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  1. I would much greatly prefer that they go back and fill up collections for all survivors, I'm unsure why the new Winter's Feast skins were turned into Merry Maker's instead of Snowfallen, but I'd like to see how other survivors might fit with Wortox's Minotaur skin as in some kind of mythical or labyrinth themed characters or Wormwood's Oasis Bound. Maybe it's just the perfectionist coming out of me, but I'd really like for new skins to explore this instead of being new categories.
  2. I mean they've already given us a decent amount of canon with the Wendy lore video.
  3. I'm not super sure if the Ancient Herald would fit into DST, or if it's even a good idea for them to be brought out of Hamlet, since I do like that the DLC's have their own unique content. However, I do think it would be interesting to further explore the Herald's lore and an item like the Vortex Cloak seems really useful.
  4. I strongly disagree. I think Warly is a lot of fun to play, and I only ever play by myself. Only being able to eat crock pot foods forces me to plan in advance for exploration and be more creative with my meals. I think that his perks are also a huge benefit, with some really strong spices and meals. I mean each player to their own playstyle, but I personally love playing Warly.
  5. My main gripe with winona is that her items don't really seem to fit the DST aesthetic. They just seem out of place in the world, but I don't think any of the refreshes are necessarily 'bad.' Just some are worse than others.
  6. Personally, I feel like some food items are kind of pointless right now. As Warly electric milk is kind of lame, having only one use. It'd be nice to give it more function since i like the idea of farming volt goats. Beefalo taming, as discussed on another thread, is kind of really expensive and I feel like it could be made more viable.
  7. Honestly I nearly died trying to get those shells. They'll swim to you, so I suggest staying a safe distance away from them and letting them drift over one by one. Just make sure you have a good enough weapon to make quick work. A glass cutter or dark sword could really help you out so you don't get overwhelmed.
  8. I have to disagree. Minecraft isn't Don't Starve. Don't Starve was built with the idea of being of a cruel, single-player rogue-like. Don't Starve Together is especially focused on coordination and teamwork, even in usage of resources. Fire has always been super destructive in the single-player version as well. I mean just about everybody's burnt down a forest trying to prevent winter freezing. Griefers are inevitable in every game, but a trust-lock feature like you're suggesting seems kinda excessive.
  9. It also seems like they take up a ton of space with how far you have to lengthen them out, it might be nice to have a structure that you can place them in like a chest and adjust how long it takes to play a bell or something, like a glorified shell piano.
  10. If you go to Pearl you can trade them for lures, some blueprints and tackler boxes. They're actually pretty useful.
  11. This is something I first noticed after playing Hamlet, that for some reason in areas where Klei could simply copy and paste content they make tweaks to them. In Hamlet they introduced pigeons to Don't Starve, though there had already been pigeons, in the Gorge for DST. However, the pigeons had been redrawn. In the Gorge there were also several assets that could have been re-imported, like meat scraps/morsels or fish/salmon, or having regular or shaved beefalo instead of this poor dying ones bound by a yoke. Recently wobsters were added in RoT, though the they have different visuals and new dens. So does anybody know why Klei does things this way? I'm not complaining at all, I love the amount of heart put into DST, I'm just curious.
  12. I always loved how earmuffs worked to fight the Womant, I think using "useless" items like that is a really cool twist on some of the more despised items of Don't Starve that gives them worth.
  13. Does anybody else have the issue of having too much hound's teeth? I feel like for the amount of hounds you are forced into facing, there's really not a lot you can do with them. Of course there's tooth traps, but there's only so many you need for a panic corner - and for those that might just fight hounds head-on or use a middle man to take them out (like Beefalo or a Bearger) they're stuck with a whole lot of teeth. As for what to do with all these teeth, I think it's as simple as have new recipes using teeth. (Obviously implementing new items into the game isn't that simple, I know.) A new weapon using teeth, kind of like a shark tooth club or maybe a flail.Or another idea would be to use teeth as a crafting material, maybe able to be refined into a calcium powder to heal you, or maybe something that has uses to be explored within the unraveling of Return of Them. Do you guys have any other ideas for using hound's teeth? Is this a problem you guys find yourselves dealing with, too? Or is it just me?
  14. Coincidentally, I have 1000+ hours on DST, I just never get super far in the game. And it's worth nothing I usually only play by myself. Though I do appreciate all the points you guys have made. I guess Klei either has to revamp the Beefalo domestication or give them more usage.
  15. So, I decided on trying to tame beefalos, but looking through tutorials and reading the wiki, It almost seems like it's not worth the time or resources to tame one. Does anybody have any useful tips for domesticating them, or just have any idea for the developers on how to make domestication better if you agree that it's too pricey.