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  1. *claps* Amazing. Maxwell isn't that bad. He let a moth live, that's something right?
  2. I don't want to roleplay anymore.. People are putting aplications and random messages here. Plus i'm never here to actually roleplay. So i'm done...
  3. Shadow: Aww! Get back you thing! *Spider queens spreads a cocoon around shadow* Shadow: Ahh! Noo! stop! Ple- *interupted by silk covering Shadow's mouth* *Shadow sees insanity creatures* *Shadow has gone insane...*
  4. If Don't Starve had logic, how the hell would I make a science machine with 3 gold, 4 logs, and 4 rocks.. While I can't make a single shovel... - - - Updated - - - Same.
  5. Shadow: Stay back! I Said Stay back!!! *Spider agros Shadow* Shadow: That's it! *Shadow chops spider in half with axe* Shadow: Ugh, I could of died. I need to find a peacful place so nothing harms me... *Shadow picks up monster meat and silk* *Shadow sees a weird silky type next* Shadow: What is that thing? What are tho- are they legs? *Spider queen awakes* Shadow: Oh god! NOO! BACK! *Shadow runs*
  6. [ooc] alright.Shadow picks up Nitre. Shadow: What the heck is this stuff? Shadow: well, I think it's time to make a axe to make a shelter, I don't know what evil things are lurking. I'm pretty sure I don't wanna know... *Shadow Chops* *A giant spider approaches Shadow* *Shadow turns* Shadow: Oh god what are you! Stay back! or else...
  7. [ooc] I already knew that lol, right when you posted. I posted the same thing... Also! do we take turns talking? or do we just go on and along with other peoples posts?
  8. Day 1- A dark night. -Maxwell: say pal, you don't look so good. You should find some food before night comes. *Poof* Shadow: What, ugh.. My head, where am I? *rabbit passes by* Shadow : AHH! What the? Shadow : I need to find resources, [ooc] Btw OOC means out of character, right now i'm not insane yet. I will become insane between the storyline.