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  1. mostly to change things that i dislike about the base game and add new content
  2. lets wait until april fools ends and see how it turns out ill be pretty disappointed if this comes to stay though, mostly because this will bring people to test him out in private servers for the update just to forget about him afterwards like it happened with Winona
  3. i mean you cant please everyone, but im still very sad this is the path they chose for wes i wonder if we still have time for the previous one?
  4. hmm yea, being a joke and being viable can both happen at the same time, in case you didnt know
  5. i hope this is an april fools joke. this is basically a kick in the nuts for whoever wanted wes to be viable in public servers
  6. is this being looked at, if its a klei side issue? the deadline is in 4 days
  7. i have the exact same issue. got everything except for the bird cage
  8. i too think that theyve overdone it. im not too much into this but im probably a minority
  9. absolutely based. one of the best changes to the game in a while
  10. i have mixed feelings towards the fixed camera
  11. i hope they dont make it more powerful, just make it the extreme opposite or something like that. both light and darkness being equally evil but in different ways is something that really gets me going
  12. now this is looking very very good. loved the adjustments
  13. i think for the willow rework she should be able to flash R with bernie into the bosses, killing them instantly, and say "?" after doing it