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  1. Hmm, does that mean there are gifs of the other things floating around? If so, would be great to add to the wiki. But like totally understandable if not. That's just the way the cookie crumbles, eh?
  2. Dunno if you got them all yet, but here are my screenies. Pretty sure this is all of them minus the fire pump gif, and any other gifs are just still images unfortunately Boy am I glad I didn't skip this stream lol
  3. Hello I haven't been drawing as much this year this is... this
  4. I have a fanfic now. It's a oneshot with WX-78 and Wilson. I'll put it in a spoiler I guess: I hope the formatting is ok
  5. Yeah, I would've said that Snowfallen was just wintry white themed but taking into account Wolfgang, who is based on a kind of santa claus, and Wendy, pictured caroling, etc. Its a bit confusing. So I'm just gonna say, Snowfallen is holidays but with cool colors, and Merrymaker is holidays but with warm colors Oh also, maybe they want Snowfallen to be a strictly winter thing and made merrymaker to be the holiday thing? To make it compliment Verdant, a spring thing not related to any holiday
  6. Been a while. Hmmm, what's new The following is a spongebob reference
  7. It is probably just a coincidence, since at one point previously Wes had the most skins
  8. WX with a Mr. Freeze inspired skin makes me happy beyond all reason. Thank you Klei!
  9. Actually, Wes originally did not have makeup for the Culinarian. They added it back in a later update. Same exact thing with Wig
  10. I think Wurt and Wormy fit the theme fine I'd argue that gray is as much of importance as black and white for these; not to mention the ever so common red (on the side of her eyes) so Wurt's good And like Modster said, for Wormy the black n white come in through the jewel on his chest
  11. With respect to the character's thirst for violence, I'm a sensitive bean; thus I do not partake in such imaginings ^^; It seems I have forgotten to post more art I've done!!! WX wearing my jammies at the time hlvrai au Wick as Bubby, I have censored it for you sensitive beans The following is more hlvrai nonsense