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  1. Wasn't there a surprise hot-fix for that which lead the a lot of dead Wilson's?
  2. That first person thing needs a lot of tweaks....
  3. This thread may be a day old but I am intrigued by the thought of a volcanic biome... Not sure how practical it is but glowing rocky floor with volcanoes about just sounds interesting.
  4. I don't know... Even the hounds lately don't seem to eat the monster meat on the floors.
  5. Well I haven't seen any pig women so maybe they are all asexual and only know of the male gender...(Also I know pig latin and you actually made some mistakes in you pig-writing)
  6. I'm pretty sure everyone on the forums is from the eastern hemisphere and I'm the one person in America up at 1 in the morning...
  7. I have heard this suggested many times before and still say its a good idea. Also in adventure mode, although I'm not sure about sandbox, the world is made of tons of islands connected by wormholes and sometimes dirt bridge things.
  8. I saw something similar and I think you have to re install it to fix it and that its not a typo but just some error in updating I believe.
  9. My old base I deleted from boredom and have yet to build any substantial bases since then.
  10. But that performance problem is only for chrome users and he said nothing is stopping them doing it in Steam.
  11. We better be able to befriend them with the use of tophats...
  12. All I know is if I where Wilson, I would add a bit of beefalo fur to my armor to make it at least be warm instead of cold wood until it was destroyed.
  13. They could make the boomerang do 1 damage and I'd still prefer it over the spear, also I see you read my signature, no reason not to listen to that song one more time...(Mainly because It's amazingness would seep out and cause things to explode...) (Dear god this keyboard sucks)
  14. I think I missed a whole thin here about mobs and how strong they are. But, may I present the answer you are looking for... The boomerang! Pigmen running about? Boomerang that sunuvabich! Spiders take too many hit? Throw boomerangs at it! Birds s**tting all over your base? Throw a boomerang at those jerks and just see whose laughing then! Deerclops tearing apart your base with the same hands he used to create the entire world? Well throw a boomerang and watch as his neck breaks as if he where nothing but a kangeroo! I have many more uses for boomerangs but its annoying to type when you can't use any of these: .g,j and keep having to paste them in and on top of that the s key is sticky...