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  1. First off: Wow that is way too long for me to read Second off: All the forms are unique and do their own job well, I see no problem. Plus they're fun.
  2. I could see the hills and mountains be paper-mache, that would fit the style perfectly
  3. The problem is Tropical Experience is broken as crap and will crash very frequently. Plus it adds in a bunch of unnecessary stuff I escaped Beaver Island and lived to tell the tale
  4. Problem: Sailing in Summer and Spring

    Yea, there's no problem with the fires on boats if you're prepared. Luxury fans fix everything instantly lol
  5. From what we've seen in the files, a bunch of mobs are being planned for the ocean already, so I'd just wait for now
  6. I do agree that an option to have the world get harder over time would be very nice. A good challenge, because late game, things can get too easy. Like, Winter is an absolute breeze about a year in.
  7. It should really come down to planning where to put your boat, and not placing it without checking your surroundings. The worldgen is fine to me.
  8. dont mind werewilba
  9. Ok everything about the Goose form is a viable meme and its amazing
  10. Yes Klei! This is the perfect tweak!
  11. [Game Update] - 367770

    Thx guys!
  12. Oh I know you wouldn't, Im talking aboot others
  13. There are a bunch of really rude people calling the devs efforts garbage even though this update was really high quality. Don't bite the hand that feeds ya