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  1. Wes needs to win the rework

    characters should be actual characters instead of being a difficulty slider. not only does this opinion of mine apply to wes but also to wilson
  2. i agree with most of your post but i partly disagree with this. there have been countless threads and suggestions about how to implement some good stuff in this game that were 100% ignored; the very only exceptions being shipwrecked coming to DST (which happened in the form of RoT; btw thank you Klei) and the reworks (which in my opinion, so far, were left to be desired) the farms, the recipes, currently useless equipments and structures, AI combat patterns, RNG, celestial portal, sanity... i remember all of these already having their comprehensible suggestions that were barely even considered. sure i dont expect them to implement literally anything that the community proposes but you absolutely cannot say that we don't overexplain potential concepts around to give the devs some idea of what we want
  3. yea but it doesnt need to be that way. we have lots of items that are just plain useless, way too many timed mechanics and lack of difficulty (for veterans). its been agreed over and over again in several other games that self-imposed challenges is just an excuse to cope with lack of content; theres no reward and most people feel no satisfaction with doing that because thats like playing "the floor is lava" maybe its because the base of the game or the genre is unable to host more diversity and variety of good gameplay? maybe, but man there is so much wasted potential in this game due to stuff that could be implemented or even tweaked
  4. the completion of the reworks and more RoT. i also expect them polishing the reworks in the next winter or maybe 2021 kind of wanted the klei rewards to function properly too but i think it died
  5. ive met some that were somewhat entitled/oppressive. seems like i was unlucky i guess
  6. i have the exact same issue. got everything except for the bird cage
  7. we could get an opal amulet, since its the only gem that doesnt have one. it triggers the effects of total sanity (you can probably see where im going with this)
  8. i too think that theyve overdone it. im not too much into this but im probably a minority
  9. absolutely based. one of the best changes to the game in a while
  10. i have mixed feelings towards the fixed camera
  11. i hope they dont make it more powerful, just make it the extreme opposite or something like that. both light and darkness being equally evil but in different ways is something that really gets me going
  12. will there be a beta feedback board?
  13. this sounds exactly like what DST needed and the characters coming from the single-player DLCs is absolutely ground breaking and makes us not even know what to expect later. im very excited for this
  14. [Game Update] - 329526

    now this is looking very very good. loved the adjustments