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  1. In regards to melee combat, I agree that it would be better in most situations for autotargeting to focus on the closest baddie. But when using ranged combat I believe that players would benefit more from the way it currently works. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing for it to change depending on what kind of weapon that you're using?
  2. The camp thing was just an example of how she wouldn't want to set fire to the things that she needs to help her survive, which would exactly be the case if she builds an ice flingomatic in the first place. The original idea was her being able to set mobs on fire while preserving whatever helpful loot they might drop.
  3. I think that it goes a little further than convenience since this doesn't just apply to loot, consider sources of food or an entire camp site that she herself built. Willow would certainly enjoy setting fire to everything and watching it burn to the ground, but I think that she's also smart (and sane) enough to realize that she needs that stuff to live even if there aren't any short term consequences. It would certainly be fitting for her character to go to town and start burning everything in sight when she first found herself stranded in the Constant, but I think that before long she would begrudgingly learn that doing so doesn't leave much for her to eat. But if she had an ability to burn stuff while mitigating the consequences, that just means that she's able to indulge her love of starting fires all the more often.
  4. I think you're sort of missing my point. It's not that Willow wouldn't love to set fire to every single thing in sight. But I'm fairly certain that she also likes being alive just a little bit more. Everyone would love to simply not work for a living, but they do because, well they want to live. I won't argue that being a pyromaniac, she has a few screws loose, but self preservation still seems fairly important to her.
  5. I wouldn't quite say that.. No one will argue that Willow doesn't love starting fires, but I think that surviving is also pretty high on her priority list. Being able to set a bunch of spiders on fire while still being able to keep the useful silk and glands would probably be a pretty satisfying outcome for her.
  6. One idea that I had for Warly if he were added to DST would be to tweak his bonus from crock pot dishes. Instead of the 33% bonus being inherit to him, what if any crock pot dish cooked by him is given a special "gourmet" tag that bestows the 33% bonus to anyone who eats it, not just him. Honestly, it might be kind of op but it'd be an interesting way of cementing him as the team chef.
  7. A nerf to the meatball recipe limiting what works as filler wouldn't be such a bad thing either.
  8. Yeah that's the sort of impression that I got as well, that we'll get some new stuff but nothing too significant. I've thought of that same thing myself, using the main game as a sort of continent with the shipwrecked stuff surrounding the outer parts of it. But even though it would be incredibly interesting, I'm not especially confident that it would be practical to implement. Who knows though? Personally, I'd be happy enough if they simply added in the shipwrecked characters with refreshed abilities to better work in the main game. As for what I'm actually expecting personally? Well, I don't really know ha ha.
  9. I like that idea a lot actually! Maybe Bernie could even act like a Fire Pit that won't spread to flammable objects and could cook food. In a way it would function a lot like a star caller's staff and would make Willow a valuable team asset during Winter, though I'd think that he should lose durability while on fire for balance reasons, but he could still be repaired fairly easily with a sewing kit. And to avoid the current character swapping issue that the current Bernie had, it could be made that he'll only walk around and follow actual Willow's. It's her teddy bear after all.
  10. This. I want this. Please give us this. Maybe even extend it to certain other actions like ordering pigs to chop down trees and mine rocks.
  11. This is probably a not so popular opinion considering how popular things like the pryokinesis theory are, but I've always sort of liked the idea of Willow's fire related abilities remaining vague/unexplained since a human being obviously can't normally be immune to the harmful effects of fire and such. ^_^
  12. Where is everyone at

    Well we don't know exactly what Klei has planned, but certain kinds of content like new set pieces can't really be added to an older world. New character stuff like the Willow refresh should work just fine though!
  13. Where is everyone at

    I'm beginning to get the impression that the majority of the people here on the Don't Starve Together forums mostly play the game by themselves.. That is unfortunate..
  14. There's also the simple fix of making said items usable only by their respective characters.
  15. Where is everyone at

    I used to dabble in Klei servers a little, which are definitely good for finding new friends to play with. For awhile now, I've been playing solo with the automatic health adjust mod. I have been thinking about messaging a few people here on the forums about starting a private game though~ (Though I do worry about lag being an issue)