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What do you think the Story will be?

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So, I asked Kevin this:

Kevin, we gone through Winter and Sanity, what else could there possibly be in the next update?

And he replied:

Why, the end game, of course. It's the last thing left on the roadmap. That, and a lot of tuning and balancing. The next couple of updates will be more... refinement oriented that the last few. We've been motoring along on content, but now we need to patch it up into a shippable game.

So, End Game? Does that mean Story Mode? And also Pengull Swarms in the next Update! And Angry Craftable Snowman who throw Snowballs!So back on topic, Story Mode? What kind of Story do you think DS will have?It will have to do with Maxwell of course!Also, Kevin said that there MIGHT Be no more Characters to release:

Nope. i want to make the existing characters more distinct before adding any more. I think you might have your launch roster already

Sad times... :(
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Maxwell trapped everybody for his own selfish reasons. When Wilson kills Maxwell, Maxwell starts to speak "Wilson, you are not the only one here. You know? After everything we've done you never thought a Grue?" *Grue shows up* *Place starts to collapse* Wilson screams "Its falling apart I have to get into the portal," *Wilson escapes in the portal*

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I personally consider that Maxwell just wants entertainment, and if you give him enough he might give you some answers. i do not now if the player or the actual characters visit Maxwell.

If we ware to take every update so far as a progress in the story, it wold look something like this.

1.Before Birds,Bees,Dogs

You have to survive in a a new environment made of islands and do you're best as Wilson, the more you survive the more you learn and if you die you can use characters that have a better chance at surviving than you do, you can even interchange via tent. The things you need to remember is Don't Starve and Stay near the light. Also don't cut too many trees.

2.Birds,Bees,Dogs Update

Making a base and hording resources does not make Maxwell pleased and he gives you some motivation from time to time in the form of the dogs, he also gives you new equipment to help with you're survival.

3.Naughty & Nice

You kill too meany creatures that did you no wrong and meat helps you survive to well, Maxwell sends a creature to rob you of you're possessions and make a wreck of you're base. He also gives you means to raise birds, pet them and protect them.

4.Long Live The queen

You made a fool of the spiders and using flanking maneuvers even a level 3 Spider Den proved no mach for you. Maxwell changes that, new spiders are borne ones that can jump right at you. Evan better the Queen comes to fight you herself.

Some new equipment is introduced but most of all a new Land generator, in this new worlds Spiders are a plenty and resources are in specific islands, you will have to be proactive to survive.


Maxwell is on holiday and gives you ground decorating abilities.

6.Spoiled Rotten

Maxwell comes back from holiday and sees that you have to much food, on the ground in chests, all over the place, the hounds don't even get to you. He introduces a new factor, spoilage. Now all you're horded food will become nothing but fertilizer in a matter of days. If you want it to survive more build a fridge. A mysterious item appears in the swamp and that item spawns a living chest that fallows you like a pet you never have to feed. Beefalo reproduce now and don't take kindly to strangers in those times, better get that beefalo hat back. You're pet Small birds grow up and is a more useful friend(until he gets really big). And last but not least Maxwell introduces a new survivor for you in the mix a automaton that does not care of the food quality.


The old is forgotten the new is promoted. Last chance to use the old world generation and research system.

Maxwell did not approve on you hording research points and having no trouble unlocking new items so scratch that. Now items are unlocked by prototype ways, A new character that makes this easier is introduced. The tent is no longer a character swapper, now you will have to "escape" the world you have adjusted to and go to new unexplored lands if you want to change, new weapons and walls improve you're survival, and the new worm holes help with fast travel free of charge.


You think you have mastered any challenge that comes you're way, Maxwell disagrees and he gives you a new challenge, one where you need to make efforts to remain sane, because if you don't there are things that will love to meet you and destroy you, but only if you are insane. You do have a reason to go insane however, the next tear of weaponry. Not hard enough for you, well Maxwell got a new character to keep him entertained, he is weaker that everyone else and does not speak. Spiders are less in presence, but pigs are a lot more. And the new adventure mode where you find activities of other tortured souls by Maxwell.

9.A Winter's Tale

Maxwell has got one more challenge for you and it is not a easy task. Can you survive freezing to death. Not a meter this time just a lack of heat and health goes down. Winter brings new creatures into place some some more advanced, some more Dangerous. Prove to Maxwell that you can survive this and you may yet to escape this hell.

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Wilson and Willow are husband and wife, Wendy and (abigal* p.s don't know how to spell her name) are the're daughters. Wolfgang is wilson brother (so he is sorta the uncle) and Wolfgang is also a circus* worker. and Wickerbottom is the grandma(mom) of Willow. *REMEMBER I'M MAKING THIS UP* WX-78 is a robot wilson made which would help him do Science so he made his qoute* For Science! and Wes is a friend of Wolfgangs which also wants to join the circus or maby? (WELL IDK YOU THINK) and... (woody if added) Would be a tree chopper that met Wilson and Maxwell is their dead relitive they killed and all have seen and he went to hell, and turned into a demon and possesed a abandoned island(Except for creatures, not humans) And put them all their. So the characters (If I missed one tell me plz, thanks.) were and!...DRUMROLL PLEASE... ARE EVIL!

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an epic end Maxwell battle

I hope they do this, and I also hope that they make this battle a LOT better than others. Right now, there are kitable (Nearly all mobs), Luck-based kitable (Spider warriors, sometimes they hit you from miles away without jumping and sometimes they jump and miss), and in the next update, completely unkitable monsters (Those walruses with blowdarts that you can't dodge, only run).I hope they make it so Maxwell has a projectile attack so you can atleast dodge it if you catch it in time.
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