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  1. Amazing stuff here! Really like all the different styles you showcased!
  2. Mysterious notes?

    It's future Wilson with a mullet! Along with his half cyborg son
  3. Mysterious notes?

    Maybe they're spirits of the dead that were brought to the island before
  4. Mysterious notes?

    My pics broken. The wait continues
  5. Mysterious notes?

  6. Mysterious notes?

    I'm pretty sure Wilson didn't lose an arm. Unless he also sewed up his vest to get rid of arm hole. What I'm wondering is what Maxwell is thinking of all this seeing as he can just watch him. If that's the case then it may be Wilson falling into ANOTHER trap. =P
  7. Mysterious notes?

    Welp just caught up after looking at every page. Amazing. How did it get so late? The puzzle was as hard as adventure mode. And man, all these puzzle masters are so cool. Wish I could've helped. Now the question is... What's Wilson having for dinner?
  8. Deer's DS fanart

    HEY DEER THIS IS A MILLION YEARS LATE BUT OH MY GOSH YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND THE DURARA MEME IS AMAAAZINNGNNGGGGGGG!!!! >W< Like Chester being Izaya cracked me up and then Woody with Lucy was so perfect being the crazy love birds. FLIPPIN AMAZING MAN. (also all your other art is really top notch your variety is really inspiring!)
  9. Wilson being a block head
  10. Haven't been on here for a month, hope everyone is well.

    1. ARamblingSpider
    2. ARamblingSpider


      Wait this is a week late.

    3. Peculiar


      sorta? dat drama!

      Doesn't matter if this is a week old, not like within that week I've started hexing everyone or anything. (oh look im 2 days off!!)

  11. Hello I Draw The Art

    AWWW They're all so CUTE! >w<
  12. FullmetalDevil Don't Starve art :)

    Ha! Those valentine cards are great! xD
  13. Deer's DS fanart

    HAHAHAHAHA FRAMEEEEDDDD. I GET IT. (but seriously it didn't hit me till a couple seconds later) But man, really love your background patterns, and what a handsome devil
  14. Haven't been on a lot cause of school life. :( (Though even when I do come on here a lot I just lurk so....)

    1. CoffeeBoo


      You wanna lurk in ma thread

    2. Peculiar


      Ah yes I've lurked in there before. There's quite the wonderful work in there!