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  1. That's fine! But yeah, probably way too far to play with each other, sorry! Cvmoote has a discord server, can you invite us to it? We can discuss things further there. My handle is Stonetribe#5972
  2. Oh shoot, I didn't even see your post! Yeah I'd be happy to play with you as well! Where exactly do you live? I didn't mean that I was looking exclusively for players who also live in the United States, my bad for not for not being especially clear. If you're still relatively close like In Canada or Mexico then I think that it's still at least worth a try!
  3. That's fine! Like I said, I sound like the darn homestar runner so I won't judge. Let's just see if anyone else bites.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm just another poor soul who's grown tired of playing this excellent game by their lonesome. I'd like to assemble a small group of folks of at least three who play on PC. I'd like to play on at least a somewhat frequent basis, once a week would be ideal, but we all have lives outside of gaming so it's no biggie if someone ends up having to miss a session here and there. I live in the Midwest and would prefer that everyone involved live relatively close to each other in order to minimize any potential lag. I'm fine with folks of all skill levels, even newbies. I'd also like to play with a few very minor QOL mods that hardly change anything about the base game. Having the means to use voice chat over discord would be very much preferred as well. Although, I'll be upfront and say that I have a speech impediment that makes pronouncing 'r' sounds extremely difficult. While more than a few people that I've played with find it amusing (Especially if you're a fan of the Homestar Runner ha ha) I realize that for a lot of others it can be rather grating as it can make me sound a lot younger than I actually am. (I assure you, I am indeed an adult) And as a further extension of that, please be a decent human being and not an intolerant meanie who dislikes others due to stupid things like race, sexual orientation, etc.. Okay, I think that about covers it? Leave a reply if you're interested or have a question! Once/if we have enough people, we can do some further planing like what characters we'd like to play and possible mods that we'd like to include and whatever else needs going over before we start. Hope to hear from you soon!
  5. A lot of folks seem to think that many of the shipwrecked/hamlet characters shouldn't be added to DST because they have quite a bit in common with the existing characters. I don't think that's really a bad thing at all though! I mean, we already have Wolfgang and Wigfrid who are both combat oriented characters and Wendy and Willow who are both familiar oriented characters. I think that all of the remaining Don't Starve cast can be tweaked enough to stand out on their own while still overlapping with other characters. As for a couple of personal ideas..
  6. No, I am on pc and am aware of the "more" and "lots" world gen settings. Thing is, using even just the "more" setting for anything absolutely floods the world with way too much of said thing, and in the case of walrus camps would make winter borderline impossible to survive. (though admittedly it would be pretty amusing thing to try just to watch my inevitably death of being mauled by blue hounds while being gunned down by darts from all directions) The other thing that I don't like about those settings is that they spawn the selected things outside of the biomes/places that their supposed to only be found in, removing most of the challenge of gathering that resource as they would then literally be everywhere. Hope that doesn't seem too nitpicky.
  7. My vote goes towards an improvement for farming, even if it was something as simple as each harvest yielding two to three of the grown crop. That being said, the world related options had me remember how I often times wish that players were guaranteed more than one walrus camp per world. Unless you get the triple camp set piece, there's a very good chance that you won't be able to obtain enough walking canes on your first winter for a small group even if you kill him as many times as possible. But if the moonstone forest always had two camps instead of one, then that probably wouldn't be an issue barring extremely unlucky rng.
  8. The only boss I'd recommend face tanking is the Deerclops since his long attack range makes kiting him awfully tricky. Just grab a marble suit for everyone involved and start wailing on him! You should be able to take him down without taking too much damage, but be sure to plan ahead and prepare a method of restoring everyone's sanity afterwards. Edit: I forgot, also Dragonfly! Dragonfly is the other boss that I'd recommend face tanking as kiting her is also very tricky due to her ability to attack while moving.
  9. Boat bridges are unfortunate, I definitely agree with you there. But building Palm Leaf Huts at every point of interest on the mainland as well as roads between them all? Would anyone find the insane amount of time and resources to do that to be worth it just to counter rain, something that's not even that difficult to deal with in the first place?
  10. I'd say that the things suggested in this thread would be pretty balanced considering the fact that they're imobile structures that you only benefit from as long as you're under them. You're not going to accomplish much if you wait in one spot every time it rains in spring.
  11. I had this idea of being able to build a roof with boards that keeps out the rain, but it'd have to be supported by enough adjacent walls. That way you could rain proof your whole camp with enough resources if you wanted.
  12. It could possibly be a mod if op created the server themselves, in which case I'd recommend just banning the players responsible and rolling back to undo the damage.
  13. Again, I'm not saying that they weren't being jerks, but it's impossible for a Webber to use the slingshot so it sounds like you're making this part up.