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  1. Pass the time, you say?! Hmrgh, erhm.... .... ...... .... I KNOW! We ponder on and on about the wonders of science!
  2. I think my title should be Clueless bacon
  3. Well-p, to the den, I guess!

  4. What to do. what to do...

  5. What to do. what to do...

  6. Well what do we have here? It's back? really? Pfbftft. Hey there! Retro is back again excited to laugh and cry with you! Let's turn the pages of my old book and start anew, this is the story of Wilson. *And so I decided Caves aren't the best idea, not yet at least.* Let's Begin! Oh wait.... How do pictures work again? Never gets old.
  7. I love how you can take [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION] apart. xDAnyways, I made a dapper kevin!
  8. Ooooh oooooooh! I request a deerclops wielding a giant hambat, with Wilson teleporting the deerclops away with one of those teleportation staff thingies.