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  1. Looks like Luigi didn't show up to help his brother...
  2. Here's the 4 new cards from The Ctenophorian Heresy that aren't fully implemented yet (Credit to Sei Bellissima datamining the images): Thanks to RageLeague pointing out my mistake before this, XD
  3. Cheers, I dug around a little more and did manage to find them!
  4. Thanks to RageLeague for telling me these aren't the new cards added. Below is just a much older set.
  5. I just wanted to know if you were okay with me having the same idea as you, ha.
  6. I've been thinking of a Griftlands mod for a while, and when I heard about Bogtober I wanted to make a parasite card mod. That's why I asked for how to look up the card scripts.
  7. Heh, I was going to do a mod like this as well. I hope you're fine with the overlap?
  8. Personally, I really feel that having the gunsmith being a random missable event is a little harsh. I got her once really early on and couldn't get the upgrade I wanted. Having her return to the market after you first encounter her would be a really nice change. Though it's not lost on me that Rook's Pistol's aren't feature complete yet so who knows what you'll need to do to get all of the modifications for them.
  9. Did the Day 2 ending just get added with this patch? I'm glad I don't have to grind Smith's brawl for all his cards now.
  10. Well, it was stupidly good while it lasted...
  11. Is playing Smith's Flask causing a Lua crash for anyone else?
  12. It's really cool to see how these quests start out as just diagrams on graph paper! I'd love to see more!
  13. Firstly, was the Retribution buff added from that feedback I gave????? Secondly, I feel like Fssh's Boon and Kashio's Bane being so weak makes a ton of sense. Sal's going to be the starting character in the full game - and having the relationship system be shown off immediately with two perks that negate each other teaches a new player what to expect later on. Fssh also being a vendor shows off the discount on services you can get if you have a positive relationship with someone. If these were two different perks that didn't match then Sal would always have two extra quirks in her run that you can't play around. That's just my 2 shills though.
  14. I'm sure youtube doesn't have all of the current ost tracks for Griftlands, so will I need to cut open the sound bank to listen to them?
  15. I took a look at her compendium entry and turns out she has a unique boon/bane (by the look of them) and unique death loot. Judging by what those things give it seems like Rook was able to fight her at some point? Her having a unique title helps too. It'd be really cool if you could fight her in the full game, though I understand she'd probably need a custom animation build.