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  1. We are missing a 'can only fight with fists' perk ... dont care about more characters. Theres already plenty i dont touch imo.
  2. I have only 1 tallbird on my map ...took me ages to get 2 eggs hatched!
  3. Yea, winter hit me in adventure on day 12. (good thing i had a vest already)So you gotta farm all crazy in the first dozen days to get all your warm clothes.I actually didnt get a wool hat yet, because i was missing some spider webs. And i basically survived on cooked carrots ...
  4. Walter, Waldo or Watson. We still need a character who deals better with winter ... And as i understand, theres already a character planned because i see a portrait when i die.
  5. Why should you?You're reading way too much into that decision. Play the game with the character you're most comfortable with. If you think for yourself using WX78 is too easy ... then use another character or 'mod' his ability out.
  6. I had it in world 4 of adventure mode.If it would have happned to me on world 1, it could have gone wrong :DGood that i had a vest and 20 honey hams.
  7. oops,i just realized the screens were different *shame* :Djust read ...blahblah .lua191
  8. Same here, World 4 in Adventure mode.tried to open my ice box and bam!In addition: i see a 'wilson' on my save game now instead of Wolfgang.
  9. Im actually in world 4 and have a lot of berry bushes on my map. Sadly im lacking wood i think.
  10. I just transferred to World 4 after winter update.No pigs, no beefalos, 2 tallbirds ...only meat source seems to be the koelefant ;Dseems like ill have to fill up on Honey ... stomache ache!Yes there are like hundreds of bee hives. And basically no roads, except a small circle.The only amusing thing i found was the part of the mashine in a circle of flowers ...lucky i took some gold and lots of manure with me >
  11. Terrain? do you want to stumble to death?silly idea
  12. ive read this idea somewhere already.(and yes, with flint instead of stone)
  13. Thirst-meter is off the table ... at least mineWe got enuff 'balls to juggle' imho.