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  1. the issue most people see with woodie is that if you play with him normally, the only downside you will have is a minimal one in every full moon. all of his downsides are tied to his transformation perk, which isnt bad but its kind of awkward; both his upsides and his downsides happen at once when you transform hes probably better off without players that pick a character just to show how experienced they are, let alone with a player that purposefully picks a character that consumes more resources and gives nothing in return hes a nice meme and a different character for single player and private servers but in public servers wes is a red flag most of the time
  2. i came back from a hiatus and i missed a lot of stuff so idk. maybe a rerun of one thematic every once in a while would be nice now that i think about it its kind of a punishing system. i wish you could at least buy the stuff you missed
  3. getting rid of the maintenance you have to do AFTER you domesticate it should be a good start. theres no reason for that to be there
  4. i have the exact same issue. got everything except for the bird cage
  5. i too think that theyve overdone it. im not too much into this but im probably a minority
  6. absolutely based. one of the best changes to the game in a while
  7. i have mixed feelings towards the fixed camera
  8. i hope they dont make it more powerful, just make it the extreme opposite or something like that. both light and darkness being equally evil but in different ways is something that really gets me going
  9. this sounds exactly like what DST needed and the characters coming from the single-player DLCs is absolutely ground breaking and makes us not even know what to expect later. im very excited for this
  10. now this is looking very very good. loved the adjustments
  11. i think for the willow rework she should be able to flash R with bernie into the bosses, killing them instantly, and say "?" after doing it
  12. ive not been around in this forum lately. if this is true im actually perplexed that people said she had no upsides