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  1. Probably my favorite short in terms of lore and fresh information on a character's motivations, not in part because there was already setup of WX's hostile feelings towards Wagstaff assumed to just be anger at their creator. Someone else might have noticed and mentioned it already, but right before the sequence of WX being sent into the constant by Wagstaff, the previous scene of another of WX's dissociative episodes transitions into the following one with what seems like a film burn. Perhaps Wagstaff went further than that little burning pile depicted trying to burn away WX's work and caused that ol' factory fire.
  2. I disagree with this heavily. You seem to have being insane and managing insanity mixed up - Wickerbottom's books possibly causing insanity as a side-effect IF you use them, of which cannot be restored with sleep, is way more trivial of a downside compared to being unable to eat meat, dealing less damage, or being frail. Wickerbottom also has the highest base sanity (if I'm not wrong) to counterbalance this 'downside', making insanity less of an issue generally unless she goes ham on her books or lost her Tam'o Shanter somewhere. More importantly though sleeping is just not an efficient and often used method of restoring sanity by more experienced players - not when cacti, taffy and jelly salad exist.
  3. It reminds me of leopard print, which actually does fit cobblestone considering it makes movement speed faster. Visually though yea it looks garbo and nothing like cobblestone, lol
  4. More reeds should spawn by swamp ponds, and cactus in the desert in their respective seasons - these resources are actually critical for some characters' unique crafts or for accessing CC, and you can be entirely shafted on the former by RNG which makes gathering it repeatedly grating. For everything else, I'm not sure. Neither volt goats nor pigs offer critically important resources - and like mentioned the former already has an existing way (albeit obscure) to spawn more, they just need to communicate that better through game design like most things in the game. There are alternatives to obtain the remaining resources or mobs which encourage different gameplay which is great - the most prominent example being players have a reason to fight BQ again for more beeswax for more bundling wraps, gold is NEVER a lacking resource from earthquakes and pig king, and tentapillars can be hunted for spots, which you can then switch to & use as Wicker to spawn more tentacles on the surface should you desire them. If your goal is not for balance and to just be evil like I am though, I'd probably respawn tentacles by ponds with reeds so players meet some old friends when delighted by the growth of their new reeds.
  5. A neat idea I had for an item was a freezing lamp that could be attached to your walking cane, and would generate temporary ice roads in front of the player, giving them road+cane movement speed. The icy roads would not stack on top of existing roads and how long they last varies depending on ambient temperature/season, ideally lasting forever in winter where using the lamp would freeze the player's temperature and nearly instantly melting behind the player in summer - but players would be able to forge and use roads to places for themselves and other players quickly this way.
  6. Are caves not turned on? You could always go mushroom tree chopping with a group of merms, and use those and maybe spores (i forget what those do exactly) to make mushroom farms on the surface. But in terms of revenge... during Summer I'd invite them to my underground base inconspicuously set by a Toadstool stalk, encourage them to bring their meat because I don't have any to sustain them through summer - then summon Misery to rot all their meat. Alternatively, I know Mushy Cake made from Moon Shrooms increase sleep resistance, but I'm not sure enough to resist the panflute. If possible you could feed them Moon Shrooms, get your own mandrakes from Klaus, or use sleep darts and steal their panflute after they die.
  7. I would say the food system works well enough for what it aims to do - DST is more a sandbox than a realistic survival simulator. Even the ocean stuff works to give alternatives to food while sailing (not outcompete land food) - the ocean just needs much more content and rewards that benefit survival in different and more impactful ways. Cooking and hunger are not very difficult mechanics in Don't Starve Together past the initial barrier to entry figuring out how to gather the ingredients: food is never in short supply if you know where to look, and what to prepare. imo the bigger problem is the cooking system UI / UX. You can mod in food values, crockpot prediction and even a whole wizardly-coded list system that organizes and shows you which food you can nearly cook when you even have some of the ingredients in your inventory (big kudos to the people who made that, my memory fails me). But even with all that, cooking still feels like a mess.. unless it really stands out or is cheap as dirt (my new love @ leafy meat recipes), players will default to what they can soundly recall AND easily gather ingredients for when already juggling everything else in the game that is more interesting. In the Gorge, cooking works much better because 1) figuring out recipes of specific food types, which dish to use for each craving, and optimizing gathering ingredients for IS the puzzle that the entire gamemode is built around, and 2) you don't actually eat the food to care about stuff like which food can trivialize stat management more, and so long as you can pass the craving you can progress - although there is a value system to more fancy and difficult foods that grants players the ability to make more fancy food and eventually win.
  8. Seems like Wolfgang will be getting that no body armor while mighty downside? Just assuming from the teaser, at least. (There was a dev comment on that scrapped idea on discord some time ago that I remember)
  9. Oh I disagree, you are the one in the right here. Wanda shouldn't have a monopoly over her Wanda-tier perks, Maxwell should get some too to get back at people who play her instead of the afk resource gathering clown, he deserves it. Any other suggestions are clearly stupid and insulting my intelligence, they're simultaneously broken and not as broken as Wanda-tier mechanics, and I will strawman and refuse to constructively argue why Maxwell should just get hand-me-down mechanics of other characters other than "my main deserves to be OP too" and "why not" rather than mechanics that complement his gameplay and just offer him strength and depth in different areas. (That being said, if he is unable to right now I don't see why Maxwell shouldn't be able to use Wanda's rift watches specifically similar to how he could use Wicker's books. It is shadow magic after all.)
  10. I see I struck a nerve. Someone's real salty about Wanda and projecting that onto others lol. I never bought her, though she does look fun and novel if I ever come back to the game proper. Copying another character would just be objectively boring and less interesting than giving Maxwell unique new mechanics to compete with them. You want Maxwell's refresh to be a fusion of Wortox and Wanda's mechanics tacked onto to his existing kit and powers? Why not just play those other characters? That aside, I just wrote up whatever I thought might be cool and novel to do with shadows. I was trying to think of more ways for Maxwell to personally take advantage of and benefit from farming fuel and resources with his shadow puppets: turfs that protect Maxwell from the shadows as someone who has experience working with this ancient magic being one possibility I liked - the burning-fuel idea is definitely grasping at straws though, thinking more clearly now. And I liked my gramophone idea! :c Shadow magic now has a precedent of association with time because of Wanda. (Slow-down rounds crafted with purple gems also supporting this apparently according to her) -- And if Wanda the outsider can poke holes in the constant to warp through dimensions and selfishly travel through time, it only feels fair that Maxwell can do the one thing she can't to one-up her and prove his powers as the one was once ruler of the constant, actually manipulate time within the constant for all its denizens with his iconic gramophone... which could fittingly speed up or slow down its music to demonstrate its effect.
  11. That just feels like you've run dry of ideas and want to just rip off mechanics from more fun characters.. I think Maxwell should be encouraged to be more active while his minions work, say allowing harvesters to follow and stay near the codex to keep working if the codex is dropped nearby, work faster and pick up resources into the player's inventory automatically when Maxwell is insane - encouraging players to keep themselves busy farming fuel while the minions work and collect on their own. Then Maxwell, as the master of shadows, could be able to find more niche uses for said nm fuel - such as being able to burn it on firepits + get rid of shadow hands, using it as lantern fuel, make turf with the rest of his bulkload of resources that wards away nightmare creatures, etc. If that's not enough, for some crazy lategame ability that kinda ironically feels stolen from Wanda, maybe Max could craft an expensive nightmare-fuel powered gramophone lategame that he can toy with to speed up or slow down the global time cycle for a period of time.
  12. I think there's room for Maxwell to carve out his own niche separate from Wanda, whom by the way, does have a clear connection to shadow magic (it's the source of her time magic and strange and mostly bs lore) but imo she was just better suited for being designed solely around combat with her age gimmick, whereas Maxwell already has his niche being the best resource gatherer in the game. We also know in-canon Maxwell sorta fooled around with shadow magic and played God, but actually doesn't know that much or according to Wortox even how to use the codex properly. Gameplay-wise Maxwell's frailty in combat is the drawback to his potentially infinite gathering skill and his mastery over sanity, having natural sanity regen that might cushion newer players struggling with sanity or give veterans full control over his max sanity for farming fuel. Having lackluster combat ability makes him rely on other player characters or allies and encourages playing carefully or cowardly like his character should. And for some reason him being a glass cannon too just rubs me the wrong way. I'm not sure how to improve his gameplay, but I do remember a friend of mine who played Max just endlessly relegated themself to chopping the tree farms or mining underground because Max was just the best at it and they liked having a surplus of materials for the base's needs, tagging along for boss fights and humorously almost always being the one to fall first.
  13. wortox looks so cute in your pfp aaa!

    1. HojMcFoj


      thank you so much! definitely one of the drawings im more proud of :)

  14. Not that it matters, but another vote for the Gorge here. Less players needed meant I could just play with my 3 friends who were into the game, it was more of a time management and riddle figuring out all the little secrets and dishes to appease the Gnaw, and the vibe just fit Don't Starve perfectly to me. Was nice being able to run it on my potato too lol Again though.. Reforged and Regorgetitated proved that existing servers can run the events pretty dang well, I remember playing the mod through even the fast-paced Forge with friends without much any server or lag issues - the problem was just waiting for enough people to trickle in for a 6 person team as a mod. The server thing does not make much sense to me (as someone utterly ignorant to technical backend infrastructure), nor does the sudden impulse Klei comes to that it must keep updating it and keeping it fresh (other than the very simple task of introducing any new characters and new relevant perks into the events) - these events were great as self-contained minigames that stood on their own, especially the Gorge. edit: Regardless of events becoming a mainstay though, I agree it'd be cool and wise to apply its assets and lore unto the actual basegame. Just for a wild example maybe Mumsy and Billy show up in Spring, and after helping demermify them Mumsy helps you snackrifice food on touchstone altars to cease the rain. As of now the events feel completely disjointed from the game's lore despite how much it introduces - we are left to assume the characters just got spit back into the constant with zero fanfare since the RoT arc started.
  15. Wagstaff demonstrates a capability to project himself across the dimensions of Hamlet and the Constant while physically interacting with them. It's not hard to imagine he was able to project a spider from the Constant, as evidenced by the electrical sparks when the device was shattered. A little muddier how the projected Spider was then able to eat/fuse with Webber, but eh! To me it reminds me too much of the ending of Hereditary. Like they recognize what happened to Webber and follow their leader whom Webber is host to with sinister intent, smiling.