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  1. The Gorge Event Extended

    Very excited to see the competition being run. I don't have much of a chance (unless it's a speedrun challenge, maybe I can get some sort of place) especially because I don't have any teammates. I'm definitely going to be watching though...
  2. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    "Why did they nerf Wolfgang!?" "Gosh darnit, why did they make this harder!?" "Damnit Sanity!"
  3. Post your battle pictures

    I don't have images but these look pretty sweet
  4. You'll become famous soon enough
  5. We're Live!

    Awesome. Can't wait for this games release. Not been playing much but I really need to get back into it
  6. Oh good lord, people.

    Mods pretty much do what you are doing. you don't have to be a mod that bans people if they're being naughty , most of the mods on here rarely ever have to ban somebody unless its a serious case (e.g. grammar nazi spamming every thread with useless comments , stuff like that)You only have to ban when you get really irritated with a person
  7. Oh good lord, people.

    Yeah , I see. I'm more of the "stand here and be unnoticed" kind of person most of the time , just random comments rambling about maxwell and making the game harder XDAh well , I've pretty much seen the community grow as much as alot of people on this forum. If only I found out about this game sooner could've seen how the community grew from the start , and how peaceful these forums would be XD
  8. Oh good lord, people.

    Yep , I joined about 2 weeks before you guys became Golden XD. But its nice to see that alot of the mods are people I have conversed with , meaning that I'm not "Afraid" to talk to them because they will use their GODLY HANDS TO BAN ME MUAHAHAHAHAHAH (not really)
  9. Oh good lord, people.

    Requirements? Where!?
  10. Oh good lord, people.

    So will the 3rd generation be blue? and if they are a new generation , did half of the mods have kids and employed them? Kappa
  11. Oh good lord, people.

    If you go to the suggestion forum , you see alot of posts from mobius reviewing their ideas , shes a really big help when you need some feedback on things you want to see in the game.I see alot of mods now and again posting , some mods kind of stick to 1 type of topic but they sometimes wander off and join the other posts.But off-topic question : i'm confused on what the difference is between mods!Red is odviously staff working at kleiThen their are the magical gold modsand the groovy green mods
  12. No...No...Not at all , Maxwell is not tampering with me in anyway , just wait for the next update that will be released soon... then you will see my full potential
  13. Don't Starve Roadmap

    Well , After returning to these forums (had trouble with my PC etc.) I think that the games direction is great , Its awesome seeing how this game will grow , but I have some arousing questions :-Like many others asked on this thread : will you upload short animated videos or biographies written by the characters in game to find out about how all of the characters got here?-Do you have a general idea on when all of the characters will be released? It would be cool to get around 2-3 characters every character updateThat is all :)Thanks for making this wonderful game (even though I've not played sinse winter release because I wanted to take a break)
  14. Klei , You've outdone yourselves.I left for only a few days and Now I'm back , I'm so happy to seeing this game changing , I need to play more with winter , but This is just awesome! Rain , Drying Food , new Villages and Races , Umbrella , Thunder , music , so many things! This just screams that wilbur isn't far behind!!!
  15. The stream is on! ;)

    I'm probably just moaning , but I can't watch this because I hate when people keep asking questions that were answered already...
  16. Preview Stream

    I'm irritated because half of these questions were already answered on the forums :/
  17. Split it up and turn it into a soundtrack for Don't starve
  18. What do you think the Story will be?

    I know the plot twist :Maxwell is a puppet controlled by an even stronger force , that will dominate the real world and send everybody alone on their own group of islands for them to suffer and die.
  19. I'm pretty sure them being on day 1 is just testing the winter update without having to advance all the way to test if it works. And I agree , I'm NEVER the one who notices any of these puzzles clues , but I KNEW that the end said something interesting , and if you know how to decode morse code , you can easily find it. I think its TOO easy to solve , maybe they are tricking us , or giving us a lead to a future update trailer like the M A X Puzzle was doing , because we keep seeing the number grid thing that we figured out in the insanity update.And did anyone notice that the progress , Insanity AND the winter trailers all had odvious secrets.In The Progress update , we could easily see the phone code with the wilson face on it , anyone who was paying the tiniest attention could easily see the phone code.In insanity update , you could easily spot the M A X Puzzle things , we easily saw it and nothing came out of it.And this update , you could CLEARLY hear the speaking at the end. Either klei wants us to find these easily , or they are hiding something... Maybe all 3 of those puzzles link together , I'm going to pay extra close attention in the next update...
  20. Hmmm , maybe , maybe something happens when you die , or maybe its a warning that the game changes a bit when you die or a different world has a special feature that is randomly generated.I'm not so sure , I'm not good with these puzzles.
  21. Place your bets!

    You've inspired me to play this game more , from tomorrow forth I'll be grinding out my wolfgang until no end...OCD in this game makes everything so much nicer XD
  22. Though we don't really need one , maybe wilson will get a new perk that means that his beard gives some heat from winter...We don't know , maxwell knows , but its a secret to everybody...
  23. Maybe the dying is to hint that the characters may of dropped a new item , or something useful.I don't know... Maxwell knows but he never tells me...
  24. The devs said they have stopped planning to add new characters until full release (I think) but don't ttake my word for it.