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  1. looking for players from europe

    Think I already played with you. Still
  2. Not gonna lie, bit of a time difference here in Germany. But if you're still interested...
  3. So, About the Shadow throne

    I think Wilson might not have been accepting of his fate yet, so he didn't want to make anything or bring anybody into the Constant. He was still struggling to be freed when Charlie arrived, unlike Maxwell who was just sitting there pitifully.
  4. What do you think of the new skins?

    Jeez. I understand that this is (kind of) constructive criticism, but let's remind ourselves that they released a full set of characters along w/ an bunch of weapon and armor reskins. I think they look nice, sure some skins I don't really care for. But that's with every skin set released. As for the flashiness, maybe it's almost like they're... fire? They're supposed to be extravagant and showy, that's what fire is. That's the theme. I know they're not for everybody, but I really appreciate the time Klei takes into making things like this. Having (attempted) drawing and animating myself, it's really time consuming and difficult to get things to work exactly like you right, but Klei still manages to make things look good. [end rant]
  5. Community Skin Prize

    I mean like individualized skins that aren't already in the game. Y'know loyals or something. But I can't argue with your math.
  6. Community Skin Prize

    I'm sure that it's too late to do this, but I thought it would be cool that as the community reaches more marks in the community prize meter. I think it would be cool to award skins to the community, nothing that flashy maybe just another icon or portrait. I don't know, but I feel like this would just really add to morale boost for the community unlocks.
  7. I stayed up all night for this. B,)
  8. Didn't you have a different profile? Or am I thinking of somebody else?
  9. Somebody mind @mentioning me once we get information? Thanks in advance!
  10. Same, just gotta pull an all nighter. (on a school night, rip)
  11. Eh... this might not be the case. There are some implications that nothing will transfer. Don't get your hopes up just yet. Remember we're playing the Forge so that when it comes out it can be as best as possible. That's the point of the beta.
  12. Canada isn't just one time zone. If I'm not mistaken Klei HQ is in Vancouver, who's current time is 10:40 right now. And I'm sure that they're just watching this chat gleefully: the beta's good to go, but they wanna see how far they can push us before release.
  13. I know that talking on this is gonna get the thread locked, but just a moment of recollection all the way back to the Gorge beta. You guys remember how many people were spamming the chat screaming for the beta. I know it was obnoxious, but honestly it's fun to see how excited other DST players get.
  14. Do we have any official time as to when the beta will be released? I could have sworn I saw something, but can't find anything now. And Europe's a bit ahead of Canada, so I might have to resist the temptations of a good night's rest. Well, hype until it gets here!
  15. I'm having a flashback to the Gorge beta chaos.