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  1. I really dig their designs, but I have to ask - is this guy's left eye a cybernetic replacement? Because to me it looks the skin's been peeled back.
  2. Hello, I am currently overhauling a previous character mod, which involves re-drawing all the sprites for mine. As I've moved my sprites into the game - I've noticed the colouration of the new stuff changes, and some of the detail is lost. As well as a bit of white haloing on the edges of the head. The official characters all seem to not have this issue, so what am I doing wrong here? (I'm using Clip Studio PAINT is that helps) How the new head and face look in Spriter (How I want it to look) How the character looks in game (notice the saturation weirdness and the white outline) Thanks
  3. As I went to see the new stuff added to the game's databundles file, I noticed this small change. Thank you Klei for annotating all of the new Walter-related speech lines in one spot. This has saved me a lot of time manually eyeballing which lines have been added this update. This wasn't done with Wendy's rework originally - but now her stuff is reorganised too!
  4. Looks fun! I have no idea how he'll play, though - I'm guessing he'll be heavily support orientated. I'm just curious how his slingshot will be implemented code-wise, future modding ideas perhaps? Also, I'm going to assume the comments about him being a "steam workshop character" were meant as a compliment, since there's a lot of interesting and well-made characters (not including mine lol) on there - and that's mostly thanks to how welcoming and easy-to-get-into Klei has made modding with DS/DST.
  5. I'd like to hope people enjoy it when mod's have custom speech files, or else all those days of writing would have gone to waste... It's boring at times, but it's a good opportunity to work on a character's personality and story. Though I worry that lines I write for the vanilla characters could sound out-of-character. Some of my favourites I've made have to be: My character: Lines I added to the Vanilla characters: Can you tell I had a field day writing WX's lines? XD
  6. I love the new skins, especially that Nordic Axe! It's not like Klei is specifically targeting my love for Skyrim or anything.
  7. After the most recent patch, I went to use the newly update speech files to add Skittersquid inspect lines to my mod character. When I went to test it, I found that I could only inspect the Skittersquid while it was standing still and/or attacking, the prompt didn't show up otherwise and clicking on it didn't show any dialogue. I also noticed in the speech file that the Skittersquid doesn't have a line for it being asleep, but I don't know if that's technically a bug per-say.
  8. Fantastic! I can get to writing lines for them in my mod now, thanks!
  9. Can I show the new skin bundles if anyone's curious?
  10. I know this isn't necessarily a 'fix', but will we be getting character lines for Skittersquids?
  11. I know what this means, but I still love this patch note.
  12. I'm pretty sure Jeff designed the Curio Collector?
  13. I'm assuming this means that fish will now act like rabbits when caught? Can I keep it fed in my pockets?