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  1. I know that game experience differs from person to person, but I think boats are a lot of fun. Dropping anchors and setting the sail makes me feel like I'm in Tokyo Drift. I'm really happy with all the content that's been coming up, Klei's great communication with the players and it seems like they're setting up for big stuff.
  2. I think a really interesting mechanic, especially for bosses would be to force the player to have more than armor and a weapon for a fight. For example an unavoidable attack that forces the player to put an enemy to sleep, requiring the use of Pan flutes. Or an armored enemy that has to be set on fire and then frozen to break their armor, or something unique - similar to the Forge enemies having their guard. I just think it'd make for more engaging combat.
  3. Free skin

    Don't be the system is a bit confusing in that regard, but we all appreciate the generosity!
  4. Since the current Portrait Frames consist of the rarities of Loyal, Spiffy, and Classy, I was thinking about what if Klei introduced some animated frames with Elegant or Distinguished rarity. Anybody have similar thoughts, or just me?
  5. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    Well now Im not getting any skins because my computer broke and I have no money to buy a new one. So rest in peace, hopefully I'll have gotten one before next year's Hallowed Nights. But yeah I still had not been getting skin drops up to this point
  6. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    Hey I got a webilisk skin, could i trade you?
  7. I know that in the post it says that the Hallowed Nights would be coming with better skin drops as part of the festivities, and maybe I'm just entitled and spoiled but I haven't really felt like my skin rates are any good right now. They're just commons with the occasional blue rarity. Has anybody gotten something really nice and I'm just missing out? At the very least it's a chance to show off your drops.
  8. For the sake of the community (and JoeW not smiting us) maybe we shouldn't talk about religion if it's not in clear reference to the game.
  9. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    That's pretty gruesome, but that looks amazing. Great work!
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I've gone back a few pages to see what's up with our awful meme page, and I think it's safe to say Maxwell Memes is a perfect incarnate of this image:
  11. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    Here's my go at the Horror Hound, can't wait until Turn of the Tides comes out of beta.
  12. [Game Update] - 355234

    I'm not seeing skin portraits from the curio cabinet? Does anybody else have a similar issue?
  13. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    Love the baby Oshnu, welp. Here's a forging Oshnu. Can't wait til the games out on Steam.
  14. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    Poor WX, a vessel for what he hates the most.
  15. I feel like playing Devil's Advocate in this instance. This game has obviously been stirring around in development Hell for a bit, having to be rebooted so that Klei could get the feel for the game they wanted. With that much resource put into the game, and the change in genre I can kind of understand why they would want to go with Epic if that meant a certain payment as opposed to not as many people buying the game to cover the cost. Let's remember that games are expensive with money, time, and energy. Let's not forget that several people on the team sink a lot of their blood, sweat and tears into these kinds of games. Klei has shown that they're not money hungry goblins out to scam us, while I'm not happy about Epic exclusivity, at the very least let's show understanding to the developers that have been so open and responsive to us.