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  1. Went on a bit of a spree recently indulging in drawing some Woodie fanart to celebrate his rework haha Pretty short post but I'm really happy with how all o' these came out. Enjoy and feel free to leave any comments and thoughts!~ You can find more of my stuff on twitter under @smokinchips (but please don't if you don't wanna see nsfw stuffs or are under 18 bc I gave up managing 2 accounts! xo) To start, here's a short story comic (to try/practice making comics haha) on how Woodie got his new forms / a bit of backstory speculation~ And next... A plucky Weregoose jumping ship from a doomed vessel to fight the towering tides of the storm alone - followed by last of all, a fierce Weremoose charging headfirst into piles of fiery leaves and pitiful little spiders!!
  2. Mainly because 1. the veteran mentality that everything should be much harder, meaning these refreshes seem to make all these weak characters much stronger against what was already a game with a difficulty curve that flattens out heavy towards the end - it can be assumed new content will shake things up and challenge older players, but in the meantime a vocal minority will persist clamoring for more difficulty(which I agree on, at least in a progressive sense and not optional raid bosses I will never try to fight) claiming that the changes are (probably justifiably) aimed at casual/newcomer appeal 2. very interesting downsides like Wigfrid's meat diet can actually add to the gameplay experience and make the character more unique and interesting by virtue of having individual drawbacks to their powers to balance them against each other rather than just a competition of niches and abilities imo Woodie is definitely the best refresh so far, he feels relatively balanced to me and very fun, and Klei's effort into all the new assets for him definitely don't go unnoticed. Winona and Willow probably had a ton of work too, especially Winona's wacky structures, but while I hope their fanbases enjoy them more, I personally still see them on the 'ok' scale and probably not likely to remain relevant with the trend of powerful character refreshes or new characters. Wortox is a blast, Wormwood I've heard can be tough and Warly is a mid/late game powerhouse
  3. I actually agree with this personally, the recent patch pushed him up into viability and having a solid purpose and unique gameplay that isn't too much risk for too little reward in transformation as it was previously at initial refresh. However from a design standpoint I want him to be more interesting and fun to play rather than just Wilson with an axe and 3 different 'curses' that while very very cool snd useful feel too removed from base Woodie. He definitely has the potential to become greater as a character is what I'm saying, especially if whatever is added can tie together his several different mechanics into a more cohesive package, something like what I suggested. (Though your monster meat limitation is something sorta valid I didn't think of, I stand that everything else is still mostly something that could easily be sidestepped and only inconvenience new players. If full moon affected you underground that'd be a real terror potentially being drained of hunger in a dangerous environment - but it doesn't, and aboveground you could easily scavenge seeds anywhere to stave off starvation, and a smart player would start a transformation ahead and use full moon to refill the Weremeter instead, again making it potentially an upside. There's nothing like Wigfrid's iconic meat only diet, Wendy's lower damage or Maxy's lower health that necessitates an interesting change in gameplay and challenge players that I'd love to see in Woodie to make him an even better designed character, but otherwise should it be too complicated to implement or throw off his balance too much, in general I'm fine with Woodie and he's in an ok spot in my books too.)
  4. it's also possible that it was a treeguard some other player spawned and placated and he triggered it by gnawing trees near it rather than spawning it
  5. The thing is though, it's hardly a downside as is. Unlike stuff like Wortox and Webber being instantly aggro'd by normally neutral and potentially very helpful mobs like Pigs and Bunnies which can be found in the wild and inconvenience travel above and underground respectively, and in dangerous swarms sometimes at that - the increased chance to spawn treeguards is still rather low and even after spawning one if you didn't mean to, you can easily run from the strolling giant, placate it with saplings for a base guard or to fight later more easily with allies. Nothing along the lines of an army of mobs locking off areas from YOU specifically and keeping you on your toes. And more importantly: most of the time, Woodie's ability to spawn more treeguards is an upside rather than a downside, in order to farm living logs - after all, you literally have Beaver form on a silver platter to farm wood faster, without shovel durability and without a chance to be held up by treeguards if wood is what you're after. He truly needs another downside (preferably relating to Lucy) and some change to make his design more cohesive, because as is to me he's sorta just a hodge-podge of mechanics especially the cool transformations just being utility he has full control over when to unleash barring full moons, making Woodie's strange abilities undoubtedly more a 'superpower' than a 'terrible curse'. Since I'm no game designer and can't think of much right now, I'll just echo once more my idea of Woodie being restricted to only gaining sanity from sources when Lucy is equipped but also letting her replenish Woodie's sanity slowly when held to offset this - making sanity even more of a headache to Woodie (i.e. sanity headgear ineffective underground when you need to constantly hold a lantern) when his transformations actively deplete it and making Lucy fittingly a key item he should almost always have equipped (Lucy has so much noisy dialogue for being dropped or being out of his hands after all..) and also playing into the fact that carelessness - as well as any new changes to make transformations more intrusively occur - could lead to Woodie losing Lucy and any way to recover sanity however temporarily if he is holding her as he transforms and drops her. (alternate holding Lucy buff could be multiplying sanity gained from sources slightly to synergize with sanity aura of followers that Woodie still has increased allure over, but i like the slow sanity increase much better as it actively encourages holding Lucy passively)
  6. looked on workshop, looks like the crashes should be fixed according to the author!
  7. Friggin adorable lol. I think the main reason they decided not to let Weremoose and Werebeaver swim/walk on water in the end was because it fundamentally didn't work with the mechanics they designed in the end as Goose is the only form sustained by walking, the other forms would just keel and drown Woodie without things to gnaw or fight. Also balance reasons, stuff like the new boss (and probably future content on the seas) would be much easier for tanky Moose just charging around on the sea and unbound by the boat. The lack of swimming in other forms requires Woodie to be restricted to be on a boat to fight like any other character since Goose cannot do anything but sonic around it (which is prob also why Goose was intentionally not given any offensive attacks and just granted possibly op jesus walking)
  8. probably not, he already has a whopping 90% armor, no durability to worry about, a powerful aoe attack and teammates who can further buff or even heal him. It really, really is up to the Woodie to know when is the right time to unleash moose and moose is strong enough that the inability to heal (alone) is a necessary downside.
  9. the new duration and meter drain feels SO good. for those who haven't played there is now a generously long delay after you stop doing the designated activities before the meter drains, most notably as Goose after you stop running, but and only once you do the meter will drain rapidly to release you from that form on command without impeding on extending the use of the form. The sanity drain is also a godsend and much more lenient now, which is good considering the loss of pinecone sanity. Found the lunar island on day 9! sidenote though: dont status announce stats as woodie, seems to crash every time i try to announce my sanity :,(
  10. was almost gonna dismiss the walking on water thing as meaning Woodie can try wander around to find Lunar Isle and get to and from there alone but this also means Goose can now skid right over rivers barricading islands from each other godsend klei as usual, these changes seem pretty nice
  11. Though I wanted to jump into Woodie immediately today to play an OP menagerie of creatures and a dapper lumberjack and the short edged me with no Woodie backstory (his is arguably the most intriguing and longest-standing mystery imo) I have no doubt in my mind Klei are already working hard to make it right internally and have faith in em. They're one of the best dev teams I know of, everyone should remember all the stuff Klei has done for us and given to us - sure the passionate few are justified to blow up a bit, but no more than that. Our anger should be directed to all the gaming giants with fiascoes mistreating workers and doing shady **** (seriously, anyone notice how many companies are being exposed for these lately?) rather than lil ol' indie Klei that poured their hearts into Woodie and this game.
  12. I think this is the most passive-aggressive sounding thing I've heard from mines whether it was deliberate or not lmao
  13. That's Wendy's Arya Stark cosplay for when she sails to Braavos to learn how to kill everyone
  14. Late update: Cheesecake is only rewarded with a Favor when served as a dessert on a plate. Presumably the others are similar craving-specific gimmicks. Someone really needs to compile a list of foods that are craving specific... Edit: list by Ressayez -