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  1. Phew, hopefully folks will calm down a bit now. ^_^
  2. I've been wondering this myself since the Woodie refresh. Now that he doesn't have to eat almost half of the logs that he chops, I was under the impression that even Woodie's regular self would be better at gathering wood than Maxwell. But yeah I don't think that your Woodie and Beaver data is entirely accurate since you didn't bother to dig up all the stumps like you did with Maxwell and considering the times as they are, I'd estimate that Maxwell is definitely faster. Woodie still has an advantage over needing much less resources to start gathering wood though, so I'm still not sure who I'd say is necessarily better.
  3. After testing out his new transformations, I concur that Woodie definitely still needs a bit of tweaking. But on the bright side, I'd say that he has regained his rightful title as the undisputed wood gatherer even without werebeaver, so at least there's that! Also of note is that he doesn't really have much in the way of downsides now does he? If you refrain from using the idols, you only have to worry about the potential situations where you transform when you don't want to like the full moon and eating monster meat. The monster meat can obviously be easily avoided and you have plenty of time to prepare for each full moon. Don't get me wrong, I still think he's in need of buffing! Just thought that these were things worth considering. ^_^
  4. Holy crap, I take a break from DST and when I come back, Woodie refresh is here in just a few days! You guys are awesome Klei~
  5. Wormwood is Now Live!

    Anyone else waiting for perfect plant baby to drop on the beta branch before trying him out or am I just a lunatic?
  6. Yay! Plant boi is almost here~ I forget, Wormwood is going to be considered one of the "new" characters coming to DST while Warly will be considered one of the "refreshes", correct?
  7. Holy crap.. They're actually adding shipwrecked elements to DST. Not just the characters, but actually sailing and stuff. Klei has collectively gone mad in the best way possible.
  8. Wendy/Abigail rework

    I don't play a whole lot of Wendy so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I was thinking about the idea of in exchange for making Abigail stronger in general, enough to the point where she can actually contribute towards taking on bosses, maybe she could be turned into a temporary summon rather than sticking around until she falls in battle. Perhaps we could do away with the need to kill a mob and Wendy could simply call or dismiss her at will by using her flower, but summoning would incur an initial minor hit to her sanity followed by a gradual sanity drain for as long as Abigail is active, so players would have to take some care to not summon her for every single fight. Of course then there's the issue that folks would use this to drain sanity super fast to farm nightmare fuel, but I'm hoping that down the road Klei makes the effects of low sanity a lot more dangerous to offset the benefits of any nightmare fuel you might obtain.
  9. On Examination Quotes

    While the examination quote's in general are one of my favorite parts about this game, I adore pretty much every god damn thing that comes out of Webber's blessed spider mouth. The fact that a young child like him can remain so sweet natured and optimistic despite such horrible circumstances just warms my heart~
  10. Weird Headcannons

    Okay so you know how one of the most useful things that you can do as Webber is to incite a massive spider civil war and collect all of their meat, silk, and organs as they kill each other? And you do you realize how this is also at the same time probably the single most uncharacteristic thing that our sweet, spider loving monster child could do? Well I came up with the idea that Webber doesn't actually realize that he's tricking the spiders into killing one another. Rather, he merely thinks that they're just playing a game. Just a big, roughhouse allowed, game of tag. And to thank him for organizing such a fun game for them, the spiders are just leaving him gifts of of meat, silk, and.. spider.. organs... Oh, and the other survivors do realize what's really happening, but they keep quiet because they know that if they told him, it would break his poor little heart. Wendy is especially serious about keeping it a secret and becomes absolutely terrifying if any of them so much as thinks about revealing the truth in any way shape or form. Is it a sound head cannon, not really no. Does it help relieve my personal guilt of precious cinnamon roll Webber manipulating some of the only things that he can call and consider dear friends in this horrible wilderness to slaughter each other en masse purely for the benefit of him and a small group of people who mostly do hate them? A little bit yeah.. Now if anyone can propose a better, more innocent theory explaining spiders wars, please do so and help me sleep at night. So far though all I've seen in this thread is that they're purely accidental which certainly isn't the worst suggestion, but poor Webber would be still probably be horrified and stricken with guilt and I ain't having none of that.