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  1. i think either all of them should be useful for something or not. mothling being the one odd out makes me uncomfortable
  2. really awesome ideas in this thread. i thought i was the only one thinking that hound waves only downgraded to just being a nuisance (or game experience check) after a certain point in the game, and i absolutely agree that you need permanent changes throughout the game after finishing some milestones, but we need them to be engaging (and you know, fun), which can be difficult to achieve that one goes to either disease or petrification
  3. i'd say only being able to cast the spells while insane makes more sense, as magic seems to be something that most sane people don't do in this universe anyway, i think flat out receiving more damage would make sense for an old woman like her, but i certainly think she needs some more interactivity other than being a book crafting bot, specially when you look at the new additions and changes to existing characters. i dont like the trend of making every character overly complex but seeing how things are being done, i would feel bad for wickerbottom to be left out with only the books we currently have for her
  4. i too think that theyve overdone it. im not too much into this but im probably a minority
  5. i just think he needs a meaningful downside besides being forced into a transformation during full moon. tying downsides to each transformation feels sketchy if thats what is being planned
  6. these should be at 15, 30, 40 and 50 wetness, respectively. getting electronics any close to water is a no-no anyway, and WX definitely needs the downside to be harsh
  7. Wormwood's Balance Problem

    rare is a strong word. if you focus enough you can get some stacks of living logs in the first autumn, and later on you have better ways to farm it
  8. i dont know why but i always thought bacon and eggs was 2 meats. the more you know
  9. this is kind of off-topic but is there a listing of the chances for every new crop coming out of seeds yet?
  10. absolutely based. one of the best changes to the game in a while
  11. i have mixed feelings towards the fixed camera
  12. whenever we have OPs written like this i wonder if we'll have regional forums anytime soon
  13. i hope they dont make it more powerful, just make it the extreme opposite or something like that. both light and darkness being equally evil but in different ways is something that really gets me going