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  1. it looks like she's about to present this revolutionary tape that fixes everything and costs just $4.99 in a store right next to you
  2. im still surprised that klei let wagstaff have the thumper while woodie is still having trouble to keep up with his title. to make him better than that he'd have to get the trees down by just looking at them
  3. -75% maximum health plus full wetness should be enough. also making booster shots useful for experienced players for once
  4. ive played in 3 'serious' servers so far and all of them had the ruins in absolute unpredictable chaos, spread across the caves - stuff like the labyrinth coming right after a village and militaries one step away from a cave entrance. im pretty sure they changed the algorithms for the caves too
  5. perks for the other critters
  6. i hope they dont make it more powerful, just make it the extreme opposite or something like that. both light and darkness being equally evil but in different ways is something that really gets me going
  7. honestly more ways to get logs is exactly the thing i dont need. i may be a minority but i dont see myself using this axe at any point
  8. it would be enough of a fix if they just allowed airborne bosses/monsters to fly over the ocean like normal, since the loot can now stay afloat. i dont think anyone will use this strategy to kill ground bosses or normal monsters since theres better ways to get rid of them anyway
  9. i do everything here until the "boomerangs". something worth noting too is to explore the whole edge of the map and make two or three shovels instead of one with the science machine, and dig stuff while exploring. bonus points if you manage to find chester and clockworks
  10. warly wont be a paid dlc character. he'll be a refresh, for some reason dont know about the others
  11. will there be a beta feedback board?
  12. this sounds exactly like what DST needed and the characters coming from the single-player DLCs is absolutely ground breaking and makes us not even know what to expect later. im very excited for this
  13. Hamlet ; lack of lore

    something that bugs me is that they didnt state if hes coming to DST or not, as if the absence of an answer is a plot point
  14. give her the construction amulet perk when able to craft quickly but at the same time revert her hunger downside "hotfix" and increase the hunger lost. that will make her better for crafting while not allowing her to craft multiple cheap items quickly without giving anything in exchange, and also giving her a harder experience in the early game but making up for it, since thats when you craft most of the useful structures. that would also make her a better base caretaker that COULD be OP with the magic and ancient tab but since shes more associated with brute force than magic those should just not be affected by this perk at all