows up in a mod soon.
  12. The Forge Group-Up Thread

    The only way to win at forge is to stop Mojang from breaking everything...
  13. Well I see that someone has never played Darkest Dungeon or Monster Hunter Stories. Turn-based fights can be fun if done right. It's just that a lot of them aren't.
  14. The Forge Group-Up Thread

    We've still got over a month to go before the forge is released. Seems a bit early for something like this.