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  1. It's not much, but I have my first screenshot I ever took. This was back in 2013 in the Early Access of Don't Starve. It's fun to look back at how much things have changed and grown over the years.
  2. Man, I had hundreds of screenshots from all the update builds of Don't Starve during its development. Somehow they just all vanished from my steam and it crushes me.
  3. Hmm. I'm excited for a new update but it just seems like more decoration stuff. I hope there's some actual use and content to these crafts. Maybe it has something to do with the story.
  4. This is from a post from r/dota2reddit and are not made by me.
  5. Come back to us. Please...

    1. Mobbstar


      Activate the Raccoon-Signal!

    2. Raccoon Superhero

      Raccoon Superhero

      I did not see this message and I visit here from time to time.

    3. LtShinySides
  6. Will Don't Starve Together eventually get Reign of Giants?
  7. The Developers were going to add some Angry Snowmen a little after the Winter update. And I don't believe they were, even at the last update of the game
  8. I thought this was a game about Wilson. And I do believe it is Maxwell's own fault for messing with evil things.
  9. Kinda crazy how even the painted Maxwell in the portrait is like "Oh know! Don't read that!"
  10. What ever happened to the Angry Snowmen that throw snowballs at you?
  11. Uhhm, no? They're the only reason you don't want to be insane.