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  1. i voted for ancient fuelweaver because he's the only boss that has a challenging fight. i think all that bosses like toadstool and bee queen have going on for them is artificial difficulty; just overloading you with numbers
  2. something that i recently realized is that its hard to balance difficulty when youve got to a point where you can reliably make a bunnyman farm. theres not much they can do to balance worlds with more than one year since by then you are already very self sufficient and no matter how hard they nerf stuff, you will always be able to get the resources you need. the bunnyman/pigman farms are just an extreme of that, and most of the resources coming from it you end up not even using for a very long time the difficulty scaling of this game is similar to most survival/souls-like games: its the hardest at the start and from there it only gets easier. if youre not doing a casual world you should probably be aiming to move on to another world as soon as you kill every boss and/or do your challenges until klei decides to make an official hard mode i do agree, however, that some items are very underpowered when compared to others which require less effort or resources to acquire. foods are a great example of that, but yea that happens with a lot of equipments too
  3. getting rid of the maintenance you have to do AFTER you domesticate it should be a good start. theres no reason for that to be there
  4. the point of them depicting Charlie as a queen implies that she is the strongest piece of the checkerboard. from the beginning she became a part of the Constant, unlike Maxwell, as the night monster, and we saw how she was a bit too well when getting inbued with shadow magic after a bit of a struggle. maybe she's possessed, but then again the figure that we see having the most power outside of lore clues is her theres also the theory that Charlie may be letting Them use her so that she can use Them and their magic to do something else in the Constant. maybe she isnt yet entirely evil and is just playing with the tools she has to achieve something (which yea, wouldnt make her a villain per say but would make her character interesting imo)
  5. either wes or wilson. i think ive said multiple times already that i dont like the idea of them being a difficulty slider instead of being an interesting character with a unique gameplay new players like to facetank and she's the best character to do just that
  6. if you were able to filter his bs his videos were actually somewhat informative. he was just too entitled and he sounds like a teenager freedo films is the one that is spot on for most of my thoughts right now so i think my favorite is him
  7. i have the exact same issue. got everything except for the bird cage
  8. i too think that theyve overdone it. im not too much into this but im probably a minority
  9. absolutely based. one of the best changes to the game in a while
  10. i have mixed feelings towards the fixed camera
  11. i hope they dont make it more powerful, just make it the extreme opposite or something like that. both light and darkness being equally evil but in different ways is something that really gets me going
  12. this sounds exactly like what DST needed and the characters coming from the single-player DLCs is absolutely ground breaking and makes us not even know what to expect later. im very excited for this
  13. now this is looking very very good. loved the adjustments