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  1. Are you logged into the beta version? My skins didn't come through until I revered back to the normal one.
  2. I remember in a post a while ago, it talked about how Klei was going to implement more of the ARGs or puzzles, so we should scrutinize to see any hidden details. I think it was the update before the Wendy Refresh but I don't remember, and am too lazy to go and look. Either way, there's been quite a few updates since then and I haven't heard a word about any puzzles. Have we just not found any, or do you guys think there's nothing new yet? Maybe it's because of Covid-19 messing up people's plans but it seems weird to have seen that warning so long ago and still not have found anything.
  3. With all these great skins for Wormwood, it'd be nice if there was some way to artificially force bloom for Wormwood. Maybe like crafting a super fertilizer out of plant parts or something along those lines, maybe it could be a nice way to tie in sea/moon island content since Wormwood originates from the moon.
  4. Coincidentally, I have 1000+ hours on DST, I just never get super far in the game. And it's worth nothing I usually only play by myself. Though I do appreciate all the points you guys have made. I guess Klei either has to revamp the Beefalo domestication or give them more usage.
  5. So, I decided on trying to tame beefalos, but looking through tutorials and reading the wiki, It almost seems like it's not worth the time or resources to tame one. Does anybody have any useful tips for domesticating them, or just have any idea for the developers on how to make domestication better if you agree that it's too pricey.
  6. You keep out doing yourselves, even in the middle of a pandemic Klei still delivers top tier content. It's an understatement to say we don't deserve this.
  7. For the sake of the community (and JoeW not smiting us) maybe we shouldn't talk about religion if it's not in clear reference to the game.
  8. That's pretty gruesome, but that looks amazing. Great work!
  9. I've gone back a few pages to see what's up with our awful meme page, and I think it's safe to say Maxwell Memes is a perfect incarnate of this image:
  10. Here's my go at the Horror Hound, can't wait until Turn of the Tides comes out of beta.
  11. I'm not seeing skin portraits from the curio cabinet? Does anybody else have a similar issue?
  12. Love the baby Oshnu, welp. Here's a forging Oshnu. Can't wait til the games out on Steam.
  13. Hey, that's some great work. But to keep this thread organized, why don't you make your own topic in the DS art forums so you can show off all your work. If you make something in line with the challenge we'd all love to see it here, just make sure to keep it thematic.
  14. I drew this a few weeks ago, but maybe I'll draw up a new one. So here's the eternal tree guard.