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  1. this isn't really a roadmap . . . all they're actually saying is they're going to continue what they've been doing , update the game every month or so , and they're ' aware ' that lore and base game updates are wanted that's not a roadmap , there's no destinations or dates of arrival . this is basically just a super vague devlog . i honestly don't know any more about the games future having read this other than it's not dead , which i generally already knew
  2. The lean to is only usable during the day which is the most productive time to be doing something else, making it worse than the tent, especially since hunger is completely negligible. If you need to use rabbit earmuffs or a pretty parasol at the start of a season you are not very good at this game. If you need to use rabbit earmuffs or a pretty parasol because you just joined a server, the people already in it aren't very good at the game for not having accrued enough spare resources to give you decent equipment unless they've been swarmed by new players; and you generally shouldn't be joining cooperative servers during the harsh seasons anyways since it's an unfair burden on the players who are already in it. Decreased hunger rate is useless, hunger is not a problem if you're competent at the game, and that's the only benefit it provides that is different than a puffy vest. Have you actually even used it, or mentally compared it to anything else, or factored in anything at all. Actually it's worse than a puffy vest because I'm pretty sure it degrades faster. Seems like folly to continue debunking these should you add more "criticisms" to your reply.
  3. It's the most common and predominate pseudo-"argument" I've seen to the very mention of balance suggestions and it's not exaggerated at all, that's exactly what people say although they try to sound less absurd when they utter it. And that generally seems to be the very logic you're attempting to use in your subsequent text, which is likely why my preemptive mockery of that logic triggered you so. I'm sorry that you're confused.
  4. The developers seem quite fine with not altering existing content at all besides the character reworks, which is unfortunate because there's at least two Return of Them updates worth of content in this game that nobody uses because it's just not worth it. So after a thousand hours of playing I feel like posting this regardless. Also, with in regards to underpowered content, the "I used this thing one time in a very specific situation and have never used it since or for anything else but because I used it once that makes it balanced this game is perfect stop complaining" argument is a fallacy. While it is true that some content is situational by design, most of the content in this game is blatantly not designed to be situational it's simply so bad you never would use it unless you had literally nothing else. Here goes, Blow Darts - Crafting them should produce three of said blow dart instead of one. A single blow dart is equal to only two hits from a medium to high tier weapon, blow darts simple aren't powerful enough to be worth crafting in their current state. Sleep darts should put enemies to sleep much easier since the sleep mechanic is situational enough as is, if it was easier to trigger at least it would be more appealing to use for strategic purposes. Fire darts should deal more base damage than regular darts, since using fire is generally disadvantageous so players should be rewarded for taking the risk of burning everything down by dealing more damage with them. Electric dart base damage should at least be the same as regular dart. Damage modifiers from things like character perks shouldn't apply to them. Breezy Vest - It takes comparable effort to craft a breezy vest than a winter hat yet the breezy vest is half as good and takes up a more important equipment slot. It should at least have the same warmth value as a winter hat if not slightly more. Rabbit Earmuffs - Although being relatively easy to craft they are so bad there's basically no reason to even bother, they provide so little warmth that even if you're desperate they still give you little to no actual benefit. There's really not much you can do to balance them that wouldn't disrupt the status quo with the winter hat, so I would suggest giving them a different benefit entirely such as a small speed boost or causing rabbits to no longer run away from the player. Tam 'O' Shanter - Is too strong. It basically gives the player immunity to most forms of sanity drain yet is relatively easy to acquire and mass produce even. Plus it's only really unusable during the summer so that's three quarters of the year that players can essentially be part Maxwell. Reducing its sanity regeneration to be decent but not more than items that provide no other benefits than sanity regeneration would make it less predominate. Tentacle Spike - If the player knows how to kite tentacles, or lures powerful enemies into fighting them, the player can easily mass produce this. Yet after all the tentacles are gone it then becomes an obscurity that can only be found from tentapillars. Reducing the drop rate but having surface tentacles respawn during the summer would better balance their availability versus renewability. Ham Bat - Deals comparable damage to other mid and high tier weapons yet is generally easier to acquire and potentially lasts longer if used aggressively. The damage should be lowered to match how easy it is to craft and use. Bat Bat - Although the health regeneration is nice players can mass produce healing items and comparable or stronger weapons much easily. Reduce the material cost so that it's actually worth crafting, and reduce the amount of sanity it drains so it's less punishing to even use. Tail 'O' Three Cats - Very tedious to craft, its de-aggravation ability potentially interferes with kiting, and it deals terrible damage. Reduce the amount of tentacle spots it requires, reduce its durability to only a dozen or so uses, and instead cause it to forcibly pacify any mob hit by it. The pacified mob won't be able to attack anything for a brief period time so the player can switch to another weapon and attack it while it's vulnerable. Allowing the weapon to be used as a unique combat advantage to disable enemies so that they can't defend themselves. Cat Cap - Harder to make than a winter hat yet worse to use. The cat cap should instead provide more warmth than a winter hat, but less than a beefalo hat still. Rain Hat - Should provide at least eighty or ninety percent wetness resistance and helmets shouldn't provide any. When combined with an umbrella it's currently easier to craft a helmet, which has nothing to do with protecting against water, than an actual hat designed to protect against water. Moggles - Provide only a moderately larger sight radius than a lantern yet are harder to craft and much harder to fuel, generally only being useful for exploring the ruins as the extra sight is effective for seeing dangerous in the distance. Moggles should either last significantly longer or gain significantly more durability from glow berries to compete with the easier to use and maintain light sources in the game. Night Armour - Increase its durability, or decrease its material cost, and decrease its sanity drain to make it more appealing compared to other much easier to make armours with comparable protection. Thulecite Crown, Suit, Club, Pick/Axe - Significantly increase all of their durability to match how difficult they are to craft. Additionally the Pick/Axe should be even more effective than just a twenty percent bonus. Scalemail - Lower than average protection, costly to craft and is a fire hazard. Remove the fire hazard entirely and give it 95% damage reduction along with comparable if not more durability than thulecite. If players are going to fight a boss just to give a single piece of armour it should at least be useful for taking on other bosses. Scaled Flooring - Should provide smoldering immunity to all structures on it. Avoiding smoldering is already so simple as making a flingo, if players are going to fight a boss just to get some floor it should at least be an upgrade from using a flingo. Flooring in General - Plants should only be able to be planted on the appropriate flooring, for example trees shouldn't be plantable on solid rock or desert ground it makes absolutely no sense. Currently the flooring system is entirely cosmetic, if players had to transplant flooring to be able to plant certain things in certain places it would add more depth to the game and make flooring actually meaningful. Artificial Flooring - Player made flooring like wooden, carpet and checkered should provide a slight speed boost to give players a practical reason to craft and place them beyond cosmetics Snelmet , Snurtle Shell Armor - Although both are powerful pieces of equipment their mere rarity makes them generally not worth acquiring, The drop rate of the shelmet should be significantly increased considering how long it takes to even kill slurtles, and the appearance rate of snurtles should be increased. Furthermore slurtles shouldn't be able to immediately hit players when they spawn after their nest is hit. Belt of Hunger - Food is so relatively easy to produce that having an equipment item to reduce hunger is redundant. Significantly reduce its durability and cause it to increase the overall effectiveness of eaten food would make it a much more interesting advantage. Straw Hat - Needs to provide more wetness resistance to give players more ways to resist wetness if helmets aren't going to provide any. Night Light - Impressively awful, requires a decent amount of resources to craft and is just not worth using in general versus a fire pit. Giving the night light the ability to produce the opposite temperature of the current season, reducing its sanity degeneration and making its fire last longer would make it much more of an actual upgrade to the existing two firepits. Pumpkin Lantern - Should at least last much longer in general and have a slightly bigger light radius. It could have unique potential but it's so obscure to craft and hardly lasts any time that it's not worth bothering with. Top Hat - Considering that it provides no other benefits than sanity it aught to provide more sanity than a tam o shanter, which does have alternate benefits beyond its sanity regeneration. Basic Farm and Improved Farm - Rename them to something else and give them the same growth rate but different benefits. There's essentially zero reason to craft a basic farm when it's not much harder to craft an improved one. If they had the same effectiveness but different quirks then there'd be more reason for two to even exist. Morning Star - Considering the rarity of acquiring goat horns, and with Warly it's far better to make the jelly, the Morning Star should be stronger and last much longer to be worth using in comparison to how awkward it is to craft. Boomerang - Beyond farming birds there's essentially no reason to use it at all. Giving it more damage and perhaps the ability to briefly knockout enemies (sleeping animation) but not fully put them to sleep like a dart or flute would may give the boomerang more appeal. Monster Meat - Should automatically turn any meal it's cooked with into monster lasagna. If birds are fed it they should produce a bad egg, or take damage so that they can only be fed a certain amount of monster meat every while or they'll die. The game is absolutely filled with numerous sources of healthy meat and there's little reason to bother with most of them when it's easier to just use monster meat. Yes higher tier food sources require healthy meat but you don't need them, and you can find other ways to regenerate health and sanity while sustaining your hunger perpetually with meat balls. If monster meat was actually punishing to use at least players would be forced to find more diverse and less effortless ways to substitute for meat in the crockpot. Ice - If more than one piece of ice is used in the crockpot the meal should turn to wet goop. Ice can be easily mass acquired and infinitely preserved in the icebox thus defeating the point of winter being a harsh season and providing a bountiful amount of on demand filler for the next season or longer. If ice couldn't be used as an exclusive substitute for generic filler players would be forced to find more diverse and interesting ways of survival than subsisting off frozen water. Dapper Vest - Should provide more sanity regeneration. Feather Hat - Generally no point to use it since birds already spawn decently frequently, if it had less durability but caused birds to not longer fly away from the player that may give it more of a unique advantage. Ice Cube - Significantly easier methods of staying cool already exist, if it at least provided complete immunity to overheating but didn't last as long that could make it more appealing to some degree as an alternative to the chilled amulet. Fashion Mellon - Also too obscure to use versus current methods of staying cool, increase its overheating protection. Backpacks - The meta. So many body based pieces of clothing in this game exist but they're mostly all not worth bothering as hats can generally protect you decent enough from temperatures, and important body pieces like armor can just be swapped to on the go. Decrease the amount of slots on the basic backpack, and cause players movement speed to be slowed down slightly for each unique item in their backpacks. Remove the speed reduction on the piggy back. Have the higher tier backpacks penalize the player subsequently less each tier, piggyback to insulated pack to krampus sack. Straw Roll and Fur Roll - Keeping a tent is so much easier and more effective that both of these aren't worth using. Make the straw roll cost more resources but have the same benefits as a tent, so that it becomes basically a portable tent, and make the fur roll last longer or be more effective. Siesta Lean-to - Whatever role it's supposed to serve it really just doesn't, instead it could be a lower tier tent that costs cheaper resources to make but has less uses. Rain-o-Meter / Thermal Measurer - Perhaps players could gain a sanity bonus when examining them each day. The better the climate and weather forecast is the more sanity they gain from looking at them. Grass Suit - Decrease the grass cost by like half. It's meant to be a junk item but at the same time if it cost less at least it would be more appealing to make in an emergency as a disposable piece of armour. One-man Band - Generally increase its effectiveness and reduce its sanity reduction to make it more useful for mass recruiting followers, and allow it to buff followers as well so that it's more useful as a support tool. Ocuvigil - Make it tell the player which direction the lunar island it is, so that it becomes a valuable progression tool to make it easier to find the island. Fire / Ice Staff - Have both deal an average amount of base damage to the enemy struck by them so that they actually are decent ranged weapons instead of near pointless niche things. Specifically have the fire staff deal more damage since it's more of a risk to use. The Lazy Deserter - Pointlessly punishes solo players, should be usable solo but at a significant sanity cost Telelocator Staff / Telelocator Focus - Generally cost too many purple gems to be worth using much unless the player has accrued a lot of them from long term boss and ruins farming. If they cost less purple gems in general, and if one purple gem was enough to fuel the focus for one use, it would be more appealing to use without needing an absurd stash of purple gems. Walls - While being a great idea in concept they're almost useless for defense due to little durability they have, if their durability was significantly increased they at least might have some more value than being used as pens and to provide the illusion of safety. Additionally it should be possible to place walls on tiles adjacent to the ocean / abyss. Bee Mine - Not worth using between the cost of creating it and the general lack of threat bees provide, also is one use. If the mine dealt damage on activation, significantly more damage than a tooth trap, and cost stingers instead of bees it could be useful as a higher tier single use trap. Currently the only purpose it has is forcibly aggravating bees onto mobs, which can already be done in a variety of other ways and there isn't much point to it anyway. Napsack - Pointless. If it put enemies to sleep significantly longer and the sleep is so deep they don't even wake up when attacked that might make it at least more useful. Whirly Fan - Although being cheap to make it does so little it's not worth bothering. If it provided a more significant temperature reduction that may make it more desirable. Pretty Parasol - Also easy to make but not worth using, if it was slightly more affective and lasted much longer then maybe. Weather Pain - Increase its damage or durability to make it more useful for fighting as a ranged weapon than just two specific bosses. End Table - Increase the sanity gained from putting a flower in the pot so it actually has some value as a sanity management tool. Luxury Fan - Increase its uses to compete with easier to craft methods of staying cool primarily the chilled amulet. Allowing the luxury fan to provide a speed boost to your boat if used in proximity would also give it more purpose. Honey Poultice - Increase its healing, as it's easier to make food that heals a comparable amount. Bee Queen Crown - Give it more defense, durability so that it can actually be used as a piece of armour. Additionally allowing it to be repaired, or giving it the ability to slowly mend itself overtime, would make it more useful outside of just being a sanity station type item. Considering this is a drop from one of the strongest enemies in the game. Hibernation Vest - Give it more warmth and at least comparable durability to a puffy vest, considering it's a boss item and it takes up a valuable slot. All of the obscure crockpot recipes - There's a lot of crockpot recipes in general that are so awkward to create yet provide comparable or even worse benefits than things that are easier to make. It really should be the opposite of that. So this is at least 80%+ of the items in the game and a majority of them I legitimately never use since there's either something better that isn't on this list, it is on the list and I'm suggesting it be nerfed, or it's something so situational that there's no point in using it most of the time. It's really tragic honestly how much content in this game is just not worth touching. And considering what I've seen elsewhere even though all the underpowered items on this list are pretty much never used, and after a thousand hours of playing I've both seen this in other servers and in my own, and all the overpowered items are almost exclusively what people do use, again from my own experience after a thousand hours; there's still going to be people who are like GAME IS BALANCED SO PERFECT EVERYTHING USEFUL STOP WHINING I USED THIS THING ONE TIME THREE YEARS AGO SO IT'S TOTALLY USEFUL. Yeah imagine how much more interesting the game would be if the meta didn't consist of there only being one or two useful items per general concept, while multiple other options exist but the developers have just never bothered to balance it properly. So the progression of every server is generally just the exact same thing over and over again since all the alternative playstyle options are objectively worse and thus only used when you don't know any better or when you have nothing else.
  5. This is getting so frustrating, stop making character skins that have some gaudy piece of clothing attached to their head as a part of the character skin. Second Winona skin in a row that I'm not going to buy because it will match absolutely no outfits except ones that are built around fitting the head piece she wears as a part of the skin. Wigfrid has the exact same problem, like half of her skins have her wearing some metal on her face that will absolutely clash with most outfits you can possibly make. If you're going to do it then at least give the option to disable the obnoxious head attachment so the skin can match more than one outfit. The entire reason I use character skins is because they give alternate hairstyles and faces I can pair with my outfits, adding an obligatory head attachment that makes the skin clash with 99% of the outfits completely defeats the entire point of them existing in a cosmetic system where you can mix and match everything. Because from a fashion standpoint you can't anymore, because there's almost nothing to mix and match it with except the outfit it came with.
  6. How do you feel about Winona now?

    Winona serves one purpose, catapults. Her spotlight is so pointless it's a hard "Do the developers play their own game?" kind of moment trying to rationalize its existence. If Winona had maybe three or four new viable structures, and an actual downside beyond her awkward hunger mechanic, then maybe. Now that her rework has passed it's unlikely she'll ever be fixed. Especially considering that the developers starkly refuse to rebalance older content in general beyond these character reworks. They aren't concerned by the fact that half or more of the items in this game are not worth using so why would Winona get special treatment in comparison.
  7. Been like this for a year.
  8. If a certain amount of caught fish are in a small enough area there's a chance every X amount of time that a Malbatross will spawn and try to eat the fish maybe. So between fish in storage, fish on the ground and fish in player inventories if a certain threshold are present while on the water or near the outer shores in a small area the smell has a chance to attract a Malbatross every however often. And it will destroy structures containing fish or attack players holding fish in order to get to it and eat it. If fish is too niche it could be attracted to cooked foods in general too, since they would also have a distinct smell to them. Currently I don't see a reason for it to exist. It doesn't do anything, or have any presence, it's so awkward to find yet the reward is relatively forgettable. At least this way it would actually be a threat which adds more to the gameplay, and it would function in a specific way which makes both hunting and avoiding it more comprehensive.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    the hype for this rework has really woodied
  10. would be nice if these roadmap updates became the norm since they plan on sequentially refreshing characters and return of them adding content right now this particular roadmap has completely run its course , all that's left is the brief mention that woodie's refresh is in early september
  11. is it even worth holding bernie though ? even the wiki doesn't actually state how much sanity and warmth she gains from it