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  1. We have renewable pig skin from werepigs during the Lunar Staff event.
  2. Yeah, when I say "with Charlie" I mean he was in a relationship with Charlie as to be a reason why he probably wasn't with Wickerbottom.
  3. Don't think that's the case because Maxwell was a travelling magician when he came to the states and was with Charlie. And I do not care for shipping characters at all.
  4. Eh, I disagree. I think it'd be fine as an easter egg. While some relationships in between the survivors, like Maxwell as Wendy's uncle, can be interesting with too many it gets to be convoluted and feel like a fan fic or something. I think Apex has that exact problem where for some reason all the legends are related. It just feels a little too convenient and forced and kind of a lazy way to create relationships between chracters.
  5. I don't think it's that likely that it's a teaser for a new character. Tbh I don't want any new characters, I think there's enough in the current roster to focus on.
  6. I wouldn't get your hopes too high. The devs have a lot on their plate w/ different things to focus on or add. I'm sure they'll tweak characters as the community responds to things, but don't count on all your suggestions making it to the final product.
  7. I sure hope this is an unpopular opinion, because I think AF's design is amazing. They look absolutely fantastic. One of my favorite designs in the game for sure.
  8. I'm pretty hesitant for anymore crossovers. I think Terraria feels like an exception and is done well, but I think crossover-overload would leave a bad taste in my mouth.
  9. I strongly disagree. RNG should be well balanced, but not every mob should have their drop guaranteed. Rarity increases the value of the reward.
  10. It sounds cute, but I would hope the devs are focusing on anymore last minute balancing changes or bug fixes before they rollout the update. This seems like something that might be fitting a QOL later, not a Wickerbottom update this close to release.
  11. I disagree, I think that in general giving several characters the same/similar enough abilities can lead to invalidating synergy. In this case, I don't think it's that big a deal if Wickerbottom was able to summon Treeguards in some way or form. Wormwood's free log isn't as taxing on resources as fighting Treeguards; however, I'm just saying that some resource scarcity does open up a little bit more synergy and cooperation. But even without a Wormwood or Woodie, Wicker can get living logs just fine with the mechanics available to all players. So I don't think she necessarily needs a method to summon Treeguards exclusively to her, since we have other chraracters that do it just fine. That being said, I wouldn't be really too upset if it was added. Just don't think its necessary is all. Not sure what you meant by that second sentence. Maybe I'm tired or maybe there's a typo, sorry.
  12. I don't think the beta has been that bad. There's a bit of cynicality and passive aggressivesness on the beta forum but I think people have still been fairly level headed and communicating their ideas well. There's a lot of perspectives to take in, I'm sure Klei's considering a lot more than we see behind the scenes.
  13. I don't think it's too problematic to have more synergy with other characters like this. Woodie and Wormwood can help Wicker get living logs early; however, if they don't exist then there's plenty of other methods of gaining living logs. Maybe not as easily and quickly accessible, but synergy is supposed to open up new avenues through character interactions.
  14. I gotta admit I enjoy more functionality to rare times like the down feather. And I don't mind it taking til spring to get, it's a single item for a character that is season locked. It's not their whole playstyle or kit. Seasons are more unique because of the individual drops and events that happen through them. I feel like some people have a mentality where things need to be taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible and while there's nothing wrong with playing how you like I don't think all the items and content should be readily accessible to pander to that speedrun lifestyle. One, out of the several books Wicker is gaining this update, doesn't seem too bad.
  15. El imagen esta padre pero acuerdate siempre acreditar al artista cuando estas compartiendo imagenes. English: The image is cool, just remember to credit artists when sharing images.