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  1. While we wait...

    Pass the time, you say?! Hmrgh, erhm.... .... ...... .... I KNOW! We ponder on and on about the wonders of science!
  2. Eet's Impressions [Doodles. Because Boredom.]

    Yes, eet puns all around!

    I think my title should be Clueless bacon
  4. Well-p, to the den, I guess!

  5. What to do. what to do...

  6. What to do. what to do...

  7. For those who still want to observe, I believe I made it a bit easier to see the description and quotes.
  8. Ha! I remember this.....*sniff*
  9. Well what do we have here? It's back? really? Pfbftft. Hey there! Retro is back again excited to laugh and cry with you! Let's turn the pages of my old book and start anew, this is the story of Wilson. *And so I decided Caves aren't the best idea, not yet at least.* Let's Begin! Oh wait.... How do pictures work again? Never gets old.
  10. What's the land's name?

    Maxwell's brain.
  11. Forum Needs More Moderators.

    Indeed. A few more mods will be good.
  12. Woodie is a fun-loving Canadian.
  13. Hmmm...Thanks for the feedback!Anymore? I need some to see what you think!
  14. Another great update Klei!