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  1. why does bee queen have to have 22500 hp like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? i got her to around 14600 hp with the help of some bunnymen. well for a first try it didn't went that bad
  2. this was my first time playing as maxwell and i almost froze to death
  3. the worst part about this scam is that for people that are dumb like me it's convincing. BUT THANKFULLY THE SCAMMERS ARE DUMB TOO and make a fatal mistakes sometimes when they succeeded in convinving people and then they get too cocky and make the mistake
  4. meh the style is okay and the concept is also okay but the characters and new mobs are just ugly
  6. i think it's an interesting downside but it's one of the weirdest downsides in the game
  7. UH OH- looks like wormwood had enough of the people that steal his seeds !
  8. Sand Spike - 12.8% Spider - 7.7% Darkness - 7.7 when i looked at it I remembered my suffering with antlion