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[Game Update] - 367948


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  • Weregoose can now walk on water. (Be warned that Woodie will drown immediately if he reverts to human form over water).
  • Minor increase to Werebeaver’s digging and mining strength.
  • Increased Weremoose’s damage reduction to 90%.
  • All of Woodie’s were-forms can now last up to half a day.
  • Increased the grace period between actions before Were-meter starts speeding up.
  • Reduced food stat penalties for Woodie’s consumable Idols (now equivalent to eating a single Monster Meat).
  • Further reduced sanity drain while in were-form.
  • Fixed Woodie’s missing mullet when chopping.

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was almost gonna dismiss the walking on water thing as meaning Woodie can try wander around to find Lunar Isle and get to and from there alone but this also means Goose can now skid right over rivers barricading islands from each other

godsend klei as usual, these changes seem pretty nice

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