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  1. Max days you've survived?

    Goin' strong at 96. Still don't have a Shadow Manipulator though. Can't seem to spawn a treeguard.
  2. Blood Eagles Comic + Art

    Dear god why haven't I seen this 'til now?This is AMAZING!
  3. Support for control-click for laptops

    Not all laptops.
  4. Gerbil's Art Plop

    This is... ridiculously good. I demand more.
  5. Riding on Beefalos

    To balance it, I think you should have to "tame" the beefalo some how (probably just feed it a lot) and the saddle should require a really hard to make/craft item. Controlling the beefalo should also be kind of difficult, as it only runs when it's angry, which could be dangerous. Is it necessary? No, but it'd be awesome.
  6. Pelontrix

    I'm so done with the Pelontrix...*shakes head**leaves thread*
  7. I found MacTusk city.

    Sounds like you got...(•_•)( •_•)>⌐■-■(⌐■_■)Walrushed.
  8. Desert Biome

    It's...beautiful. Maybe it could be a recurring challenge on each level, but it gets further away from spawn and more desert around it with every new world. Like in world 1 you would quickly stumble upon an odd machine in a square of sand, and by world five you would fleeing scorpions and following camels to oases (that is the plural) and exploring pyramids before being able to shut off the machine. And maybe (I actually don't like this idea all that much) hammering the machine would drop a special item that could be used to revert the desertification.
  9. I made a non-fire based light source once (the jack-o-lantern) just to see what it did. Waste of time and food if you ask me. I like having alternative light sources because it allows you to give your base more personality. However, there should definitely be a more accurate cost/reward ratio, because a lot of these things are ridiculously costly and actually worse than a firepit. Even if I could, I would never use the nightlight, even if you could feed it normal fuel, because of the sanity drain. Useless.
  10. Post YOUR BASE Here! [A little rain must fall!]

    Okay, thank you. I feel like that was a lot of trouble for such a small base, but at least I know how now.
  11. Post YOUR BASE Here! [A little rain must fall!]

    That didn't work either! I even took a snipping of the snipping and it didn't work.
  12. Desert Biome

    Going off the scorpion idea (or scorplug - post that picture, [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION]), i think they should drop, along with their tails, plates of exoskeleton (but with a catchier name - maybe Insect Plates) that can be crafted as a really strong but not very long-lasting armor. Perhaps there could be a desert boss - a giant Scarab, perhaps - that drops lots of these as well as a unique item.
  13. Post YOUR BASE Here! [A little rain must fall!]

    Gaaaah! All the pictures i have are slightly too big to post!