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  1. For the sake of the community (and JoeW not smiting us) maybe we shouldn't talk about religion if it's not in clear reference to the game.
  2. Salt Formations

    Is it just me or do the new salt formations resemble people? I might just be overthinking things, but they look like people that have been crystallized one of them even looks like a person cowering. We've already had instances of petrifaction with the the Petrified Trees and Moonrock Pengull. Does anybody have any theories on where these things came from?
  3. So how do we access the Salty Dog beta?
  4. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    That's pretty gruesome, but that looks amazing. Great work!
  5. The future of Gestalts?

    I wouldn't call Gestalts the opposites of 'Them', but rather the obvious opposite of Shadow Creatures. They're only revealed when we have enough Enlightenment as opposed to low sanity. And while Shadow Creatures give you nightmare fuel, Gestalts put you to sleep, possibly into a dream state. Also based on the definition of Gestalts, it could be assumed that while they're all small and almost insignificant, they're working towards something much bigger.
  6. How to cool down Nightmare Fuel?

    I gotta disagree, I like his content. And people have to make money somehow. But to each their own, y'know?
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I've gone back a few pages to see what's up with our awful meme page, and I think it's safe to say Maxwell Memes is a perfect incarnate of this image:
  8. skin question: The trawler

    Loved the idea for the Oasis Bound characters, so I drew up a few of them. None are super great, but it's late and I'm tired.
  9. The 'alchemy pod' seems to have ONI-style inspiration to it, though I don't think there's any source confirming that.
  10. Um, this is a such a weird question. Of course games are gonna be inspired by other games, because games are fun. Dev's are gonna put in things they like and things they need based on user request, which is gonna be based on things we like. And we're gonna like things that we've seen before and enjoyed. But basing it off just 'Terraria' and 'Minecraft' because of similar genres seems like a really weird suggestion. I don't understand what the purpose of this post is? It's like asking 'should we add more stuff to don't starve, and have the stuff be things you would find a in a survival/rogue-like game?'
  11. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    Here's my go at the Horror Hound, can't wait until Turn of the Tides comes out of beta.
  12. Your argument isn't necessarily invalid, but considering that most turfs can't be regenerated burning them is really wasteful. And base building is a luxury that a lot of players don't get to. Turf is a tedious thing to get, having more of it isn't going to put you in god mode by any means. I'm not sure why you're defending this idea so thoroughly? This is a forum for 'discussion' you know.
  13. Do we need a new season?

    4 season are actually not core to the game, by literal definition. Don't Starve only has two season, Reign of Giants introduced Spring and Summer (well the intense summer). If they added more before then why not add more now?
  14. I've seen plenty of people discussing the need for more challenge and variety to DST and others who think that the game shouldn't be more of a challenge, as its steep learning curve takes a while to climb over. I think that if we added a new season, maybe something after summer this could be at a point where players have to be experienced to make it that far into the game and doesn't make the game complicated for new players. It could also give more veteran players a new experience that they need to prepare for, like with freezing or hounds. With DST's magical elements I'm sure there's a lot of types of 'seasons' that could fit into the game. So what do you guys think?
  15. The Ancient Civilization

    Is it me or are there only Purple, Green, and Yellow gems? Seems strange that the other gems aren't present, though this could be due to the image's saturation.