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  1. this is sad and bad news "Tencent to purchase a majority stake in Klei Entertainment" this will end bad . i really hope that you can change your mind but i doubt that i hope that at least they won't ruin don't starve Also can't wait to get communist err i mean patriotic skins to get added
  2. as a wormwood main i was so happy that he got a new skin so i saw it and was dissapointed. i was about to go to sleep but i remembered that wormwood blooms so i saw how the new skin blooms and i couldn't sleep last night. WHY WOULD YOU TURN CUTE TREE BOY INTO A MONSTER
  3. why does bee queen have to have 22500 hp like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? i got her to around 14600 hp with the help of some bunnymen. well for a first try it didn't went that bad
  4. this was my first time playing as maxwell and i almost froze to death
  6. UH OH- looks like wormwood had enough of the people that steal his seeds !
  7. Moose Goose has been chasing gobbler for most of the day