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  1. Goin' strong at 96. Still don't have a Shadow Manipulator though. Can't seem to spawn a treeguard.
  2. This is... ridiculously good. I demand more.
  3. I'm so done with the Pelontrix...*shakes head**leaves thread*
  4. Causing a massive war between the spiders and pigs of my world. There may have been some hounds involved as well.
  5. I spent 6 days tracking a Koalefant through thick forest(had to bring in some pigs to clear the trees). Eventually, the tracks led into the ocean. I checked my map to see another part of the island about a two days walk south. I'm done with these flying Koalefants.
  6. He has a chemical engine. It takes biofuel. (Not canon)
  7. Pigs are really exploitable now. (Don't tell the devs!)
  8. Well, on the positive side, you seem to have slapped winter in the face.
  9. You'll still be updating after the release, though, right?PLEASE?
  10. One time I left my house while Chester was still asleep. Eventually, I noticed the lack of Chester bouncing sound and panicked. He had all of my gold! I backtracked until I found him jumping into a wall over and over in my direction. This will not solve your problem. Just don't keep valuables in Chester.
  11. Get four armored piggies together and you can use the self-explanatory technique of "Slaughterhouse" on even a tier three den. They will probably all die. But so will the spiders!