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  1. imo seasons should be given more beef and mechanics in general, but locked behind year 2 and beyond - with each one selecting a few elements from unique tables of cool new interesting stuff for each season in each year... i.e for Winter: snowstorm + hibernating creatures, hailstorm + low-ice formations, etc. This would greatly increase the interest in late-game servers and vary the experience and playstyle of players in order to adapt to these random, new elements past the first year - which I feel should be kept simpler and easier for a server starting out in general. (This would also allow for crazier ideas like global goggles-requiring snowstorms suggested in the thread to be possible, since players would be able to unlock goggles and similar resources/equipment in year 1)
  2. I.. what? Only Wickerbottom's tentacle pit would even come close in power to Willow with inventory burning and fire immunity vs bosses. And I somehow feel there is much more skill involved in hunting tentacles for her book and then planning a dangerous death trap than getting wood and standing there while the enemy dies from a mechanic that should burn its loot but doesn't as the feature was entirely unintended. And you hardly need any of those things you brought up. If Willow were given both the things you suggest, proper inventory burning and fire immunity, all she'd need would be a Maxwell, Woodie, pig friends or a Rook to farm enough wood very early and a Piggyback crafted from basic materials in Alchemy (a meager 2 slots less than the Krampus Sack) since the speed won't affect her - all she needs to do is stand there after igniting everything! She does not need anything else except basic armor to shield herself while the creature dies in ~10seconds. Why would she need a nightmare sword or crown unless you're trying for a record time of cheesing a boss? And while I'll accept your criticism on my ideas since I admittedly have never played too much Willow, Have you ever even played Wolfgang? Sure he's cheesy and can tank and crush anything quickly with enough armor and food, but judging by the clip you've shown, you seem to really lack understanding on the power of aoe damage that can kill Deerclops in seconds and doesn't even require careful kiting - you'll hardly even need to "press f' given enough resources to do the job. If pros were upset at Winona's catapults or Wortox's souls how do you think this perfect vision of Willow would land in DST? I don't mean to attack you and your experience with Willow nor your hopes for her to become a more viable, unique and fun character, but I just really don't think this is the way to go about it.. Just because we have rather powerful characters and boss-stomp characters already doesn't mean Willow need to be given those buffs to match them - she just needs to be made fun enough and strong enough in her own niche to be competent with other characters.
  3. No pro here at all, but here're some little things I think of playing as him! In the very early-game: after you craft/find a science machine - if low on hunger, eat up some souls to fill yourself back up before crafting to immediately gain back sanity lost after eating souls via prototyping! As Wortox, I like finding and knowing where the deserts are asap and basing near one if possible because cactus are great for restoring sanity for Wortox, since they're abundant and available anytime of the day and he can pick three per soul - or alternatively base near moonstone or anywhere with green mushrooms since those don't cost souls to pick. Also very good to have a butterfly farm i.e a cluster of flowers (that can also be used for a bee farm!) right next to base to easily replenish souls. In winter and summer, get friendly with spiders - they're your soul farms now. When dealing with spiders - you'll want to get a tent and especially a top hat early if you prefer being sane - always be mindful of your souls so you don't overload. It is very useful to have the Quick Drop mod to quickly relieve yourself of souls before you overload and in general for quick healing. Drop a few as necessary in between kiting the spiders. If you're near 20 souls and about the tackle a tier 3, just drop like 5 or so. You'll definitely get them back from the 10 spiders you have to get through to kill the tier 3. Never forget to souljump if you're getting overwhelmed - if you jump far enough Wortox seems to automatically lose aggro from the spiders. Meaty Stews are about the only food aside from souls that will fill you imo. You usually don't want to eat souls too much since they are also tied to healing and exploring the map or underground - plus you'll have drained almost a third of your sanity solely relying on souls to fill yourself entirely back up. Hunt down Koalefants if you can to stock meat back up. Lastly - spelunking! Wortox is very good at finding the ruins thanks to his overwhelming scouting ability, and also very good at cheating the labyrinth if he has the souls to do it - however you will probably have drained your souls the first time you find the ruins, so I recommend simply returning later with supplies and full stats (and allies in a multiplayer server!) to navigate labyrinth, kill stuff and heal your friends against the clockworks and Minotaur. (Or just speedrun find the Ruins and use the Moon Portal to change into WX and go back down lol) Extra points if you wear his Minotaur skin while slaying it! EDIT: One thing I thought of but haven't quite gotten to try is planting fireflies on both sides of a gap that you regularly pass through (that is too far for your light source to illuminate) in order to souljump to in the dark i.e at night or underground - so Wortox can use constant light from the fireflies to souljump. Feel free to test this out - though it isn't much more than a niche convenience trick lol
  4. I like the idea of inventory burning but it would become massively cheesy if she could literally just fell bosses like that without burning the loot. Just look at the pro outcry to Winona's catapults. Willow being able to solo a Deerclops in seconds faster than more combat oriented characters (Wolf, Wig) would unleash hell. Personally, I'm down for her being able to craft a unique equipment that grants fire and/or overheating immunity - though I don't think it should be shareable to avoid making Dragonfly or Summer too easy..? Along with that I'd want inventory burning to be made a legit thing in a different way - and given proper animations on the items. I'd remove the fire damage thing (as unique as it seems) due to my other suggestion of fire immunity equipment - and in its place, grant Willow a light aura i.e Charged WX as long as an item is on fire in her inventory. Aura increases to a max range the more items are on fire at once but heat her up more and more. In exchange for the loss of inventory burning's offensive capabilities I'd allow her to heat up weapons to increase damage temporarily without burning enemies and potentially loot. I also like the idea of imaginary insanity fires proposed earlier in this thread very much - but I'd rather they simply spawn as annoyances that hurt her if she gets too near rather than lock off structures.
  5. It makes no sense for them to dump away all the resources put into the events, mechanics, skins, items, etc when they know the potential of Forge, Gorge, and especially a new event (whenever it happens) to change up the gameplay of DST and skyrocket its popularity on social media (which basically should mean long-term profit regardless of actual profits from skins) - not to mention obvious popular demand by the community for these events. We might not get Forge and Gorge this year, we definitely won't see a third event anytime soon - since they're focusing on core game content, refreshes, animated shorts, so on - but I wouldn't be surprised if there's probably already mechanics and skins of the next event and how to improve current ones being thought on and worked on low priority in the back of Klei's heads already.
  6. Souls from inanimate stuff is a clear no-no. Denying souls from indirectly killing could also be a good way to tweak him to be more balanced - i.e preventing farming souls from Bee Queen's bees without Wortox doing a thing Souls from lower HP creatures are completely fine in my book though.. I feel like he shouldn't have to kill spiders and pigs by day 2 and farm them to gain access to his core mechanics. It'd also make him a lot weaker as a fugitive since he can only eat souls and more accessible sources don't heal as much health or hunger. Wigfrid has armor and weapons allowing her to do so; Wortox just has nice scouting and support abilities.
  7. Same tbh.. He looked so cute and it would've been fun to have juxtaposition of being a cute dog-like character and a soul sucking demon. But, ah well. Speaking of dogs - the third skin, is that the uncorrupted skin? It'd be hilarious if Wortox was just like.. Charlie's pet dog in the human world that she missed and wanted to bring into the constant too lmao Edit: On closer inspection uncorrupted still has tiny lil horns on his head. Guess that's that theory out the window. Totally my favorite skin still. Edit 2: Oh wow. His voice.. will take some getting used to. Think I have a competitor with Wigfrid for least appealing voice effect lmao
  8. It's really not that bad at all thanks to the fact that you can weave him. It's entirely optional if you even want to buy/weave him or just save spools for cosmetics alone. Even as somebody that barely plays DST nowadays, I managed to shell up enough spools from unweaving thanks to all the events. And it's not like he's a limited time exclusive either, you have all the time in the world to get enough spools, esp if there's gonna be more Gorge and Forge this year. With the daily login drops and increased drop rate of rarer skins you'll definitely get enough eventually, though probably not immediately.
  9. She shows up in the Forge and Gorge, so maybe we can infer that she thus showed up shortly before the survivors fixed the Atrium and got sucked into the other realms? (Edit: It wouldn't make sense otherwise how she has dialogue implying she has indeed met and interacted with them if they were all already sucked up and away fighting Boarriors and feeding Gnawdon Ramsay) And on where she got spawned into the Constant, I assume she just spawned in the portal as the other survivors did too in that comic of Wilson and Maxwell fixing the portal
  10. he is. so cute. Will protect. And also cry because I definitely don't have anywhere near the spools to unlock anytime soon Wonder what the heck the story behind him is though?? Maybe it's another Webber situation or he got cursed by Them or something. Hm.
  11. Personally, before any new wild biomes, enemies, or seasons - I'd love to see the Florid Postern gain another function as the entrance for new players joining. Probably a silly idea, but imagine if it had something like a crafting menu where you can craft shadow versions of basic items in exchange for a chunk of sanity, a key stat of the game and that of which is a resource all players joining have plenty of. The 'shadow items' would have half the durability of the original item and would be unrepairable or usable for other functions. This could solve a lot of dilemmas new players in a world face such as finding flint to make a pickaxe for essential tools after joining in day 10 or making a torch to survive winter and make it to base joining in day 26. The items you can craft can be limited to a select list of items that won't completely protect you against the season but at least make things much easier for joining players in exchange for sanity. Winter, you could craft a few fake torches before leaving spawn for a trek to base. Spring, a straw hat. Summer, some water balloons. This is very heavily subjective to how I play DST, but I generally dislike playing on servers past day 20 due to the difficulty getting any resources(2nd autumn after summer...) or getting to base - not to mention joining a world missing out on the exploration and setting up of base feeling incredibly boring and empty. I'm sure the latter is completely subjective and there are many with find messing around late-game DST and not worrying about base more fun, but I think the Florid Postern idea is a start to encourage more casual players to join older servers more, at least for me.
  12. That's Wendy's Arya Stark cosplay for when she sails to Braavos to learn how to kill everyone
  13. Late update: Cheesecake is only rewarded with a Favor when served as a dessert on a plate. Presumably the others are similar craving-specific gimmicks. Someone really needs to compile a list of foods that are craving specific... Edit: list by Ressayez -