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  1. I was thinking this exact thing! Instead of being an item kept in the inventory and deployed, she could just walk into the water and whip it out, carrying on as if she were still walking.
  2. I can't believe that Woodlegs hadn't even crossed my mind until reading this. That would be a dream come true!
  3. Hey, remember how in the base game crops planted by Wormwood would stay fresh until you harvested them? That sure was neat, wouldn't mind if they brought that back.
  4. Okay, and how is murdering them while in the inventory any different from murdering them outside of it?
  5. Wait, wouldn't this make it impossible to build a prestihatitator/shadow manipulator when playing solo? I guess you could swap to a different character using the celestial portal, but that still sounds like a major pain in the arse.
  6. I remember playing a fair bit of Willow after her rework came out and have been wanting to get some ideas and thoughts off my chest for quite a while now. This seems like as good a time as any to finally compile them all. Infinite lighter durability when used by Willow This is a pretty common one that I'm pretty sure most people agree would be balanced. The lighter is only ever really used in the early game and this would give it a nice niche over the lantern. Overheating immunity This is a suggestion that I wanted way back before Willow's rework even came out. Isn't it just a little weird that the character who is immune to fire is still susceptible to heat stroke? This wouldn't bother me quite so much if not for the fact that WX can now achieve overheating immunity following his rework. It almost feels insulting to everyone's favorite pyromaniac, ya know? Bernie QoL Another common sentiment is for Willow to have some way to unsummon and pocket Bernie while he's hulked out. Personally though, I'd also love it if he had a health meter when he's active like Abagail does. Knowing when your tank is about to go down is pretty helpful. Additionally, I think that it'd be great if we could heal him with a sewing kit while he's active. That way players could save inventory space at the risk of being caught with their pants down if they don't manage to heal him in time. Also like Abagail, I really wish that we could just summon Bernie at will without having to rely on other methods to lower your sanity. It could work by using Bernie like how Wolfgang uses his dumbbells and would immediately set your sanity to zero. I know that it's not hard to just carry a few green caps around, but I think of how Woodie recently got a nice little QoL update that made his perks more easily accessible by changing his idols to no longer spoil and would really appreciate it if Willow got a similar treatment. Minor Bernie buff This is less a QoL and more of a straight buff, but I feel like Bernie could stand to be a little tankier. Don't get me wrong, if you're just using him to fight shadows then he does his job perfectly fine. But I feel like he often times goes down just a little too fast whenever you try to utilize him against non shadows. 2000 health seems like a lot and obviously you should be helping him and not standing around, but assuming you're the only one who's insane then he'll be taking 40-100 damage every couple seconds from shadows on top of the damage he's taking from whatever else he might be fighting. Additionally, many bosses deal double damage against other mobs, which of course includes Bernie. I think that increasing his health from 2000 to 2500 and making him exempt from taking double damage against the aforementioned bosses would go a long ways towards making him less situational.
  7. I think that ideally, Wilson's rework should only add a couple of extra perks that are about on par with his beard in terms of usefulness while still retaining his unique trait of having zero downsides. You know, things that are certainly handy but not game changing. I don't think that they even have to be thematically related. I can't really put it into words, but I feel like having a handful of unrelated perks would still kind of suit him as the "default" Don't Starve experience. Does that make the slightest bit of sense to anyone?
  8. I'd love it if den decorations wouldn't be destroyed when the den or a spider belonging to that den is attacked and instead only when shaved with a razor. The den decorating kit sounds nice on paper, but it's only really good for recruiting spiders and even though it also pacifies them, I feel like Webbers should still set up their spider dens a healthy distance away from the main camp in most cases. As it is now, I'd much rather maintain my dens at level 2 than lock them in at level 3 with decorations as I can still instigate spider wars and use them as protection from hounds. Oh, and I'd also like it if the sea strider switcherdoodle only required one fig instead of two. Or maybe even require kelp fronds instead of figs since those are a lot easier to farm.
  9. In addition to this, I'd like to propose a new, Merm Dumbwaiter structure that could be used to feed the Merm king on the surface while you're in the caves, or vice versa if you want to build your Merm empire underground for whatever reason.
  10. What about Merm king buff persisting between shards? Or does that not count because it's less of a qol and more of a significant buff?
  11. Yeah, I know that most people at least agree that Bernie's a bit janky. Really hope that they get around to being able to pocket him while he's hulked out. I'd also really like it if he had his own health meter like Abigail does and if we could use a sewing kit on him while he's still active. That could let us save inventory space from carrying multiple bears at the risk of being vulnerable to shadows if you fail to patch him up in time. It really is a damn shame that Willow's fire related perks have taken a backseat to the bear, especially with how one track minded 80% of her quotes are. As much as I hate to admit it though, it's probably for the best. Not saying that more fire perks couldn't be executed well, but encouraging players to frequently make use of a mechanic that's as destructive as it is is bound to cause problems in a multiplayer game like this. Although, I've always thought that it'd be great if WIllow was entirely immune to overheating instead of just slightly, and now that WX can achieve the same thing (albeit with giving up circuit slots of course) I want it even more now. Having the Kitschy Idols not spoil anymore really does make accessing Woodie's transformations a lot more convenient and I kind of wish that Willow could get a similar improvement with Bernie. I know that it isn't hard to carry a few green caps with you and you don't even have to worry about eating them when they start to go stale and spoiled, but I was considering what it'd be like if you could just immediately drop your sanity to zero and summon Bernie at will. It could executed by equipping him in the hand slot and clicking on Willow like with how Wolfgang uses his dumbells. Maybe it could even have a cute little animation where she swings him around by his tiny little bear arms before dropping him on the ground where said bear arms proceed to become considerably less tiny. I guess that might make her too good at gathering nightmare fuel though, so yeah I dunno, just wanted to share it anyways.
  12. Wasn't quite sure whether to put this here or in general discussion, but amidst all this WX-78 discussion I just wanted to express my appreciation for the Wurt improvements. I've hardly even touched the character myself, but seeing Klei addressing some of these long standing issues for a character who's release has since come and gone out of the blue like this just makes me so happy and I really hope that they consider giving a little extra love to some other characters that could use it. I'm sure that Winona would be most folk's first choice in terms of who's in most need for extra attention with maybe Walter coming in second, but personally I feel like Willow is considerably underwhelming compared to most other characters and it kind of baffles me with how rarely it's brought up. I mean don't get me wrong, her refresh was of course a massive improvement compared to the almost sorry state that she was in prior, but as time has gone on and more characters have been refreshed and released, I really feel like she's been left in the dust even though this is mainly a pve game and it isn't that important in the grand scheme of things. Am I just part of a small minority and am vastly underestimating how useful she can be? I'm genuinely curious if there's a consensus on this because it's been slowly driving me crazy for quite a while now.
  13. I'm loving the new crafting from chest feature, but I would love it so much more if it prioritized items in the chest over the items in my inventory. Maybe I'm just a noob for doing so, but I always like to carry a stack of grass, twigs, flint, and logs on me at almost all times, So when I go to my chest of grass to refine a bunch of rope for tooth traps, I'll inevitably want to refill/top off the stack of grass in my inventory and this would remove that extra step. Maybe it's just me but I wanted to throw this out there just in case it resonates with anyone else. Thanks and have a good one!
  14. I've always wondered if there was a console command to fill out all or parts of the plant registry. I've already completed it myself, but I have a younger cousin who likes farming in games but I'd imagine that she might have trouble with the whole researching mechanic and would have a lot more fun if she could bypass it.