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  1. It might be a long shot, but I'm hoping Hamlet is gonna be kinda like a dungeon crawler (with randomly generating jungle and ruins) with some light village management. I think something like that could be pretty fun thrown in with DS's survival aspects.
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I think Klei is having issues with images on the forums. I've been seeing a lot of broken images lately. @JoeW Are you guys aware of this?
  3. Huh. I was certain the low heels were part of the set. We should start a riot. This is unacceptable.
  4. Every vote should have been for Wes. You're right. It's unfair to put Wes in a list like this. He should be removed and the poll should be asking for the second best character. In all seriousness though, I actually voted Wes due to the wording of the more obvious choices.
  5. I thought the low heels were part of the set.
  6. The 2nd part of the poll looks a little biased to be honest. I'm seeing votes for some rather... lackluster... characters by the same people who voted them as being their favorite. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a bad things playing as characters that are generally considered to be underpowered. It just seems a little unrealistic to think of them as "best".
  7. Poor Wes. He currently has no votes for favorite character.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I think this thread has officially become Willow memes.
  9. Could you elaborate? Both of them are capable of smashing structures in their way. I don't see how this could be considered an exploit for one of them, and not both.
  10. Or it could mean they overestimated when it would be finished. Personally, I prefer a more loose release date for games. That way the developers can release it whenever they feel like it's ready.
  11. [?] Disable Twiggy Trees HOW??

    Personally, I've never needed a twig farm. I just pickup a couple twigs as I'm moving from point A to point B and I end up with a chest completely filled with them in no time. But that's not to say that farming them is wrong or anything. I just find that actually farming them to be a hassle due to efficiently using them requires a lot of space. I personally just find it easier to collect twigs out in the wilderness. I doubt this is an actual thing. They do stop dropping twigs when there's 3 already nearby, but I've never had one wither and completely stop producing twigs altogether. Every world I've seen would be filled with withered trees if that was the case. 1 axe costs a single twig (and a piece of flint of course). You can chop down 6 fully grown twiggy trees with a single axe. That's a profit of 11 twigs. I find it to be more of a waste of time then sticks. Now this I can 100% agree with you on. TTs in the early game are just terrible. Survival in these worlds often require you to find the dfly desert pretty quickly. But you're wrong on one thing: You can actually change your starting resources. Change your starting resource variety to classic. This will make it so you always begin with grass tufts and saplings. Although this will not stop twiggy trees from popping up from world regrowth. It just stops you from starting with grass gekkos or TTs.
  12. [?] Disable Twiggy Trees HOW??

    Huh, I never remember twiggy trees in the Forge. They must have all burnt away before I could see them. @ImDaMisterL Show us your moderator magic. Joking about the thread's misplacement aside, twiggy trees are actually quite amazing. Aside from potential performance issues, I don't see why you'd want to disable them. Just pick up some twigs as your'e walking around and you'll have chests overflowing with them in no time. I never saw the point in making twig farms since since twiggy trees started dropping twigs simply by existing. Although, in all fairness, Klei really does need to add an option to disable resource variants. Even though they are extremely powerful, there are people who show up from time to time complaining about them. More world customization options never hurt anyone.
  13. You might want to go check the date of that post you're replying to...