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  1. Hey c'mon, no reason to be rude. Twitch drops are more about supporting content creators and incentivize streaming and watching DST content. You could always have it on in the background, but I thank it's also important to tune in into people and maybe discover streamers you might enjoy. If you have a question feel free to ask, just remember to stay positive.
  2. Is 29mb normal for a bug fix of this size?
  3. I disagree? I mean saying that a dog represents honest nature feels like a stretch to me. You could give Webber a magnifying glass because of his 'curious nature', and while sure I guess it could make sense, it doesn't feel like the character. It feels strange and out of place. Wolfgang's strength and speed from eating make sense from a character and gameplay perspective, food is a way of balancing it that's fitting and strength and speed go right with the strongman. If you want to represent honest nature, then I feel like that's best done through interaction quotes w/ the environment that give insight to the character's personality not necessarily a dog perk that feels out of place for a boy scout character. That's just my take, though.
  4. Because a large transforming, rideable dog - a large part of Walter's identity - doesn't really scream boy scout. It feels like two characters mashed into one when they should've focused on one umbrella trait. At least I think.
  5. On the topic of new characters and refreshes, I feel like a lot o fthem don't feel very grounded in theme. Sometimes things feel tacked on, like just giving Willow a better Bernie even though she's supposed to be 'The Firestarter' and is a witty character. It doesn't feel like Willow. (And I do understand that it's hard to work with her because of griefers, but that's an example of refreshes straying from the character's base identity.) Walter especially feels all over the place: he's a boy scout, he loves mysteries, he has a dog that transforms, he has a slingshot. I feel like you should stick to one or two of those and expand not just take from each. It makes the characters feel more memorable and identifiable. Does anybody feel similarly? Or am I just being a scrooge. I just hope moving forward with refreshes they're not so much like: "I guess I could see them doing that." And more so: "That makes so much sense!" Like a logical step up of who they are. For me anyways, either way I still do love all the content that's been coming out, but constructive criticism is healhty.
  6. You guys know it cost a lot of money to make games, right? Like a lot. I'm sure the guys at Klei too a lot of time whether or not this was a responsible decision before going through with it. While I'm not fan of Tencent I appreciate Klei's transparency with something that I'm sure they know would be controversial. Now we can toss out hypotheticals as much as we want, but how about we wait until something actually happens? While some complaints against the ethics of Tencent might be viable, it seems like a lot of people are jumping the gun and saying Don't Starve's gonna go all down hill from here. Klei has delivered miracle after miracle with their games, are we all so quick to jump ship once things don't go our way? Save the complaints for when real mistakes roll out, if we start to notice and over-monetization or a drop in quality then I say we go get the pitchforks. But jeez, have some faith.
  7. With all these great skins for Wormwood, it'd be nice if there was some way to artificially force bloom for Wormwood. Maybe like crafting a super fertilizer out of plant parts or something along those lines, maybe it could be a nice way to tie in sea/moon island content since Wormwood originates from the moon.
  8. You keep out doing yourselves, even in the middle of a pandemic Klei still delivers top tier content. It's an understatement to say we don't deserve this.
  9. For the sake of the community (and JoeW not smiting us) maybe we shouldn't talk about religion if it's not in clear reference to the game.
  10. I've gone back a few pages to see what's up with our awful meme page, and I think it's safe to say Maxwell Memes is a perfect incarnate of this image:
  11. I'm not seeing skin portraits from the curio cabinet? Does anybody else have a similar issue?
  12. Can we take some time to appreciate how adorable Wagstaff looks with his goggles? Amazing update, Klei.
  13. Gecko, gecko, give me a necro. Thought about a petrified Tree-Guard, lonely guarding the forest till it's dust.
  14. I just watch Zeklo, Volx, and RazingHel every once in a while, especially when there's lore drop.