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  1. After being away from the forums so long that the game was released and my account grew cob-webs, i'm not fully sure what the games like right now and am about to play as soon as it finishes updating, but I think gradual increase in difficulty is nice as long as it isn't exponential to the point of unavoidable insta-death.
  2. Update Trailer: Underground

    After seeing this in my feed on youtube and regaining control of my arms I had to come back and see whats happening...
  3. He looks odd in this picture... - - - Updated - - - Like hangman but he doesn't tell us if the letter is right or not or even where it goes?
  4. Everyones just looking at that middle piece and assuming throne...
  5. I'm calling Dinosaur, possibly flying...
  6. I did this once and I'm not doing it again...
  7. Well its good to know that this doesn't affect the lifespan of a dying thread.
  8. Oh, well then congladrtaions! But does that mean no more derailing poorly thought out multiplayer threads, and will you only ever post once per thread like so many moderators seem to do for no apparent reason?
  9. Sounds about right... Also, since when was your name green?Edit: Now I noticed Syd's name is green, what kind of conspiracy is this?
  10. Future plans? Hmmm... Maybe you give them fish for friendship? I dunno.
  11. After a good while of searching I finally found the mermals, and to much grievance I found out they where hostile as about 20 of them swiftly beat the living **** out of Wes... I really thought me and the mermals could become best of friends.
  12. Probably completely off topic here but I just noticed that I haven't seen Mobius anywhere on the forums lately...
  13. Giant mutha' funkin' robot spider! I'm sticking to this idea...
  14. Rooooooook....Also just look at that horn? So I'm putting my money on Rook. Plus its a robot rhino and usually charging is a directional thing.
  15. Self quote! I think this is our rook in this game of chess, I must assume he will charge in straight lines as is the movement of the rook...