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  1. I think Winona's voice is percussive pipes, like a tubulum, per the wiki
  2. Happy to see the story advancing like I was kinda thinking it would. It's like chess, black pieces vs white pieces!
  3. This is definitely one of my favorite shorts klei has made! It established her character perfectly and had a cool Maxwell moment that we haven't had in a while. When he started clapping, I got chills! The style change was such a cool, unexpected moment. I love that she imagines herself in this He-Man esque action show style. And it was so well animated, man it just makes me so excited for more!!
  4. What I'm excited about is the announcement of who will be the next character to be refreshed
  5. I'm hoping for this week or next week. They have surprised us by not updating on tues/thurs recently.
  6. Actually, Wes originally did not have makeup for the Culinarian. They added it back in a later update. Same exact thing with Wig
  7. I think Wurt and Wormy fit the theme fine I'd argue that gray is as much of importance as black and white for these; not to mention the ever so common red (on the side of her eyes) so Wurt's good And like Modster said, for Wormy the black n white come in through the jewel on his chest
  8. With respect to the character's thirst for violence, I'm a sensitive bean; thus I do not partake in such imaginings ^^; It seems I have forgotten to post more art I've done!!! WX wearing my jammies at the time hlvrai au Wick as Bubby, I have censored it for you sensitive beans The following is more hlvrai nonsense
  9. Lemme reiterate what I said on the wiki regarding Willows walter lines: on the watermelon page, those are her DS rog lines; iirc they are still the same, so the page is not incorrect as it reflects the rog info first and foremost. The updated dst lines are on her quotes page.