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  1. Cuz she's the boss, applesauce!! But tbh I think it's just a coincidence. Before it was Wes with the most skins
  2. As you thought Warly was added to DST after Wortox. It just gets confusing as he is new to DST, but is technically considered a refresh, meanwhile Wormwood was also new to DST, but was a paid DLC.
  3. @JoeW Does Walter count as one of the 4 dlc characters planned? Curious as he is the only newbie that's free! See, I always thought Warly was one of the refreshes as he was called as such, as opposed to Wormy who was released around the same time as the DLC
  4. Lemme reiterate what I said on the wiki regarding Willows walter lines: on the watermelon page, those are her DS rog lines; iirc they are still the same, so the page is not incorrect as it reflects the rog info first and foremost. The updated dst lines are on her quotes page.
  5. Hey heres a bunch ive done since last bday gift for @Goat Slice!! Back at the Ducktales thing but now Wilson is a dodo inspired by @SDragonhead This is actually from last year
  6. I got these from my daily drops, three days in a row
  7. Woah, that Chester is fast!!! I had an epiphany
  8. I can't believe I've only just noticed this, but the icon for the Blacksmith's Apron is incorrectly colored: the middle part between the apron straps should be that light yellow, not brown.
  9. Yeah, its a rarepair so I'm wont to make my own content.. This is the first time I've drawn characters kissing actually.
  10. Ship's ahoy... I was gonna make this a punchline but I decided, just let them kiss in peace...