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[Game Update] - 355234

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  • Developer


Additional Changes

  • Increased Insulated Pack size from 6 to 8 slots.
  • Added a new custom idle animation for Willow when holding Bernie.
  • Added a new custom idle animation for Winona.
  • Updated the Wardrobe Popup Screen.
    • Added support for mod character mode previewing using AddModCharacter(). Argument supplied is a table containing a table for each mode in order, with values for name, play_emotes, build, bank, idle_anim, scale, and offset.

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Portable Crock Pot / Portable Grinding Mill / Portable Seasoning Station


portable_cook_pot_cooking.gif.f397ab0208143b028381315a57c53c2a.gif portable_blender_proximity.gif.85fea581027e6cae05bedcad6921ce42.gif portable_blender_use.gif.26e1f040da17e31d2d736100710d58c5.gif portable_spicer_cooking.gif.e519c96c34a9e43a429814a9bb66fa0c.gif

Chef Pouch



Seasonings (Garlic Powder / Honey Crystals / Chili Flakes / Plate)


spice_garlic.png.7693223b771b5e4066e38319f0a299dd.png spice_sugar.png.577354415efab9c124f7b62b2e3f6bf4.png spice_chili.png.8dfb4166ba5aa2a139707e53b57d73ee.png plate-0.png.3c10d5b8bfb33ad86e8f128189a72128.png

New Recipes (* = Warly Exclusive)
(Asparagus Soup / Banana Pop / Bone Bouillon* / Ceviche / Hot Dragon Chili Salad* / Fresh Fruit Crepes* / Fish Cordon Bleu* / Asparagazpacho* /Glow Berry Mousse* / Creamy Potato Purée / Monster Tartare* /  Moqueca* / Grim Galette* / Stuffed Pepper Poppers / Puffed Potato Soufflé* / Fancy Spiralled Tubers* / Salsa Fresca / Vegetable Stinger / Volt Goat Chaud-Froid*)


asparagussoup-0.png.2ad1140379052ce6daac9902f8a6d955.png bananapop-0.png.e5612e9eda6eef1221892bd065097dba.png bonesoup-0.png.5d4cfaf208942c75f0d20aa7711dbe1a.png ceviche-0.png.0dde343946d258946dfc3a54fda27a03.png dragonchilisalad-0.png.68e4b05edb89ae19831e220403ac69ad.png freshfruitcrepes-0.png.55e142af47402f253f3a7c57bcd52bff.png frogfishbowl-0.png.1bd423412312c6b8d2b548b484705db7.png gazpacho-0.png.8c331551c31cdef3ed46c1132d12358f.png glowberrymousse-0.png.987d4009f986b992c5b92af775a51f10.png mashedpotatoes-0.png.df89ae47522002f3656d093ee9f9cdf2.png monstertartare-0.png.fc1accdb383eb3cd4ae67a139a24207f.png moqueca-0.png.02ec8908e33b13ba212eace49a1948a4.png nightmarepie-0.png.96e16ddf1056aeb61804be6160196306.png pepperpopper-0.png.746441b859b25f4b00b404f855cf7548.png potatosouffle-0.png.efe83fa4ae85dae4845e3f2d141900b7.png potatotornado-0.png.6bb6b6403db4e006fa0c974a4b2cfad5.png salsa-0.png.a7d9c7a8f2e671cdafab2f7082a90445.png vegstinger-0.png.67fa2f519686cf873c0458dab3368e3a.png voltgoatjelly-0.png.4cf90e092cb78959f24430ba1b45b8d9.png

New Vegetables (Toma Root / Potato / Asaparagus / Pepper / Onion / Garlic)


quagmire_tomato.png.330f0e462d124ae06d271fafa6d76ad0.png quagmire_tomato_cooked.png.f001a41a9b10961f2e26ab700bc0bd41.png quagmire_potato.png.f2fa64fed69acbd7a7ab54c306d236fa.png quagmire_potato_cooked.png.da0ccd6a6c133a56a21e396bccaf4d43.png asparagus.png.566120c5e933e494afee35ccb8e862c5.png asparagus_cooked.png.5dce4c28edaa6dee783b56c2feee3e55.png pepper.png.613cbdfd386ae975b59a619198b37fea.png pepper_cooked.png.665ea494363cddd42ce1c21c3c6adbb4.png quagmire_onion.png.7eb481601ab502772d60ccc19431379f.png quagmire_onion_cooked.png.996d625db43d36df37cdedb6fa2cbcc9.png quagmire_garlic.png.96245ba002ba2f0beb62b13b9ae56420.png quagmire_garlic_cooked.png.7a2e1cc45009973915c9e8ba367958f7.png




Warly Portraits and Quotes (Base / Trawler / Roseate / Victorian)


warly_none_oval.thumb.png.97f5e6635241594fbeac22bd9c33a5d6.png warly_fisherman_oval.thumb.png.87797cdb571afe24957ef6b7053b9b01.png warly_rose_oval.thumb.png.7aa467167d498a37fcf3ba7c8608701a.png warly_victorian_oval.thumb.png.df7f346ff03d9405cdddb3e03e9d9cdf.png

warly_fisherman = "\"I'm on a see-food diet.\"",
warly_rose = "\"And just a dash of sweet rosewater.\"",
warly_victorian = "\"I actually just work in the galley.\"",


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14 minutes ago, mirrormind said:

is it even worth holding bernie though ? even the wiki doesn't actually state how much sanity and warmth she gains from it

sanity +2 per minute (garland gives +1.33 per minute), warmth is actually insulation, not heat source, same as breezy vest or rabbit earmuffs (additional 60 seconds before freezing) which actually cancels out her innate negative winter insulation of -30

Edited by Parusoid
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4 hours ago, 0rutyna0 said:

So today is the day when cannibalism was officially added to the game.


'Bout time!!

This actually pleases me greatly, augh, I cannot wait to join servers and begin feeding players to each without them knowing!!

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1 hour ago, mirrormind said:

is it even worth holding bernie though ? even the wiki doesn't actually state how much sanity and warmth she gains from it

If it's not worth it holding Bernie, then you don't deserve to be called a gifted Willow player.

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1 hour ago, Ezaroth said:

Is the animation constantly looping or just a little jiggle like Wortox?

It's like all the other character's idles.

She'll squeeze Bernie/Ashley twice before going back to the normal idle. Then it'll swap between the normal idle and hugging the toy.

This is mainly the reason why I wanted her to have an idle outside of holding Bernie/Ashley... because it drains their durability, but otherwise I think it's mostly worth it currently.

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