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  1. what new content would you like to see?

    I think the point of enraged Klaus is to deter players from killing or moving the No-Eyed Deer, they're part of his fighting mechanic and to move them kinda really chances the pace and uniqueness of the boss fight. So then you have to deal with a super buffed nuisance of a Klaus. You shouldn't be rewarded for not wanting to play the boss fight right. Maybe like a charcoal or two if you REALLY want something.
  2. Gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a joke. Just not a great one(?) Execution seems lackluster, hence all the confusion.
  3. It's nice to see a creator - who listens to their community, tries to fix the problems in reaction to open criticism, makes amazing games, and is generally fun and interactive - put up on the list. Even if they weren't to win, I'm glad Klei finally got the recognition they deserve. I can't say everybody on that list does. You got my vote Klei.
  4. So what buffs do giants have?

    Correct me if I'm wrong @devs, but I'm pretty sure the other giants just got a reskin. Only Deerclops AI was changed.
  5. I gotta admit, I really love all of the Winter's Feast vignettes - old and new. Especially the Dragonfly and Webber ones.
  6. what new content would you like to see?

    I agree with this: exploration. That's what made DST so appealing in the beginning. You had to assume EVERYTHING would kill you, because usually it did. That feeling of having to understand the world before you could tame it was great. Any content is good, but I think this would just be the best.
  7. [Game Update] - 297854

    Will the Winter's Feast have another beta, or will the complete version be released with the next update?
  8. Applaud for your work man, a bunch of people have been speculating dates all over, but this is some pretty solid stuff.
  9. Save The Pigs Initiative

    Pig? I think you mean "free meat." Year of the Pig, is the Year of the Feast. I'mma eat tonight.
  10. As great as the stuff from the streams is, it doesn't really match the art of Don't Starve. Call me picky, it's great and makes for awesome background but it feels more like fan art than the whimsically dark and scribbled art type that Don't Starve is acquainted with.
  11. Items we could use skins for.

    Your English was great up until "... my english is bad and naughty." Just for future, reference don't use the word naughty. It's just the kind of word you want to avoid. Poor connotation.
  12. Items we could use skins for.

    How about a skin for the Shadow Manipulator? I think Klei should focus on giving skins to items people use frequently, and fit the theme of the game. So a a reskin for the Shadow Manipulator would work, since people need to make one to prototype second and first grade magic recipes. I think there's also room for reskinning walls, maybe turn stone into a brick style or wood into a more domestic look rather than frickin' spikes jutting out of the ground. Just some ideas.
  13. Future of the Forge

    Exactly what I was thinking! The mention of the dungeons seems almost too forced to not mean anything, and it seems like they would be an interesting place to host the Forge. Maybe next time...
  14. Same experience for more work/effort.

    I'm pretty disappointed about achievements. They seem pretty lackluster in terms of XP. They should be awarding you, not forcing you to complete them. They used to give like 10,000-30,000 xp. Now they give you like 500 or 2500 at most. It's a serious downgrade that doesn't seem to properly account for the coordination and effort put into getting them.