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  1. can you put the picture in spoiler? it wasting the space.
  2. me and @minespatch discuss and joke about the survival skin from Don't Starve Together as they were like DC comic hero, so dark and grim.
  3. is a april's fool, is not canon but maybe..
  4. more likely, she play as a valkyrier to the most extreme and really ate woodie's arm for the sake of performance the ultimate delusion
  5. be warned graphic and grotesque
  6. warning things getting bloody from here.
  7. things getting really dark from here,eh? @minespatch thanks for the dialogs
  8. thank you for not just you help me and the christmas ornament of mine, merry christmas and happy year.
  9. i made a quick random sketch of chibi version of ludwig and wilson which belongs to don't starve from klei entertainment. some based on time lapse meme which i really want to make it so combine with both of the characters. and first draw of princess ludsette......
  10. yaarg looks like he been through alot
  11. Warning, the comic was a bonus content from a previous parody comic shokugeki no neko, and it content raunchy humor, viewer is advised. @minespatchthanks for the dialog
  12. maybe male skinny version of ursula? or quacken no, is a quacken bunny worm
  13. as he take form as a maine coon cat (unexpectly), the irony was he is allergic to cats.