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  1. Ever since Hamlet, I've never trusted Wagstaff. He's the only survivor to actually seek out Maxwell without any pretence of a deal. He's clearly entered the Constant out of his own free will and judging by his quotes for the Nightmare Throne, Aporkalypse Calendar, Vortex Cloak and most imporantly Nightmare Fuel - he clearly wants to bring Them into the normal world. His quote for the Dark Sword states that he wants to weaponise the Fuel as well. WX-78 was an attempt at escaping the mortality that he is clearly afraid of (judging by his quotes for all the resurrection items), he wants immortality, regardless the cost.
  2. I'm guessing the consciousness transference WX-78 uses to become a robot eventually turned into the non-coporeal projection Wagstaff uses to appear in Hamlet and DST? He only seemed to burn the spare robot bodies. The short shows WX discarding Wagstaff's blueprints that they both used to make WX-78 and then it cuts to images of a completely different looking robot being smashed up (probably Wagstaff's). We're then shown Wagstaff shocked at seing a bunch of WX-78-looking robots being built. My theory is that human WX always hated organic life (we're seeing the flashback through only THEIR eyes, clearly) and when they became a robot they became disgusted with their humanity and decided to unplug their empathy module, becoming entirely robotic. We see in another blueprint that the empathy module is directly connected to the consciousness transference helmet, so it probably serves as the storage device for a human's 'soul'. (Winona briefly plugging WX's empathy module back in is the canonical explaination as to why WX-78 only now has access to all these upgrades in their rework, it's knowledge from their human life.) WX probably built all those clearly lifeless copies of themselves with the intent to transfer other humans into them, so they too can reject their humanity (which they see as the ideal form of existance). Wagstaff at the time found that idea horrific and pushed WX into the Constant using the same portal that we see in Winona's trailer. It wouldn't hurt to suggest that that'd make WX the first successful user of Wagstaff's portal. What I want to know is, how many of Wagstaff's inventions are actually HIS? He previously claimed that WX-78 was HIS design, but this trailer shows that to be false. Could most of his inventions actually partly or FULLY be invented by WX? Did Wagstaff banish WX in order to take credit for all their inventions? We already know from Hamlet that Wagstaff isn't a very moral person. Winona doesn't seem to have any recollection of Wagstaff having a partner, so I think WX went 'missing' a long time before the Voxola factory burnt down. Because we now know that WX's fire quote 'IT REMINDS ME OF SOMETHING' - is referencing Wagstaff burning all of their research, and not the Voxola factory fire. ...Also, about WX's original human body. In the first ever trailer for Don't Starve, Wilson makes a portal to the Constant using his own blood and a bunch of live animals. I have a feeling Wagstaff needed a spare human body in order to make his own portal... We never actually make a portal or a Maxwell's door in-game, remember? Only upgrades with moonrocks.
  3. Hello, I've already finished drawing my sprites, but I realised too late that I've made the head and face a bit too small. Their head doesn't fit any of the hats properly. When I tried to manually make the sprites' .png files bigger it cause the whole spite to be offset. Some of the faces also ended up being too big and ended up cutting some of the sprite off. Is there any way to just make all headbase and face files bigger by a set amount? Or am I only able to manually edit every single png on my own? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I'm using the Animation Custom Template, and I've made my animation. I changed the z-order mid-way in the animation so I can have the character's arms infront of their chest. The animation displays properly in Spriter. But when I export it and run it in DST - the z-order changes are seemingly ignored except for one of the hands. So the arms are still behind the torso. Here's how it looks in Spriter (correct): And here's how it looks in-game (wrong): I have NO idea why only the hand is correctly following the z-order. Can anyone help? UPDATE: Here's the reason why it's wrong. You just can't have bones in the spriter file when you export the animation into DST. That's why the vanilla animation files don't have bones either.
  5. Can I still ask here? No matter what I do to the animation files Z-order in spriter. The game doesn't render it? How this frame looks in Spriter: And here's how it renders in game: Does anyone know WHY the z-order is wrong in game?
  6. I've looked in the component files for this, can anyone elborate what the "theif" variable is?
  7. Hohoho, that's evil. I approve! What does this mean by all handlers? Are we getting night-time music for combat and negotiations for the main 3 grifters, or more?
  8. I still have Prestige 7 Rook and Sal to brawl through... and now I have to do it without torrid clone
  9. Thank you! I've always wondered what the compendium entry string was for if modded characters never appear there to begin with.
  10. How'd you get modded characters to show up in the compendium? I only see mine when I'm loading into the world, not the main menu.
  11. The rework Swig is really good! I feel it makes the empty bottle builds more viable now that Smith has a good reason to drink without attacking.
  12. Good notes! Though I'm surprised we're nearing 1.0 so soon. As for the changes, I honestly feel Smith is strong enough as is! His new threshold cards were a little TOO good imo considering how abundant Adrenaline is. Batter Up being reverted back to not being Restrained makes it super strong again, though Full Supply hitting everyone at least makes the choice worth considering. Against single targets and bosses Batter Up will still trump Full Supply 9 times out of 10 for me. Consolidates rework feels a little niche now, if anything Smith WANTS low resolve arguments. Though I do get that this is probably for buffing high stacks of Renown to delay the inevitable 30+ damage hit when it finally goes down.