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  1. Vanilla Don't Starve Adventure mode completed with Wes.Video is speed up to last less than 30 minutes.I made No research. I only built Axe, Camp Fire, Grass Suit, Garland. I used what ever lucky drop the map gave me.
  2. After many days spent in the caves building rabbit hutches, it's time to put them to good use.Maxwell recruits his own bunny army to assault a enormous cluster of cave spiders that are preventing him from mining that area. His sanity ability favors him of using the Bunnymen's more powerful form, the Beardlord.He needs more than one try to defeat them all.
  3. Wilson is the basic choice, it also depends when you get "A cold reception" or "The King of Winter" to utilize his warm beard. Other than that not much to say.

    In Wolfgang's case, I wold keep him at the almost starving level until I need to fight, otherwise he will just waste food, because He losses hunger faster when he has more of it. Don't be fooled by his 300 hunger meter. I usually avoid combat or keep it as a last resort.

    Wickerbottom, for me her ability wold make little difference. Except the fact that I do not need to built a science machine to research the useful tools. Because she has more sanity to burn "King of Winter" and "Darkness" which usually have insanity gates may cause problems, of course if you research books books or simply find enough mushrooms, you will manage.

  4. Maxwell is the best because you never need to worry about sanity, however you still need to make him insane to pass the gates, his 75 health makes him risky for new players.

    Willow is more simpler and has a infinite torch, her sanity is easier to handle. Of course she is a bit too easy, but good for beginners.

    Meany people recommend Wx-78, didn't play with him after the last update.

    I do not recommend Woodie unless you can beat every adventure mode world in less than 8.5 days, because his curse is bugged and you will turn into a ware-beaver at full moon even if you sleep through the night.

    If you want a more detailed explanation, present a more detailed situation.

  5. Vanilla Don't Starve Adventure mode completed with Woodie.Video is speed up to last less than 30 minutes.Woodies curse is not shown in the video because I managed to avoid.
  6. Looking for good cave videos

  7. Well death is not a problem considering I'm forced to try again until I get good
  8. Post your battle pictures

    pure stealth action, they only notice the meat when close, so keep a distance at all time. (I went around them not through them, did I not)That's also the reason why Maxwell was not doing the attacking in the video, because I only need to accidentally grab one monster meat and all my allies become my enemies and that would be awful.
  9. Post your battle pictures

    how else was I supposed to get carrots to recruit them all or materials for new rabbit hutches. the cave is old, there ware once batlisks in it, but as you notice how fast the spiders decimate my army, they had no problems killing the batlisks in that section.
  10. Post your battle pictures

    Need is greater than patience, and the fact that I was able to find as many fireflies in the cave helps.
  11. Post your battle pictures

    a picture is not enough for Maxwell's bunny army, here is a video where I attack a great cluster of Spilagmites filled with cave spiders http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c6kkqGxg0E
  12. Can't a random quick swarm of lure plants, pop up, take our food and vanish away instead. Of course that wold be awful.
  13. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?22763-How-will-characters-swapped-using-Adventure-Mode-get-the-character-specific-items- - - Updated - - - you're maximum health is the NEW reduced health
  14. She puts everything but her to sleep. She can't use the tent or the bed rolls to get sanity back.Every time she reads a book she loses sanity, so you will have to find other means of getting it back.Like Tam O Shanter or giving pigs meat and standing by them when they cut trees, just to name a few.
  15. Wendy:Slower sanity drain in the dark and near scary things
  16. Wx-78 will not get overcharged by lightning if he has the umbrella equipped or is near a lightning rod. How is it overpowered when he misses the lightning boost, only to save health.
  17. Your opinion on Woodie?

    Nothing stands a chance against you as long as you have enough trees.
  18. They became jealous of me finishing adventure mode when they did not.
  19. Does "Applied Horticulture" affect only farm plots or does it extend to trees, saplings, grass, reeds, berries, mushrooms.
  20. Jaw dropped when I read Wickerbottom's "Spells".Her sleep ability means she can't use Straw Roll, Fur Roll, Tent, Mandrake Way ?
  21. WendyI think they should add the option to make allies like Abigail to stay in place, this will also be useful for small birds to keep them safe.Also it would be nice if Abigail would also bring me a flower when she visits at night.WickerbottomA few months ago someone suggested a life bar on creature. Kevin said that eventually they will add a craftable item that will provide more information about the world.That ability can be added to Wickerbottom, she can record in her books information about the world, it kind of sounds hard to implement.
  22. They're just asking for input from fans.They read ALL the posts.They already have a plan on the rebalancing, very little of what we suggest will change that.If they try to please everyone they will most likely ruin the game.Think of what would happen if everyone would do the same thing you are doing, making a long list of what They want to be added into the game, if they don't get a reply, they'll think it was not good enough and modify it and then repost it, again and again like they're ideas are so revolutionary you have to read them again and again until you must add them to the game. Long lists after long list, who do think would treat this thread seriously then.
  23. With Wolfgang's hunger ability affecting his health, does that mean he can lose health without taking damage orHe has health above the maximum cap until he takes damage?
  24. stop spamming the same list.