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  1. Also, I have a soft spot for normal spiders after drawing them being punted in my Woodie fanart pieces already.
  2. Another possible gameplay reason might be the Bee Queen crown. I think it's the only hat that loopholes Walter's clothing drawback and gives him both sanity and armor. Character-wise there's some amusing irony in the fearless slingshotting wildlife scout being allergic to bees. I still see it more as a flavor mechanic (which perhaps would fit better were the rest of his kit more coherent) but I wonder if it was a deliberate trip-up for experienced players playing as him to rush bosses for drops without sanity loss - with Bee Queen having some of the more useful ones in the game.
  3. Off the top of my head, I wonder how the ability to remove fires would work on Willow. It could be tacked onto her lighter to be capable of sucking up surrounding fires for durability, or maybe Bernie for Bernie to be less out-of-place. Her lighter would now have a way to be replenished infinitely / Bernie would fit into her pyromaniac abilities better and could serve as a handy thermal stone. Fire could be a maybe feasible combat method as Willow could suck up fire on enemies right before they die and drops are burned. When allies, structures and plants are set on fire by red hounds or wildfires, Willow can then save lives, nature and more importantly bases. Fire needs to be tamable for Willow to play as a pyromaniac.
  4. That is probably the point. To only make characters more fun and unique. Somebody else has already said this somewhere else, but these are character refreshes, NOT reworks. They're either polishing clunky mechanics like followers to make gameplay smoother or giving them more unique mechanics to play with - most of which are buffs which don't need to be balanced out by making the character more unfun or negating buffing a weak character in some new way. While I have no qualms against Wendy, I will note that her refresh is the only one I can think of does literally do away with her drawback in her lower damage, and even makes it a net buff with Abi's petals with teamplay.
  5. Yes, I read the earlier pages of this thread. Add to that the animation of using the whistle during which meat can be eaten and the whistle interrupting combat, a case is made for why a more direct way to stop them eating meat would be appropriate. It would be easier to simply make the spiders be docile and not eat meat when tamed though - the idea of fleshing it out as a mechanic and making taming easier just made the idea more enticing.
  6. I haven't tried out the rework yet, so I don't have much of a stake in all this, but what if a specific dish, maybe character specific to Webber or Monster Lasagna, held by Webber could immediately tame Spiders in vicinity (perhaps not infinitely, but so long as the dish is held) - but more importantly, keep them from eating ANY dropped meat or loot with their eyes set on another tasty meal already. Would give players control over the spiders eating precious meat and loot from hunting, makes taming trivial and quick, allows dropped spiders to be tamed again immediately... although I'm not sure they should cease being a follower when picked up and dropped in the first place. Spiders and hats have some untapped potential too. I'm not sure how to improve giving armor to spiders without making it trivial, but I definitely think any spider given a hat should disable their insanity aura as Webber pacifies them and makes them look more friendly and civilized. Though not quite enough to soothe human friends' minds like befriended pigs can, this would further prevent hordes from being nuisances to his allies by negating the insanity aura. Maybe even give this mechanic a small extra use in the Spiders repairing any sewing kit-repairable hats they're wearing, so any non-armor hats can even last infinitely for pacifying purposes.
  7. Wagstaff demonstrates a capability to project himself across the dimensions of Hamlet and the Constant while physically interacting with them. It's not hard to imagine he was able to project a spider from the Constant, as evidenced by the electrical sparks when the device was shattered. A little muddier how the projected Spider was then able to eat/fuse with Webber, but eh! To me it reminds me too much of the ending of Hereditary. Like they recognize what happened to Webber and follow their leader whom Webber is host to with sinister intent, smiling.
  8. Should have edited the original post! They can now be cleared with fire and weather pains as well, making the hazards easier and less awkward to clear! Fire which I forgot to account for, will set ablaze the entire stacks of leaves, but as they burn up and clear instantly, they will not set fire and smoldering to anything nearby, and instead deal damage to anything standing on it at the moment for an additional little hazard players could use to their advantage as traps.
  9. I wanna agree with you - but did they really need to make fence and fencegate recolors Elegants? That still just feels scummy to me. On turf skins, I'm very tempted to agree just because I want more visual variety for players to play with in their bases instead of always carpet and checkered flooring.
  10. Unfortunately that already does seem to be how people feel given the responses on this thread! We definitely don't need the other seasons becoming more challenging, if anything they should become easier to manage and bring more positives for players to look forward to alongside the seasonal challenge. Goals seem to change lategame, and autumn becomes favorite by proxy of being the only time they can then play [the game] and work on their projects unhindered. That just tells me there's a serious design flaw in there that goes deeper than my silly ideas which add content - or "chores" in the eyes of some can cut.
  11. *shrug* That was what was on the mod description! Wouldn't be surprised if it was no longer maintained in recent time given the size and new updates that might clash with it i.e RoT, but the comments did seem like they were still making it work
  12. Without a doubt! I have zero qualms about the first autumn where players start out and settle down at all - it is the preceding years of autumn that I have subjective beef wellington with, and I'm trying to push for interesting mechanics that can be dealt with easily. This is a whole other can of worms I'm not equipped to touch, and there obviously can be overlap, but I do wonder if DST has a bit of identity crisis between being a harsh survival game and base-building game - when one is the eventual long-term goal as the other becomes more and more of a nuisance that threatens your hard work. From the way all of you think about Autumn, the actual official seasons could probably do with more environmental benefits complementing the harsh drawbacks, and ways to appease the survival aspects lategame if weather and hounds only gets in the way of making your bases and your own fun from the game.
  13. Madness and confusion, obviously. Hah.. Admittedly I did joke about the leaves being a fire hazard to a friend while we were talking about Autumn. But you got me there - fire hounds would make all of this my secret love letter to wildfires by sheer forgetfulness. And your criticism about character changing as a solution being immersion-breaking is very fair! Hound waves being a terrible year-long nuisance of a mechanic aside then - how about we kill two birds with one stone? The leaves could be designed to never cause smoldering or spread fire to any nearby structures by burning away instantly, but they will cause a burst of fire damage to any mobs or players standing on it without setting them ablaze. If handled well fire would be a great and accessible way to deal with the leaves, giving the leaves a new potential use as a trap - and Weather Pains could probably be another safer but more costly alternative. And answering the rhetoric more seriously, because autumn is boring, and I want to try design an interesting seasonal obstacle that encourages different gameplay without being oppressive. Clearly it isn't fireproof (literally) but I love coming up with crud like this. (And are you crazy? Who doesn't love being yanked into wormholes and forced to trek home like a loser? It only happens at dark night if you were standing still at a patch of leaves anywho.)
  14. I just searched up if there were mods for SW in DST and there appears to be one, albeit not actively maintained. You should be able to play it online with friends simply starting a server with that enabled. An official port would probably be unlikely though.
  15. That's fair, but I would offer that the seasonal hazard that only slows down players can be cleared anytime if players switch to Woodie, and the annoying warping mob who appears from that same hazard only does so at deep night. A valid opinion not unlike one I posited, but I wonder if seasons as a whole could use a second pass if the favorite season from the support on your post seems to be the lack of one. Some way to put on hold the weather effects similar to the Volcano's Altar of Snackrifice in Shipwrecked would help the design of seasons as a whole for players like you year-round rather than leave Autumn as the designated dull peaceful season, alongside more positive effects from the weathers (rivers freezing over in Winter) etc. I love the idea of a mob that would allow more control over those annoyances! Only problems I have are 1. hound waves just get so dull. I would love other types of mob attacks that do something slightly different and change up strategy i.e not just spawn and run at you, and 2. Vargs already exist, and would be the perfect candidate for a mechanic like this year-round.