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  1. Unsound Mind's Art Thread

    Tophat <3 awesome draw.
  2. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    *claps* Amazing. Maxwell isn't that bad. He let a moth live, that's something right?
  3. Deer's DS fanart

    I love it!
  4. Need help with a character portrait :)

    Wow that portrait is really good.
  5. well, If you're not using a Shadow manipulator, it could be that. The other machines don't open up some of the builds that you craft so you need the best science machine to build it.
  6. Don't Starve Co-op Online Test play

    Don't Starve is good with out multiplayer.
  7. Idea for Update Name?

    "Diamonds! In the rough"
  8. The "Don't Starve Logic" Compendium/Compilation

    Someone make a item in the game of a book that reads all of these.
  9. It's a joke, and it's a good joke. Not making fun.. but it is funny...
  10. Surviving and Thriving! (Don't starve Role Play Thread)

    I don't want to roleplay anymore.. People are putting aplications and random messages here. Plus i'm never here to actually roleplay. So i'm done...
  11. Surviving and Thriving! (Don't starve Role Play Thread)

    Shadow: Aww! Get back you thing! *Spider queens spreads a cocoon around shadow* Shadow: Ahh! Noo! stop! Ple- *interupted by silk covering Shadow's mouth* *Shadow sees insanity creatures* *Shadow has gone insane...*
  12. The "Don't Starve Logic" Compendium/Compilation

    If Don't Starve had logic, how the hell would I make a science machine with 3 gold, 4 logs, and 4 rocks.. While I can't make a single shovel... - - - Updated - - - Same.
  13. Surviving and Thriving! (Don't starve Role Play Thread)

    [OOC] Yay! another person!
  14. Surviving and Thriving! (Don't starve Role Play Thread)

    [ooc] are you there?