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  1. In recipes_filter.lua, under the crafting station recipes and for the year of the carrat, it lists this string: "yotc_shrinecarrat". I searched the strings.lua and can't find that, I think its a misspelling of yotc_carratshrine?
  2. I was testing out stuff, walking up to crafting stations to watch the image change on the crafting menu. But when I walked up to Warly's grinding mill, the Seasonings image did not show up. Instead, an asterisk symbol showed up next to the events filter that when hovered over said Seasonings. Which was weird because none of the other stations did that. And what's more, when I walked up to a crafting station, then walk up to the grinding mill, the previous crafting station image would take over. Some images: what seems to be normal, next to the tamper. No filter added next to the events filter. Here's me standing next to the celestial orb. See that there is a celestial orb symbol next to the events filter as well, not sure if that's because I was just near the grinding mill. And this is me next to the grinding mill, see how the seasonings image is nowhere to be found and also that the celestial orb image stayed. This happens with any other station not just the celestial orb.
  3. JELLYBEAN = "I like to keep a bit of candy in my pocket at all times" needs a period, that's all I have for now.
  4. While her max age is 80, you never get to use any time before her 20s, so doesn't it make more sense to present the amt of years the players can use?
  5. For all switcherdoodle quotes including the new water spider one, WX says "IT IS A CRUDE AND DISGUSTING. AN ACCURATE DEPICTION". Either the A needs deleted or a noun needs added at the end of the first sentence.
  6. Driftwood irl is actually old dead wood that floated in the ocean a long time, so it wouldn't make much sense to drop from a freshly chopped tree
  7. SPIDER_WATER = "Belly stuff for Leggy Bugs?", MUTATOR_WATER = "Tall Leggy Bug", Here's Wormwood's quotes for the Sea Strider and the Strider Switcherdoodle. Contextually, they appear to be switched.
  8. So this is a YOTB related issue but since I'm in the beta I'm posting it here ofc. When the Beef is wearing a Festive Head skin and is chewing, the beard looks weird. I'm not sure if this affects any other head skin but I noticed it with this one. Apologies if this bug was submitted already
  9. Kids are just Like That man, and very holdable
  10. Hello. I'm excited because I remembered that soft graphite pencils existed ever wanna hold a baby?
  11. Hello I haven't been drawing as much this year this is... this
  12. I have a fanfic now. It's a oneshot with WX-78 and Wilson. I'll put it in a spoiler I guess: I hope the formatting is ok