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  1. Maybe you should rephrase the first question, I don't think the Insanity mechanic deserves priority, but I always love new content. Something that can draw back players who might abuse being insane would be interesting, especially with the introduction of creatures stronger and scarier than those awful Terrorbeaks. But I think this stuff shouldn't be what Klei immediately switches their attention to. For the moment it feels fine enough, but I could see areas of improvement and expansion. (Yeah, I know there's an option for not completely prioritizing this. But I feel less than priority, more like a back burner sorta thing.)
  2. [Game Update] - 327257

    Can we take some time to appreciate how adorable Wagstaff looks with his goggles? Amazing update, Klei.
  3. What about Maxwell as the ancestor, they both messed up big time. Also, I drew a Wortox/DD picture like a week ago so funny you bring this up. I think Woodie would be perfect for the Abomination since they both transform it just makes sense. Wendy would be funny to see as Occultist, just because of how darkly themed the characters are. Willow as Vestal, and Wickerbottom as the Plague Doctor. I think WX would look amazing with a Leper skin. Hellion I could definitely see on Winona or Wigfrid, either/or really. (BTW for people who haven't played Darkest Dungeons, you should really show the game some love. It's amazing and I think would appeal to many of Klei's fans.)
  4. I can see where people are coming from, as I am also a fan of slowly collecting to completion. But with the introduction of new skins, it's not like anybody's gonna be at 100% for that long. Also, while I might sound rude or abrupt saying this, it seems kind of childish to complain about missing out on timed skins. Yeah it sucks, I didn't get bottomless pit because I switched accounts. Is that fair? Not really, I played the beta and supported Klei. But when it comes down to wanting that skin for my collection or the development of new, cool content for me to explore, my preference is that Klei works on the latter. By a mile. Just my two cents.
  5. With all these new characters coming out, I really enjoy seeing characters with strong synergy and that really help in a way that the entire team can appreciate. So I was thinking, what if there was a character who could help boost team sanity and decorate the base. Let's see they have some extra sculpting recipes, or decorations in the structure tab. Maybe they're just cosmetic, or maybe they help boost sanity or something like that. Something like an item that increases speed in a radius liking cobblestone roads. Just an interesting way to add more to the game in a way that everybody can enjoy.
  6. Where is everyone at

    I usually start my own private world, hoping to play with friends. That being said, my friends hardly play so I play by myself. But to be fair most of them live in the US, and the time zones are awful. I have met a few people during the events (Forge and Gorge) so that was a lot of fun.
  7. Wendy/Abigail rework

    I'm not sure what would make a good buff for her rework, but as something to help balance it out it'd be interesting if Wendy had her own negative aura. As she is always being dark and edgy, it would kinda make sense and would make for more dynamic co-op gameplay. Add this with some extra bonus to Abigail or something and it could help her stay balanced.
  8. spooky bosses

    I think that almost all of the bosses aren't very scary from a design standpoint. Sure they can come out of nowhere, or are incredibly powerful. But out of all the bosses, if I had to look on in the face the one that most quickly dissipate my courage are the shadow pieces. The way they move and attack is more than inhuman or unnatural it's just wrong. Their horrid faces melted into gross positions as they hunt you relentlessly. Shadow pieces by a mile.
  9. QoL Change To Bosses

    Wouldn't make much sense for the Deerclops to climb out of the ocean, but I think I kinda know what you mean. Maybe instead of its signature roar, when it aggro's it could have a special war cry when first seeing the player after spawning. C'mon there's no need to be rude, if you want to point out holes keep criticism constructive.
  10. Home for My Art, Maybe?

    Gecko, gecko, give me a necro. Thought about a petrified Tree-Guard, lonely guarding the forest till it's dust.
  11. wilson rework?

    This is a really 'eh' kind of change for Wilson, but one that I think makes sense gameplay and lore-wise, perhaps Wilson could be more perceptive to attacks. So bearger, deerclops, and hound alerts come like half a minute earlier than usual for him. This gives him a total team bonus, albeit a very specific one, and it also helps more inexperienced players prepare more for hound attacks so they can prepare. Just a minor suggestions, idk if it's really worthwhile.
  12. I can't escape DST

    Lucky, I live in Germany so I get a billion annoying ads I don't even understand. I would love some DST ads for once.
  13. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    Did a Darkest Dungeon - style Wortox, getting a virtue. (background is from the game fyi) Been a while since I've done some DST fanart.
  14. Fire reduction seems like kinda an interesting thing to play. I think Klei is focusing more on synergy and being a team player, one thing that always bugs me is fire spread in the summer. Maybe Willow could greatly reduce the fire spread around her (as part of her pyrokinesis), helping prevent base collateral damage and protecting crops. Not as effective as a flingo, but still a good component in the interest of the team.
  15. Skin drops

    I switched accounts after the beta, so I missed out on the bottomless pit. It's now stuck on my brother's account, who doesn't even play the game. Feels bad. :/