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  1. I'd much rather them finish perfecting the current version before porting it to another System.I hope it'll be much better then the ports of other games like Minecraft or Terraria, i found those to be just less entertaining on Console compared to their Pc variants.
  2. Maybe Wilbur can move faster and collect resources quicker, that or gains a health bonus from food which is found rather then food picked from dead things. Since uhhh, ya know, He's a small monkey they tend to be good at that sort of stuff.Or he poops after eating and can throw it at things.
  3. Wow thanks! and to clarify the Wilson part, personally i always see Wilson as an extension of myself, like when driving a car or using a controller. You'll be more likely say 'i'm going to turn to the left' rather than 'I'm going have Wilson turn to the left'. It was a slight jab at the more you play into the game you start to think as Wilson.A youtube channel called Extra Credits explained this way better then i ever could but i'm hoping i sort of layed a basic idea down
  4. Yeah i didn't really expect it be super scary like playing Amnesia the Dark Descent early in the morning in pitch black darkness but i gave it a shot.Personally i would like them to add some more horror elements into Don't Starve. The sanity feature has alot of potential when it comes to something like this. Having nightmare lands which you can enter when sleeping, or hallucinations more focused on making you feel uneasy rather than trying killing you. Like hallucinating hounds or a deerclop, maybe even a shadow Wilson. Overall i wasn't expecting the likes of someone as talented as you to respond to something of mine, so i'll take it i did atleast something right with it. - - - Updated - - - Danke comrade
  5. So i got bored and decided write a fan-fiction about the shadow Wilson you see on the main menu because hey why not.You can find it here aswell. It's a 'Creepypasta' as one would say.I'm not saying its brilliant but i thought it was pretty okay.Non-the less here it is:(its put into a Spoiler to save space) feedback is appreciated.
  6. In my world there was a split where four roads left off in diffrent directions and i usually one went up and to the right, left led to my base and the bottom route i never bothered with. Eventually after heading upwards i found a worm hole which led to a pig village, 3 mandrakes and a beefalo heard. After using the wormhole a few times i decided venture downwards away from the pig houses, i found 7 bee nests, 3 more pig villages and then the pig king, i continued running back and forth from my camp which was on the edge of a island very far away, the wormhole, the pig village and pig king, this would usually take a day to do and i had pass alot of spiders.Then after a little i decided venture to the right of the pig kind, i stopped having go through the wormhole so much due to it seriously damaging my sanity to the point it hit 30% and i managed find a swamp filled with reeds and then a road about a short walk upwards, the road was part of the four connecting roads mentioned before, it being the bottom one.I could of saved alot of time if i just actually been bothered head downwards this would of saved me a meat effigy i lost when i bumped into the mass spider queen hordes which overwhelmed the area between the pig village and king.I felt pretty stupid.
  7. I think i found a possible candidate.(On a side note Wx's perk should be that he does the robot if left idle long enough)
  8. Maxwell congratulates you on getting this far and then shoots you. Unless you got a amulet its game over, if you do have one it becomes a boss fight.
  9. What if the Deerclop looks all cute n' cuddly, making you have a false sense of sercurity, and when you move in to feed it some seeds or meat, give it a good ol' tussle on the head. . Bam, super huge, terror-inducing, Nightmare giving hostile Deerclop chases wilson after giving a face-melting roar. Which if you have a low sanity also looks really creepy and causes wilson ram his own spear into himself out of sheer terror, and fear.Now thats the deerclop i'm actually starting to regret hoping for. On second thought don't do that just make it adorable and friendly.
  10. So after spending some time off and being bored i decided to attempt drawing some pictures of Don't starve, it was done on paper which i spent time slowly adding more detail to so the quality of said paper isn't going be too perfect.Insane Wilson: Maxwell: Wilson with derp eyes: While not perfect i'm pretty impressed with the results and i plan draw some more sometime soon (Probably the picture of Wilson holding the rose)
  11. I assume making a deal with Valve for adding a crossover character would also allow there to be some promo items for Tf2 since that's what valve are into right now.That and fellow Tf2'ers will know that atleast 21% of the Tf2 userbase will buy games just for the promo item it has, so this could get a knock up a few more sales including with the amount of sales got by people noticing the game, not to say Don't starve isn't popular. (that and i'd love an all-class Wilson hairdo/Top hat/Breezy vest something like that)I'm all for this idea aslong as the characters are balanced so it doesn't create a unfair system where you'd need buy games to get the best character unlocks but are also decent enough so they're worth the money. (And i'd like see Bill from left 4 dead beating up rabbits and turkeys)
  12. The wiki contains information about any sanity monsters, crockpot recipes and various other information i assume most players wouldn't know unless they played far into the game or heard it from elsewere and being the book worm i am i'd spend probably hours reading through it learning everything, ruining half the fun of survival games. The information i'm requesting here is to get some basic knowlage on them so i know the enemy not having expose myself to any spoilers for my insane save, but getting enough information on my actual adventure save to be able know if its worth risking since i hit that point where i start playing it safe so i don't end up getting destroyed, If i didn't lose my amulet-thing and meat effigy to a jumping spider, it's seven buddies and queen i doubt this thread would of existed.
  13. Hello fellow GentlemenScientists/Arsonists/Apparitionsighters/Strongmen/Soulessandroids/OldLibarians/Recently introduced Mime people from the unexistant place known as "france"So being new to both don't starve and the forums i've been wondering about werepigs, i've never encountered any as i tend to work alone since all i need is my breezy vest and top hat to keep me sane in the membrane but i've not got much food left near my base and all i have is around 20 monster meat but i've got a couple pig houses scattered nearby.Now the question(s) which i'm asking is the following;1: Will krampus come decimate me/chests if i beat up the werepigs (they're still pigs inside, they just have anger issues, eating problems and horrible full moon mutations)Dos: Do they still drop normal meat or do they drop monster meat3: How many pigs will spawn from the pig houses so i know when its food use expires and i can break the houses for pig butts4: How much damage/health do they have (I haven't checked the wiki since as i said being new i want to explore the game without any information on it) Any help from you fellow Explorers of science is appreciated.