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  1. It's not too late, it is year of the Pig and we have been promised new content... 8)
  2. Maybe Trusty Tape could be usable on tools and armor and rather than repairing it simply halt the durability for a few uses? This could make her a useful ally to have around to preserve the team's armors, weapons and tools to conserve resources early-game, and maybe make her a more useful partner in things like early ruins or boss rushes without outright repairing things so there aren't troubling implications or restrictions put on it to prevent it being overpowered. Would be just as weak as it is now late-game when you have infinite resources, though.
  3. Lag on servers

    I dunno anything about network magic, but I can try offer some tips for low-end pc if that is the problem, like reducing workload of your computer by closing all other programs, updating your pc's drivers, reducing mods used, clearing up memory space, especially if you have a bunch of other games, and so on. And yeah, how do other online games run on your pc then, especially more busy ones such as TF2 or such? It's a good way to pinpoint of the problem lying in how your pc runs DST depending on how well it runs other games, online and offline. (Personal experience - I only got my current laptop last year, and was disappointed to find it ran DST horribly; I quit a few Forge games in shame after experiencing your kind of lagspikes in hectic teamfights and even approaching a busy base in the normal game proved to be too much for it and would cause similar 30s delay lag. Somehow though... it seems to have become much better as I played it. Maybe my laptop got better at running it? Maybe some Windows updates or some manual driver updates I did improved it? I have no idea, but even if it's not usually perfect it's really improved much better since)
  4. I really like this idea, especially since the two events have featured pigs, especially the Forge, and it could be a neat way to tie them back into the world of the Constant escaping into their realm and influencing it on the Year of Pigs celebration. It'd be a cool way to add depth into the world of DST through new mobs to fill in emptier or less utilized biomes, especially with how they might interact with original pigs - would they get along? Attack each other on sight? Form civilized society and offer new things to the player? Hamlet DST? It's exciting
  5. This was intended to be the main downside to her to offset the other buffs, especially since hunger is the titular mechanic of the game and my version of Winona would have a portable cookpot to better sustain herself anyways. Ironically, I wanted a hunger-health exchange namely to appeal to those more experienced players - food should be no big issue to them either i.e Wolfgang, and the health gain could be played around with multicrafting to heal her very quickly and make her (potentially brokenly) tenacious. I do agree it makes less sense than sanity, but Wigfrid also gains health from hitting someone, so I hoped a little leap of logic would be negligible in making her gameplay more interesting. I like this idea in regards to whatever her profession actually is (how many jobs does she work??), but this is basically allowing Trusty Tape to heal tools and armor but slightly less intuitive as the player has to do it under a set percentage.. Maybe Tape should just be able to fix low-levelled tools and armor and only that with some reasoning about Winona's dislike of 'snooty' stuff so we don't have to worry about Thulecite, magic and other stuff. Maybe instead of outright fixing them, Tape could be used on low/whenever durability tools or armor to simply slow down further durability degradation or even halt it completely, while keeping its previous ability to sew clothes? And this could last til the item breaks or have a set percentage of durability the Tape can absorb before needing to be reapplied.
  6. (Necroing this thread slightly with some ideas for the infamous Winona and making her a more engaging and interesting character than she is now!.. well, hopefully better ideas than the ones I had for Willow lmao, but regardless, just wanna throw out some ideas to start a discussion around even if they may not be that great - a big thank you to those who took the time to respond to my first post and explained to me the flaws in my ideas :w:) Onto the post: --- Winona now starts with Trusty Tape and a new unique item, her Toolbox. Winona's Toolbox can be set down to grant her a unique crafting tab that allows her to craft Kits (that she can prototype by using the Toolbox near already built structures) - these Kits are limited-use mini versions of structures such as the Alchemy Engine or Crockpot, made with cheaper recipes and can be carried (one at a time), set down or picked back up using her Toolbox, allowing her to carry around mobile Alchemy Engines or Crockpots useful for early-game exploration and spelunking, especially for complementing characters such as Wigfrid underground. (maybe this could be expanded upon with more types of Kits, specifically for things like automation or magic? dunno) To add to this, these Kits limited in use could be repairable through her Trusty Tapes - just slightly distinguishing her Trusty Tapes and giving them additional use to Winona specifically apart from being cheaper Sewing Kits. Winona's other perk will come in her "indomitable spirit" from working in harsh conditions; when one of her stats are low, she will gain speed and sanity scaling with how low the stat is, allowing her to tough out or escape to resolve her stats, slightly keeping with her being more beginner-friendly (her slight Charlie resistance) while hopefully having applications such as complementing her Toolbox in making her a strong spelunker and tenacious survivor. Aside from all that, I really feel that crafting should be an integral part of Winona's play-style from her core identity as an assembly line worker. I really like the idea that she should lose a tiny amount of hunger when crafting anything... but I think she should also gain a small amount of health (5 hunger, 7.5 health? just throwing around numbers here) from crafting simultaneously. This way, Winona won't be discouraged from using her quick-crafting perk due to a downside to crafting as she has equal-if-not-more incentive to do so in order to regain health. Additionally, she should gain the ability to multi-craft when she is near a Science Machine or Alchemy Engine, or their respective Kit versions allowing her to factory-craft a ton of resources for bases, armor and clothes for her allies, and so on, given the resources. This also means that in a pinch, a creative and desperate Winona could pull off strats such as - tying back into her mobile Kits - dropping her Alchemy Kit to multi-craft 10 torches in order to quickly regain 75 health instantaneously in exchange for 50 hunger and the resources required... --- (I wasn't quite so sure of this other idea for another downside I had, but I'll leave it here anyways - I was wondering about giving her fewer inventory slots than other characters, in line with her focus on crafting and her Toolbox taking up an inventory slot, as this will give her much fewer slots to carry resources to craft, and also impact her overall play-style by limiting her capacity to carry essentials like food or armor and thus requiring more inventory management and prioritization than other characters. Again, wasn't so sure though, she could function very well as a more interesting character than the original without another additional wrinkle like this.) Thank for reading! :V
  7. The real answer is my laptop on a 300 ping server the moment I try to engage in combat
  8. Personally, Gladiator, simply due to the colors and details being more appealing visually.. But if I were you - other than aesthetics I'd see which skin complements more sets of clothes I have using the curios wardrobe preview so I'll know I can wear a variety of things to go with that headskin. PS: don't forget that there is also an emote tied to having a full set of Gladiator skins, so if you haven't unlocked that yet that might help your judgement
  9. If you want to take him head-on, make preparations in armor, food, weapons and a light source, and leave base to some open area and set up a campfire (not a firepit - because it's a structure, it can actually be destroyed by Deerclops' attack unlike the campfire) in order to wait out til he shows up and also vitally to keep you from freezing so long as you fight like right on top of it. So long as you play it right, you should be totally fine, even without kiting. Should anything go awry though, just rollback and try again - it could be a good way to learn and practice kiting, especially in preparation for other bosses or swarms or just tougher enemies. Otherwise.. Like many others have suggested you can lead them to a variety of places to help you clear out some area and let nature do your dirty work - especially so for things like a Tallbird set piece, spider queen set piece, tentacle set piece, or that ugly field of angry bees outside an oasis. Limitless options, really.
  10. Personally, before any new wild biomes, enemies, or seasons - I'd love to see the Florid Postern gain another function as the entrance for new players joining. Probably a silly idea, but imagine if it had something like a crafting menu where you can craft shadow versions of basic items in exchange for a chunk of sanity, a key stat of the game and that of which is a resource all players joining have plenty of. The 'shadow items' would have half the durability of the original item and would be unrepairable or usable for other functions. This could solve a lot of dilemmas new players in a world face such as finding flint to make a pickaxe for essential tools after joining in day 10 or making a torch to survive winter and make it to base joining in day 26. The items you can craft can be limited to a select list of items that won't completely protect you against the season but at least make things much easier for joining players in exchange for sanity. Winter, you could craft a few fake torches before leaving spawn for a trek to base. Spring, a straw hat. Summer, some water balloons. This is very heavily subjective to how I play DST, but I generally dislike playing on servers past day 20 due to the difficulty getting any resources(2nd autumn after summer...) or getting to base - not to mention joining a world missing out on the exploration and setting up of base feeling incredibly boring and empty. I'm sure the latter is completely subjective and there are many with find messing around late-game DST and not worrying about base more fun, but I think the Florid Postern idea is a start to encourage more casual players to join older servers more, at least for me.
  11. Forge ideas

    Drop Forge chests and/or exclusive items that can be used to show skill or unraveled into spools for a consistent amount each game, in exchange for defeating late rounds starting from the Boarrior - incentive to play through all the rounds and be rewarded for victory compared to afk-farming Make all rounds past the Boarrior victory laps; give players the choice to gather in the spawn portal in order to leave after defeating Boarrior (can only be activated if all players step into the portal, and deactivates after a period of time to start victory laps i.e Rhino and Swineclops) - allow much shorter games to happen if the players choose so (especially if incentives to beat the victory laps were implemented), allow players who want to just play something they're more familiar with or are simply novices against new bosses, to still be able to win consistently at the cost of some chests and items and not feel burnt out by unfamiliar, hard new challenges and have a choice to settle for less or try the new bosses again - depending on what the entire team feels. Especially necessary if the Forge continues to add new rounds next year(Pugna as the final boss incoming??), since matches go on for too long and really get repetitive, especially if you're on a losing streak. Create a new achievement system that borrows aspect from both last and this year's system; perhaps a tree of achievements of some sort that you can only continue along by finishing one achievement - give new players a foundation to get started on and learn new things through the tree by it teaching and introducing various roles and what they do, and also give the difficulty ranking a purpose by awarding the easier characters with lower exp and harder characters with much higher exp without making everyone simply pick the latter by the tree necessitating players go through easier characters and learn the basics first. Also makes the 'character meta' much more flexible to the incentive of playing and mastering harder, weaker characters and winning with them and add much more replayability going through each character over the course of the Forge and scoring the achievements of each one. Extend the tree as the event goes on. Give an option to send invitation in a game to play/leave as a group - does not solve, but mitigates the problem of idlers or trolls by simply abandoning a server with one idling person or troll, maybe even mid-game, allowing new servers to be made and joined quickly with the other players that were fine. Include a XX+ level option and filter when creating or looking for matches (adjustable by counts of 5) and tweak the quick-search to accordingly follow and favor this system i.e a lv 40 player using the quick-search will prioritize on finding 40+ servers - make matchmaking much simpler and not require every server being named 30+ ENGLISH and having a password to prevent quick-search accidents.
  12. That's Wendy's Arya Stark cosplay for when she sails to Braavos to learn how to kill everyone
  13. They also exist for profit - permanent updates might introduce some more players to buy the game itself as it gets more exposure and coverage, but that's still minimal now that DST has been out for a long time and all. The large collection of skins the Forge and other events have would involve much more of the community to (hopefully) invest cash to get skins to use in the normal game and game-modes and give them a lot more funding to keep working on permanent free content for the actual game. In the meantime, they can placate (and bring back) existing players with game-modes very different from the normal game and a horde of skins to save up for when new content hopefully comes out, and hopefully attract new players to the game itself with these new events too that will immediately be tempted to not miss out on event-exclusive skins.
  14. Let's talk about "Idlers"

    Maybe they could award chests for the late game rounds i.e Boarrior and Rhinoes and like exclusive unravel-able but unweavable Distinguished items for beating the Swineclops*? The lack of incentive is what messes a lot of Forge up rn i.e playing other characters or the achievement system. This implementation would make farming pale in comparison for those who play for chests and reward those who take time to play and have gotten good enough to win consistently than just 1 chest or none for all that effort. With the Reforged skins, very large array of Elegants to try get (I don't even try getting item skins at this point..) additional non-Elegant items and absence of the old bulk of achievements for xp, there really should be nothing against awarding a few chests and spools anyways - it's nigh impossible to get all the skins you want unless you have that much time and energy or bought them from the shop.... That's why farming is so popular now. Well, maybe Klei wanted to try to squeeze in a bit more profit from the shop, which is understandable but still equally frustrating. (*For the Swineclops thing, it could just be like 1 from an exclusive set of armor skins to look like the Swineclops... Or just 1 from an exclusive pool of 3 vignettes or something like that. The variance is to make players feel like they're getting something new and special each time, and the Distinguished part makes it a guaranteed 150(?) spools obtained for winning the fight each time) Even if you pipe in the argument that those who bought everything from the shop already could then farm more spools - it's not like they can't do that now with the farming thing, except they'd at least need to actually play the Forge to get more. The Swineclops' exclusive skin pool could give them something to work towards even after buying everything else, too.