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  1. "Why did they nerf Wolfgang!?" "Gosh darnit, why did they make this harder!?" "Damnit Sanity!"
  2. No...No...Not at all , Maxwell is not tampering with me in anyway , just wait for the next update that will be released soon... then you will see my full potential
  3. Well , After returning to these forums (had trouble with my PC etc.) I think that the games direction is great , Its awesome seeing how this game will grow , but I have some arousing questions :-Like many others asked on this thread : will you upload short animated videos or biographies written by the characters in game to find out about how all of the characters got here?-Do you have a general idea on when all of the characters will be released? It would be cool to get around 2-3 characters every character updateThat is all :)Thanks for making this wonderful game (even though I've not played sinse winter release because I wanted to take a break)
  4. I'm probably just moaning , but I can't watch this because I hate when people keep asking questions that were answered already...
  5. I'm irritated because half of these questions were already answered on the forums :/
  6. I know the plot twist :Maxwell is a puppet controlled by an even stronger force , that will dominate the real world and send everybody alone on their own group of islands for them to suffer and die.
  7. You've inspired me to play this game more , from tomorrow forth I'll be grinding out my wolfgang until no end...OCD in this game makes everything so much nicer XD
  8. Though we don't really need one , maybe wilson will get a new perk that means that his beard gives some heat from winter...We don't know , maxwell knows , but its a secret to everybody...
  9. Maybe the dying is to hint that the characters may of dropped a new item , or something useful.I don't know... Maxwell knows but he never tells me...
  10. The devs said they have stopped planning to add new characters until full release (I think) but don't ttake my word for it.
  11. What we can see :-Ice Gem , Found Randomly On The Ground-A Thermometer that tells you when winter is coming-An Ice staff that freezes things-Igloos!-A lot of dying-New Birds for winter-Winter brings new tentacles-Freezing animation-Father and son hunting party , WITH HOUNDS!Thats all I could see : Secret wise , didn't spot anything...Apart from the end , there is a low growling as the video is a black screen...
  12. Yay! The New Update! Been waiting forever.Maxwell is impressed by your consistency
  13. Lookin' awesome , Keep up the good work :)Maxwell is Impressed by your art style
  14. I know right , I was planning to stay up , and its 1:30 right now , I just want the trailer now so I don't have to refresh youtube all the time *Refreshes youtube again*
  15. something similar happened to me , I went to the next world on my adventure , and I alread had wx-78 unlocked...
  16. We need the soundtrack for the game I hope some of the bosses (after beta) get their own theme music (would hope the walruses get their own theme)
  17. Reptile? You mean Riptide?Also , I'm happy that I can show up for most , if not all , of this stream , I just hope that its not too late for me
  18. [MENTION=7492]stormfront[/MENTION] Well maybe he changed his age to look more dominant over the others , you never know
  19. My Theory :Maxwell was born into a world of hatred and war , he was born with a demon mother and father , and he was forced into living with the real world because his parents thought it was best for him. When he was 6 , he went into a primary school and had an enemy in his childhood , Wilson Higgsbury. He was better than him at everything. He was in a science fair because it was said to be fun , but Wilson won first prize. Maxwell got really jelly. when maxwell was 11 , he hired a mime for his 11th birthday party. the mime was horrible , and he was not paid , the mime spoke to him , and threatened him that he will get paid or he will curse him. Maxwell had no money , and he was forced to suffer...When he was 12 , he had a crush on a girl in his school , Willow , when he invited him over to his house , she was horrified and was cursed by the flames , she then became insane with fire , and maxwell was upset and blamed his parents. He ran away from his home , and sent willow home , then cried in the street corners.When he was 14 , wendy was a 11 year old girl , and she found him on the street corner and became friends with him. When wendy invited him in his house , he couldn't go to sleep , as he saw his sister WALK out of the bathroom , and she said "YOU LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE." Maxwell literally screamed because it was freaking him out , and he set off the burglar alarm , wendy's parents suddenly came downstairs after maxwell ran down , and he was started to get beaten with a baseball bat , bruised , and beaten , he ran away. 15 years old , maxwell looked into going to the gym because he was so unfit. where he met a man called Wolfgang , he was showing off with his 2 other friends , and he started mocking Maxwell when he walked in , calling him "shrimps aren't welcome in muscle town" as his friends started laughing and humiliating him , he walked out , angrily , as he magically set his hand on fire , and he suddenly only saw black , he saw a huge black figure , and he heard it whisper : "Master , welcome to your limbo" as he saw a land of nothing but weird lands , and many different things , there was nothing but an island , and a tree , a giant tree. that was walking towards him. He woke up in his old bed , surrounded by his parents. at 17 years old , he was walking along the street and saw wilson , much different to when he was when he was young. he was creating something , a robot ,and it came alive , and it walked towards you , and hated him , he saw him , and he decided to jump through wilsons front door , and the robot was torn in pieces , he hated all living things from then. he was 18 , maxwell , as he was walking through , the robot was there , as the robot was being tested , it was like a toy , but life sized , the robot came up , and the robot attacked maxwell , it almost killed him , as the robot got a kick in the head , and he fell apart again... Wilson and Maxwell had a fight , as maxwell was weaker , wilson won , and beat him into the ground. At 20 years old , maxwell met wickerbottom , as she was the new library keeper. as he was in the library , he was making too much noise , as he was kicked out , meaning he couldn't get into a university because he needed some books. (Insert more characters here because we don't know enough about them).At 37 years old , maxwell has had enough , he went to his limbo , and started creating monsters and things , and he put all of the people he hated and met in the past years in the limbo.
  20. Loving the art , all we need now is a dapper wolfgang - because Wolfgang is dapperness at its finest
  21. maybe wilson invented it , and all of them saw it on the newspaper or something
  22. I feel like just reloading a save isn't the game your buying , this game is meant to make you die , and permadeath is a thing that makes you cautious even though you want to be reckless , you bought don't starve , but if your constantly loading up savestates , your not buying what the game is offering , your buying a completely different game genre ... I feel like if you are too scared to die , you have to suck it up , I suicide in this game all the time for the thrill of starting again , my current longest days alive is 62 (I'm not dead yet) But once I reach enough days and a new character comes out , I'm going to die and start over , For the thrill of starting again.But like I said before , buying this game and reloading saves is not what the game you bought is for , its a rogue-like-like (as kevin put it) and if you reload saved data , you are not playing the game like it was originally intended.The only way to fix this is to remove access from reloading saved data to make people play like it was originally intended. Maxwell wants to slaughter you , but he can't be bothered if you are just ressurecting all the time..
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Steam [*]Chrome Version Number 72968 Issue title Tooth Trap Over%? Steps to reproduce 1. Pick up a tooth trap after being used 2. It will be 110% or more... Describe your issue I was fighting hounds , and a hound ran over my tooth trap and died , I picked it up and it was 110% , I'm not sure WHY or How it happened , but It was a bug...