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  1. At least that last new DLC character they mentioned in the 2019 roadmap. Wortox, Wormwood and Wurt make 3, but the post clearly stated four. Though, I do think they were pushing themselves too hard trying to release a new character every 2 months, on top of the RoT, the reworks and seasonal content updates. That and a couple of new lore animations wouldn't hurt, just saying .
  2. I love the new skins, especially that Nordic Axe! It's not like Klei is specifically targeting my love for Skyrim or anything.
  3. [Game Update] - 384348

    Thanks for fixing the Skittersquid bug!
  4. After the most recent patch, I went to use the newly update speech files to add Skittersquid inspect lines to my mod character. When I went to test it, I found that I could only inspect the Skittersquid while it was standing still and/or attacking, the prompt didn't show up otherwise and clicking on it didn't show any dialogue. I also noticed in the speech file that the Skittersquid doesn't have a line for it being asleep, but I don't know if that's technically a bug per-say.
  5. [Game Update] - 383468

    Fantastic! I can get to writing lines for them in my mod now, thanks!
  6. I'm guessing this is why I personally imagine Wolfgang to just be the Heavy from TF2, since he has a lot of lines based off of his. The only other really strong HCs I have (besides my own mod character's) are: Wheeler sounds like Piper from Fallout 4 I imagine Wurt sounding like Pickle-Pee the crow from Dark Souls 3 WX communicates through a series of beeps and boops, but everyone is fluent enough to understand them I have no idea of the canonical implications of the Winter's Feast video, but I still like to believe Webber has a typical Victorian-era Oliver Twist style accent. Oh and Wilba is just Peppa Pig, but that's more of a joke answer.
  7. Can I show the new skin bundles if anyone's curious?
  8. [Game Update] - 380995

    I know this isn't necessarily a 'fix', but will we be getting character lines for Skittersquids?
  9. I know what this means, but I still love this patch note.
  10. I'm pretty sure Jeff designed the Curio Collector?
  11. I'm assuming this means that fish will now act like rabbits when caught? Can I keep it fed in my pockets?
  12. I got this while I was running some bug fixes on my mod, It's no creepy cauldron, but I'll take it!
  13. I've been wondering that too! The Data Mining thread said it was face 32, but that can't be right?
  14. Just checking, I was trying to add this new feature to my mod character and they don't have a face when the play the animation. Even though they have a face-32?
  15. Do you happen to know what face .png the book reading animation uses?