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  1. Not entirely true. Deerclops existed before RoG.
  2. Honestly, the celestial altar, and the only source of glass, are the reasons to return to the island. It's pretty much the same thing as the ruins. Given time, I'm sure more will be added to the altar to make it more appealing to visit the island. I can't imagine an axe and mediocre weapon being the only functional things to be crafted there.
  3. I feel like it would be better if interacted with the world more. Right now pretty much all it does is change the state of obelisks and rabbits/bunnymen. It could easily be turned into a risk and reward mechanic by making the world more dangerous, but offering new materials for more useful magic items.
  4. That could be kinda neat actually. Turning it into a "rechargeable" weapon would make it quite interesting and unique. That would be pretty neat, but it would be absurdly powerful to have lunacy off the island, especially in the ruins.
  5. I feel like a simple hambat can do what the cutter does, but better.
  6. Alright. Let me revise my statement then: You presented a suggestion to give the glass cutter a new purpose instead of fixing it's current one, and it was generally disliked. Let's just leave it at that so we can all move on already.
  7. @Mike23Ua I think it's time to drop it. This is no longer about the glass cutter and it's now about "winning" an internet argument. Turning this into a discussion about the "meta" doesn't change anything, especially when there's so few options that it's hard not to follow the "meta". You're just trying to deflect criticism by saying that following the "meta" is bad and being "anti-meta" is good. You presented a suggestion to change the glass cutter from a weapon to a tool, and it was generally disliked. Let's just leave it at that. There's no need to fight tooth and nail defending it.
  8. Kinda ironic considering you want to add in an unnecessary, intermediary step into harvesting moon glass.
  9. The best part is that it's not entirely just decoration. It looks to be a functional (in)sanity station too.
  10. What's really the point? Most achievements are pretty much the equivalent of getting a golden star sticker in preschool.
  11. The problem is that it's purpose is already defined. It's an anti-shadow weapon. Adding in a new mob won't suddenly make it more viable.
  12. If we're talking about the content in general, I think the glass cutter needs a buff. It's meant to be a weapon to combat shadows, however it's really not as good as a dark sword or hambat. The hambat has unlimited durability, and the dark sword passively drains sanity to make farming fuel easier. Not to mention you're also gathering the main ingredient for dark swords as you use them against shadows. If it could deal more damage to shadows, then it might be worth considering. But as of now, it's outdone by items that already exist, and are more accessible.
  13. This content is still in the middle of being developed, so I think it's too early to say it needs to be "fixed". Now with that being said, I'm not opposed to the idea of merging the two celestial tabs together. It always felt like the orb should have been apart of the altar.
  14. I saw this one about a week ago on a pub. It's rare, but it's not exclusive to DS.
  15. I quite enjoy how the boats work in DST. It's a lot more interesting then SW's "normal movement, but with momentum". The only thing I dislike about boating overall, is simply the lack of content. But RoT isn't finished yet, so I'm sure more ocean content is on it's way.