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  1. If Wes is to ever get some benefical perks, they should only benefit other players and never himself. This way he can be "useful" while also retaining his core concept of being a "hardmode" character.
  2. I think what would really make or break this idea is the drain rate. I'm not really opposed to it, but I think balancing it would be too much of a tightrope walk. Either the drain is negated entirely by sanity clothing, or it's clothing plus gorging on sanity food. Having it only take max sanity seems a lot simpler in my opinion.
  3. Regardless of how he's being used, it would still feel a little irritating for someone you don't know to rummage around inside without asking first.
  4. Night lights use gems and nightmare fuel to make a shadow fire out of the fuel that produces only light, and no heat. How is that not magic?
  5. The more I think about it, the more I realize that Walter is the perfect beginner character. New players often struggle with combat, sanity and inventory management. Walter does a good job of making these a bit less of an issue so they can focus on learning other things first like health, hunger and surviving weather conditions. I think Klei made the right choice by making him free.
  6. Ya know, I was kinda worried that Walter's slingshot would trivialize combat, but it's really not that bad. It's more of a slower, safer option to combat, but it's long windup animation (that you can't cancel out of) and fairly short range can still put you in danger if you're not careful. I think Klei did a good job of making it useful, but not too overpowered.
  7. That moment when you realize Walter's short contained more lore for Woodie then his actual short did.
  8. This is less of a meme and more of an excuse to continue getting threads off topic. Make your own threads instead of trying to hijack existing ones.
  9. I'm incredibly excited about this. Title screens that required you to "push start" before going to the main menu always felt really redundant.
  10. I'm jealous of all you. I'm still stuck with my 0.5G tower...
  11. Time for purple gems to move out of the way for the new eyeball meta
  12. This is ideal male fashon. You might not like it, but this is what peak dapperness looks like. Fun fact: this is 19.78 sanity per minute.
  13. That is extraordinarily specific. I'm really curious as to how this set of events caused a crash.