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  1. Epic Games huh? Might give it a miss sorry Klei. Plus, I thought it was an RPG, not a turn based 'card' game. I am quiet disappointed to be honest; I was so excited.
  2. A bee queen, baby pets and marble bushes. Klei, you amaze me.
  3. Are the new Hallowed Nights clothes gained by a separate means than the 4 items per day cap?

    1. JoeW


      Except for the steam market or trade inn, not this year. We increased the chance for them to drop though. 

      In the future we may drop them on a different schedule outside of the normal drops. 

      This first event was a bit of a test run. 

    2. ImDaMisterL


      I have a question, you said they will only drop during the Hallowed Nights, right? Does that include the Trade Inn or will we have a chance of still getting them through there, although decreased?

    3. JoeW


      They won't be given out in the game at all after Hallowed Nights.

      They may or may not be back next year. 

  4. I find it ironic that Wes' costume is a mandrake; something that doesn't shut up. Also, we still don't learn Wickerbottom's first name!
  5. Too many clothes! I'm going to give up 'catching them all'
  6. Btw your signature still says "Help me reach 1000 Reputation points!" but you already have over 1000 (sorry if there's some kind of reason why you're keeping it that I didn't see).

  7. No problem Joe; happy to help you guys.
  8. The Appstore; left hand side on compatible devices.
  9. @JoeW Wait, it is not compatible with my iPad because it doesn't have cellular capability. Why can't iPad's with just wi-fi play it???
  10. I'd love to have this on the go; so I will! I trust it is the complete game? Will/is the DLC included?
  11. Still waiting on the clockwork pawns!
  12. Finally! My mushroom hat has been incorporated! Only took 2 years!