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  1. Vanilla Don't Starve Adventure mode completed with Wes.Video is speed up to last less than 30 minutes.I made No research. I only built Axe, Camp Fire, Grass Suit, Garland. I used what ever lucky drop the map gave me.
  2. Wilson is the basic choice, it also depends when you get "A cold reception" or "The King of Winter" to utilize his warm beard. Other than that not much to say.

    In Wolfgang's case, I wold keep him at the almost starving level until I need to fight, otherwise he will just waste food, because He losses hunger faster when he has more of it. Don't be fooled by his 300 hunger meter. I usually avoid combat or keep it as a last resort.

    Wickerbottom, for me her ability wold make little difference. Except the fact that I do not need to built a science machine to research the useful tools. Because she has more sanity to burn "King of Winter" and "Darkness" which usually have insanity gates may cause problems, of course if you research books books or simply find enough mushrooms, you will manage.

  3. Did you read my message, sir?

  4. Thank you, I appreciate your recommends

    How about the rest characters, Wilson, Wolfgang,Ms.W ..? What do you think about their perk in adventure mode. Please share your experience about DS, especially Adventure Mode

    My favorite character is Ms. W. She is OP somehow even in before and after the last update. However I fall in enjoying her abilities too much and can't see the big picture. I spent a lot of time to prepare before go to the next world, made me cost lot of time to beat AM. Luckily I saw your video, it really changed my playing style. I believe it's not about character but the playing style. I have learned too much from your videos

    I love your Septerra Core videos too, although I haven't played it, I prefer GOG - good old games than many AAA games there days. Creative games like DS and other indies nowadays catch my eyes than these "gorgeous" graphical FPS games lol

    Thanks again for the your help, and sorry for my bad English, I'm not native English

  5. Maxwell is the best because you never need to worry about sanity, however you still need to make him insane to pass the gates, his 75 health makes him risky for new players.

    Willow is more simpler and has a infinite torch, her sanity is easier to handle. Of course she is a bit too easy, but good for beginners.

    Meany people recommend Wx-78, didn't play with him after the last update.

    I do not recommend Woodie unless you can beat every adventure mode world in less than 8.5 days, because his curse is bugged and you will turn into a ware-beaver at full moon even if you sleep through the night.

    If you want a more detailed explanation, present a more detailed situation.

  6. You are such a boss with Woodie's rush in 30 min. Could I have some recommend for the adventure mode?

    What is the best character for adventure mode in your opinion? What is the most suitable characters for different situations? I will be glad if you could answer it meticulously

    Thanks in advance for reply!!

  7. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?23460-Maxwell-and-his-Bunny-Army
  8. Vanilla Don't Starve Adventure mode completed with Woodie.Video is speed up to last less than 30 minutes.Woodies curse is not shown in the video because I managed to avoid.
  9. After many days spent in the caves building rabbit hutches, it's time to put them to good use.Maxwell recruits his own bunny army to assault a enormous cluster of cave spiders that are preventing him from mining that area. His sanity ability favors him of using the Bunnymen's more powerful form, the Beardlord.He needs more than one try to defeat them all.
  10. the last survival map I played before the hotfix, when default plus was experimental
  11. you should not try to uncover all the map when you can simply walk once through this without dieing
  12. #Welcome How in the world did you manage to find this tread?
  13. The first time I actually managed to get a Teen-Bird, after 2 failed attempts involving tooth traps.
  14. I simply make fire pits, I make a lot of backpacks as chests,I survive on koalafant meat (each one is enough for 3 days).I destroy large clusters of spider nests, but leave enough of them for the hounds.A optional is to make speedy farm plots, but not harvest them until winter.And that is pretty much it.
  15. Purpose: To get out alive

    Drawback: Night and Charlie

    Motivation: Don't Starve and Hounds