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  1. Screenshot showcase

    Moose Goose has been chasing gobbler for most of the day
  2. Screenshot showcase

    My first ever dragonfly kill
  3. Screenshot showcase

    this is going to be my nightmare
  4. Wurt shipped with webber?

    I just want them to love each other as a boyfriend and girlfriend. NOTHING ELSE
  5. Showing off your outfits [2]

    True vampire gentleman GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD FLESHLINGS
  6. Why do you play as your main?

    I mostly main Webber. Ever since i unlocked him in RoG (which took 4 save files that ended around day 12,i was bad) I love his design,quotes and his gameplay is amazing
  7. I hope that wormwood will have werebeaver skin
  8. Maybe wetness should have special effects for characters for example: Wormwood-regenerates health when wet(small amount) Wurt- while she's not released yet they said"Being wet does not affect her strong grip" but maybe she also wouldn't lose sanity when wet
  9. ah yes..wormwood is now a monster i guess
  10. Screenshot showcase

    i found 2 gnomes and a berry in a tumbleweed.they probably had dinner
  11. Screenshot showcase

    This is the lowest amount of hp df had in my 3 attempts The white soul like thinks were bullying me at least i went to sleep with a friend