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  1. Where did joe say they were scared to get to the "big 3"?
  2. Bluegeist's Fanart

    Happy Halentine's Day
  3. Bluegeist's Fanart

    Concept for WX with a beard
  4. How will the lore be delivered??!?!?!
  5. What is WX's Gender

    Thank you for the correction, I did not know about the ingame stuff as I was not playing at the time. I was only able to find an old post on these forums, hold on I got a screenie. The old flavor text for goh referring to them as a man, later changed
  6. What is WX's Gender

    I will give you a sincere answer: WX actually originally used he/him pronouns in changelogs, yet ingame, it pronouns were used. But sometime in 2016 I believe the writing was changed to give them singular they pronouns. In essence, as they currently are they are nonbinary.
  7. A character can be an antagonist, but not a villain. Likewise, a protagonist doesn't have to be a hero. I think he is a protagonist (as a playable character, with max/charlie as antagonist), but with his questionable morality hes like an antihero or something. Like his baby
  8. Bluegeist's Fanart

    So... this one was overly ambitious. It's got me feeling exhausted but I worked too hard and long on it not to share. Based on my favorite outfit for WX
  9. Here a dev confirms that Winter's Feast ends later this week, most likely Year of Carrat will begin as well
  10. Tricerabops is an AestheticTM
  11. Bluegeist's Fanart

    WX wielding sockem boppers and moon shoes. They have become the Ultimate Weapon Snug as a bug The human hand is the most difficult thing to replicate
  12. [Game Update] - 388647

    Last year's was posted January 22nd, so this year's may be around the same time
  13. Bluegeist's Fanart

    WX based on Plankton from the Spongebob Movie WX based on a scene from Powerpuff Girls That's enough meme art for now I think