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  1. Do you really think I'd want to play Don't Starve with more than 4 people? The only time I plan to play DST is with my friends.
  2. Day 2: Wilson could barely feel his legs, yet still walk perfectly. Wilson asked Willow "Think where going to get out of here?" Willow replied, "We have lots of wood lets build a boat." Wilson said "No, we need to survive not escape." Wilson walked straight ahead only to find rocks with some flint and twigs left he built a pickaxe, after mining some rocks and collecting Gold Nuggets he called Willow "Over here!" They travelled upwards until they found a nice spot, Wilson chopped wood and built a firepit there and told Willow "Here, now we can live here." Wilson grabbed some Grass and Twigs to make a cozy backpack. He had an idea, he chopped 5 trees, kept his gold nugget and stone to build what he called a "Science Machine," after building it Wilson said "My new knowledge is in there." Willow confused said "But, you built it how is it giving you knowledge?" Wilson replied "Dunno, magic?" After building his revolutionary machine Wilson found some meat, he said "Tiny stick legs on meat? What could go wrong?" Wilson disgusted spit his food out and said "I Don't feel so good." Wilson had passed out, waking up it was night Willow said to Wilson "Your alive, great." Willow cooked berries on the fire and gave it to Wilson, She said "Here, this will make you better." Wilson ate the cooked berries and smiled at Willow. Morning had came... END OF DAY 2
  3. This isn't a story about alots sorry.
  4. Wilson woke up on an old ragged island, a tall man in a suit said "Say Pal you don't look so good." Wilson was a scientist he could survive for a few days, the man spoke again "You better find something to eat before night." and he vanished, Wilson stood up and spoke in his frozen lungs "*cough* That was *cough* Maxwell, he, he, trapped me here." Wilson got up and ran in fear hitting a silky thing. 2 Spiders ran out one jumped on Wilson the other just stood, Wilson through the Spider and ran more and more, hitting tree it started to come alive Wilson scream in terror. Finally after screaming and running, he calmed down. He said to himself "If I need to live I need to grab some wood and grass for a fire." Wilson picked a twig, grabbed some flint off the ground and made an axe. he then picked some grass and cut some trees for wood. Wilson noticed Dusk coming he saw a shadow coming towards him he screamed, "HEY! who are you?" A faint voice (The figure was too far from Wilson to hear) said "Willow's the name." Willow walked up to Wilson, Wilson built a fire right before dusk, Willow grabbed an entire grass piece and threw it in the fire, she said "Burn, Burn FASTER!" the fire started to make a crispy sound the entire time, as the fire burned night came Willow said "Who was that guy?" Wilson replied "Maxwell, he tricked me into building that machine you took." Willow replied "Oh, nice..." Wilson asked Willow "How did you get here?" Willow replied "That Maxwell as you call it, tricked me he told me I could burn the house and that machine would burn it." Wilson stared through the fire and said, "You tried to burn my house down?" Willow tried to change the subject "What's your name anyway?" Wilson replied "Wilson, Wilson P. Higgsbury." A Spider walked up to Wilson, he punched it and it fell dying. Wilson grabbed the Monster Meat it dropped and said "Don't eat this, it doesn't look safe." Morning came... END OF DAY 1
  5. Mine goes. So I heard about this review then my brother found about it by etho I love to brag I found it first so we bought it I survived until day 3 from starvation I tried until I got Wendy and said oh look a forums then I came here
  6. I'm actually the pope of pancakes...
  7. Your brother duh, he comes to The Church of Pancakes.