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  1. WX may not be the organic definition of alive, but they are a person like the rest of the characters. But also, none of the cast is truly alive, just code and art assets. So WX is definitely non-binary.
  2. Is this on desktop?? Try scrolling to the very bottom, click on the button called "view full site"
  3. I am dying to know why wx is so cross with Wagstaff, but if it isnt their time I wont be too mad because i am excited for everything
  4. I think it made sense back when dst was thought to be just a multiplayer mode and not a whole game to have dst stuff on the ds wiki. Now that characters are getting refreshes and the moon and ocean stuff is happening it feels more and more right to split them, HOWEVER, it really isnt that easy. We'd need a consensus first off, and there are concerns of affecting seo, and a bunch of other stuff I cant think of rn. But yeah, we need to better differentiate these games
  5. they aren't created like that anymore. I thought it was turned into a loyal skin but i hear it has not been implemented yet. I never had a moldy backpack myself
  6. WX is saying to the siphonator not to trust Wagstaff, suggesting bad blood between them (exciting). I think Wortox is referring to the moon, because Wagstaff is trying to siphon lunar energy. And I believe once the Siphonator is built, it spawns the Champion as a sort of defense mechanism. So it seems Wagstaff intentionally aggravated the moon to defend itself, and using the survivors defeat of the Champion, took something from its body for some unknown reason.
  7. This could just be leftover from DS stuff, but the sound files for all his crafts are in moonstorm.fsb! I also think it would be a cool compromise over not having him playable
  8. The definition of robot can be fairly loose and dependent on context. But in general they are constructs made to fulfill a job, the champion's job is defend the moon. Plus being of the moon, of course WX would be fond of it. Although it does make one wonder where WX got the idea that such powerful things came from the Moon in the first place
  9. Nice theories and also appreciating the series of events laid out here, it's hard to figure out what to do first lol :3
  10. What I was thinking was this thing is absorbing moon energy out of the celestial orb because the "flyswatters" look a bit like solar (in this case lunar) panels. Portal to the moon would indeed be cool though, can't wait to see what it does