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  1. You guys know it cost a lot of money to make games, right? Like a lot. I'm sure the guys at Klei too a lot of time whether or not this was a responsible decision before going through with it. While I'm not fan of Tencent I appreciate Klei's transparency with something that I'm sure they know would be controversial. Now we can toss out hypotheticals as much as we want, but how about we wait until something actually happens? While some complaints against the ethics of Tencent might be viable, it seems like a lot of people are jumping the gun and saying Don't Starve's gonna go all down hill from here. Klei has delivered miracle after miracle with their games, are we all so quick to jump ship once things don't go our way? Save the complaints for when real mistakes roll out, if we start to notice and over-monetization or a drop in quality then I say we go get the pitchforks. But jeez, have some faith.
  2. I main Warly and he is a ton of fun, but a big challenge. Until you get a Krampus Sack, I would recommend using the insulation pack to carry around food, and make sure to keep your hunger level high or carry around crockpot dishes, because you can easily starve if you don't keep an eye on things. And since he can only eat crockpot dishes, you have to run all the way back to base and cook something if you don't have a crockpot or food on hand. I'd just suggest getting a farm and getting comfortable with different recipes, a cookbook might help with that, so you can cycle different dishes. Overall he has great abilities that help with gathering materials, big fights and just surviving.
  3. Warly pairs pretty well with Wormwood, since Wormwood can supply with some important ingredients for special dishes like bone soup, moqueca, asparagazpacho and the list goes on. However if you want to kill bosses Wigfrid and Wolfgang are especially strong fighters.
  4. Is there anything that can be done with sketches once they're already used? Once you've started killing bosses and have used your first sketch they accumulate pretty quickly and just sit around your base uselessly. The only thing I know of is using them as fuel which seems really wasteful. It'd be nice if maybe we could 'erase' them at a cartography table or something to recycle them for papyrus. Does anybody know any in-game usage that I'm missing, or do you guys agree that they should have some other purpose to make them somewhat useful?
  5. Depends on what you mean by different art style, I would personally prefer people try to stick with something that matches the game thematically. We already have enough modded anime characters running around.
  6. With all these great skins for Wormwood, it'd be nice if there was some way to artificially force bloom for Wormwood. Maybe like crafting a super fertilizer out of plant parts or something along those lines, maybe it could be a nice way to tie in sea/moon island content since Wormwood originates from the moon.
  7. You keep out doing yourselves, even in the middle of a pandemic Klei still delivers top tier content. It's an understatement to say we don't deserve this.
  8. For the sake of the community (and JoeW not smiting us) maybe we shouldn't talk about religion if it's not in clear reference to the game.
  9. That's pretty gruesome, but that looks amazing. Great work!
  10. I've gone back a few pages to see what's up with our awful meme page, and I think it's safe to say Maxwell Memes is a perfect incarnate of this image:
  11. Here's my go at the Horror Hound, can't wait until Turn of the Tides comes out of beta.
  12. I'm not seeing skin portraits from the curio cabinet? Does anybody else have a similar issue?
  13. Love the baby Oshnu, welp. Here's a forging Oshnu. Can't wait til the games out on Steam.
  14. Hey, that's some great work. But to keep this thread organized, why don't you make your own topic in the DS art forums so you can show off all your work. If you make something in line with the challenge we'd all love to see it here, just make sure to keep it thematic.