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  1. All bad.

    Yeah, deleting the entire account is really extreme.
  2. Wormwood's Balance Problem

    No that's boring, the food downside is fun and makes you play strategically
  3. Wormwood's Balance Problem

    Sanity's already hard to manage with Wormwood, plus as I've said before, he has less access to Treeguards (if playing solo), so less access to living logs already. I agree with the compost wrap thing, the animation is way too long to be useful and the materials can be kind of hard to get in certain situations.
  4. Wes rework

    Wes is overpowered already though. He needs to only have 1 health and a 600x hunger drain to compensate for how amazing his balloons are.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Who needs clothes when you have a technology I need help
  6. Huge Memory Issue RoT

    Is the world you are running out of memory on retrofitted? I've heard that's an issue
  7. SJWs will complain if you eat an apple the wrong way He seems fine to me
  8. As a Wormwood main that would have been dope Also, the name Warbucks is so much more unique than the other unimplemented characters. Like it pops up way better than 'Winnie' or 'Wilton'. Heck, Wilton is just Wilson, just a letter replaced. Charlie doesn't start with a W, that's ILLEGAL
  9. I unironically think Warbucks has a good shot of being one of the next ones. Think about it: - Completely fleshed out Animations Sheet - Finished Sounds - Finished Inspection Sheet Ofc the mechanics he had in Hamlet are absolute garbage. I think that if he ever were to come into play, he would probably flesh out the somewhat bland hunting system. His character is based off the hunter from Tarzan, after all I think.
  10. Best characters ?

    As other people have said, it's the one you find the most fun to play. I've always hated the idea that you have to choose a character that's mechanically more powerful than another, even if you don't enjoy playing them. Except if it's Wes. That's a whole other issue.
  11. Screenshot showcase

    Chillin' at Sea. Bonus Pengull Conga Line
  12. Yes!!! Thank y'all so much! Good job Klei
  13. Seeing as Thursday is the usual date of Klei releasing things, along with the fact that they host a dev stream on Thursday, most likely yes.
  14. [Game Update] - 359445

    I don't know what this is but I want it