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  1. I've noticed this happen a few times. I also kind of get the feeling that this might just sort of be a known thing about how fences work and I'm just out of the loop, so apologies in advance if so.
  2. Phew, hopefully folks will calm down a bit now. ^_^
  3. Thank you, thank you~ I actually just got finished changing the little modicon thing, and I'll consider uploading it to the workshop if only to more easily share it with friends. To update it with new walls, all I'd really have to do would be to add them to that list of prefabs, correct?
  4. Yes it does, though I haven't done anything to change the icon and some other things. Ah yes, it works now! Thank you very much for you time! If I upload this to the steam workshop, is it all right if I leave you as the author seeing as how I really didn't do anything? I'm not even sure if anyone would be interested in such a simple tweak and if it's worth uploading at all ha ha.
  5. I'm sorry to trouble you, but yeah nothing is happening. I place the wall and it still spawns at half health. On the plus side though, I was able to get the mod info stuff to say what I wanted it to, so at least I didn't mess that up! ^_^" I took some screenshots of the code I have in the mod folder, does anything look out of the ordinary? I'm sorry to trouble you like this..
  6. Again, thank you very much! And I do have a question actually.. Am I required to set configuration options in order for the mod to run properly? Or can I just leave them blank if the mod isn't meant to have them? (Which I think is the case for this mod?) I'm having a little trouble getting it work, though maybe I just copied the code you wrote wrong?
  7. Thank you very much for not only answering my question but also offering help on how to actually make it! I figured that it would be a rather simple thing to implement, but like I said it's been a hot minute since I've touched any coding stuff so this is very much appreciated~
  8. Hello experienced modders of the Don't Starve Community! So I've been thinking about trying my hand at creating a little something of my own, but admittedly, my experience with coding and such is rather limited. (I've taken a couple classes, but that was years ago) So as I'm looking into it, I wanted to ask a few of the more knowledgeable folks if what I'm trying to do would be very difficult or not. Basically what I'm aiming for is to create a mod that makes it so that when you build a wall, it spawns at full health instead of half health and can then be repaired. I don't think something like that would be too complicated, but I like I said I really wouldn't know, so if I could get an estimate from someone who does know what they're doing, I would very much appreciate it!