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  1. "Why did they nerf Wolfgang!?" "Gosh darnit, why did they make this harder!?" "Damnit Sanity!"
  2. No...No...Not at all , Maxwell is not tampering with me in anyway , just wait for the next update that will be released soon... then you will see my full potential
  3. Well , After returning to these forums (had trouble with my PC etc.) I think that the games direction is great , Its awesome seeing how this game will grow , but I have some arousing questions :-Like many others asked on this thread : will you upload short animated videos or biographies written by the characters in game to find out about how all of the characters got here?-Do you have a general idea on when all of the characters will be released? It would be cool to get around 2-3 characters every character updateThat is all :)Thanks for making this wonderful game (even though I've not played sinse winter release because I wanted to take a break)
  4. I'm probably just moaning , but I can't watch this because I hate when people keep asking questions that were answered already...
  5. I'm irritated because half of these questions were already answered on the forums :/
  6. I know the plot twist :Maxwell is a puppet controlled by an even stronger force , that will dominate the real world and send everybody alone on their own group of islands for them to suffer and die.
  7. You've inspired me to play this game more , from tomorrow forth I'll be grinding out my wolfgang until no end...OCD in this game makes everything so much nicer XD
  8. Though we don't really need one , maybe wilson will get a new perk that means that his beard gives some heat from winter...We don't know , maxwell knows , but its a secret to everybody...
  9. Maybe the dying is to hint that the characters may of dropped a new item , or something useful.I don't know... Maxwell knows but he never tells me...
  10. The devs said they have stopped planning to add new characters until full release (I think) but don't ttake my word for it.
  11. What we can see :-Ice Gem , Found Randomly On The Ground-A Thermometer that tells you when winter is coming-An Ice staff that freezes things-Igloos!-A lot of dying-New Birds for winter-Winter brings new tentacles-Freezing animation-Father and son hunting party , WITH HOUNDS!Thats all I could see : Secret wise , didn't spot anything...Apart from the end , there is a low growling as the video is a black screen...
  12. Yay! The New Update! Been waiting forever.Maxwell is impressed by your consistency