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  1. Nope. Just like you shouldn't feel bad if you play anyone else for their perks.It is your game man, play it the way YOU want to.
  2. Can't you just store things in backpacks and drop them and do the same thing?.... I dunno I never actually thought of doing it till now but I assume that backpacks can't be destroyed which means storing things in them and dropping them would make sense for the winter for the deerclops... Nothing gets broken and I don't think he can just stomp on them....Maybe I am wrong but a backpack seems like a mobile chest to me unless I am thinking otherwise.
  3. I agree. From what I remember he wants melee combat to be a last resort and using other elements to outsmart your enemy or avoid them all together is what he would rather have happen.Weirdest accomplishment was me making a pig village with roads (when they could be dug up) and bushes in front of houses and it all was centered around the pig king in the middle.Greatest was taking both a tree guard and a spider queen at the same time with Wilson with no log armor and just a spear my first day playing the game.
  4. If beefalo werent so scarce in every world I have made I would have no problem surviving through winter. But as it is whenever I have a huge area to spawn them in there are 0 on my map. I will have 40+ spider silk by day 6 but 0 beefalo found and now that pigs are pretty much a task to kill I just remake the world and hope for a better spawn of beefalo.Makes me has a sad.
  5. Whoa, a little intense there... Maybe you need to take a rest there guy and breathe.The game is about the loss, you are supposed to die. It is something that should happen and when you die you lose everything... Just how the game works and has pretty much always worked... Also if you died, it was your own fault (Put a little icing on this cake for ya )
  6. This is what I did. But the workaround is kinda annoying, not really necessary.
  7. Oh, I have no problem with dieing. I have no problem with learning a game through mistakes either. I am actually more of a fan of this game than I let on to believe sometimes and I only sing its praises to others I come across who haven't played it. I was merely mentioning that some people (and lets assume the market here is people and not massochists like myself and I am sure others on this forum and who enjoy it the same way) could be thrown off by the fact that the world seems a bit... Unforgiving for lack of a better descriptive word.Am I saying I think it should be easy? NOAm I saying I think the game needs to hold your hand? No...I am saying that I think the game should scale in difficulty. As it is the game has food rotting on you, pigs who take 1/2 a day to kill, warrior spiders on T1 nests (meh) and pretty much everything after 10 days wants to kill you and after that you have winter coming and you have to worry about. Do I love it? SURE... But as a human I realize I am not everyone and therefore should I voice MY opinion not state them as fact... But to show how I feel about the game.An improvement was made on the game. More things were added, things were nerfed, things were made more difficult and I accept these changes. I have suggestions for things, I have my own tweaks I would do to some things and I would probobly start with Pigs... I don't feel they should be 1v1 difficult, they are a numbers fear IMO... Much like zombies, I am not afraid of 1 slow moving zombie... but 10!? I'M RUNNIN'There are just some things I felt were unnecessary and maybe were just done to cater to a very specific audience and while I don't mind those choices I do feel as a consumer (not as a developer or am I saying in any way I can make a game, more just observational) that some things were changed in that way, to make the game harder for those who were saying it was "too easy". I thought Wes pretty much made that feeling obsolete and the changes the pigs and having warrior spiders T1 was kinda overkill... But just my observations.ANYWAY, wow my posts are long... Sorry for droning on and on!
  8. The smallest thing I can think that I enjoy the most is the abiant sounds that play. There is a laugh at night I hear... And it taunts me. I will just be standing there and I will hear the "Hehehe.." and all I want to do is go running out there asking what it is laughing at!
  9. Personally I like the way the pigs react now and a lot of the changes. I enjoy the difficulty and as a seasoned player I love how unforgiving the game is now. However I can see how players fairly new to the genre or game in general may be more concerned at how difficult it is and may be turned away at how things react to you in the game. Now everything wants to kill you... I have never been a big fan about that feeling some players have, but I am just 1 person.I love a world that is explorable and dynamic and changes with seasons or weather or in the way the things in the world will react to you doing certain things. But when everything wants to kill you sometimes with little to no provocation, well, I too get a little turned off by it. It isn't so much that it bothers me to the point to need to flail about and cry about it or anything, but enough for me to go "Really?... ok.". About the whole combat thing, I dunno.. If you are able to nail a hit on 1 enemy and keep them stunned that shouldn't be a problem. I don't see the issue with it, reason being that if you do get the hit off it would be more like a surprise attack and you could then finish them off without them reacting. Now it is like you can't even kill these things without taking 1/2 the day doing so. Kinda tedious and I can see where someone would be expecting to get the jump on 1 pig (fighting more than 1 would be intensely dangerous and is good to have this attack/evade thing they have going.) but ends up spending 4 minutes fighting the thing... I didn't see the point anyways. I personally think pigs as tools now are a little overpowered because of it. I was taking out nest after nest after nest with the same few pigs I found and kept fed for a while and had well over 40 silk by day 6. They are really effective as tools now to get rid of troublesome spiders as they now act like the player did when attacking things. I do love everything though, great update, but I can see why some people might have problems with it... and I am sure it will be touched up and tweaked.... TEN OUTTA' TEN!
  10. I hope they Mario 2 this up so I can have something to hate about the game!
  11. I don't know about those out there who have never grown a beard, but in the winter man is your face warm.... Just a suggestion, you know... throwing it out there.
  12. That is what I meant, he sees the character which is the new creature they are now hunting for instead of their normal game.
  13. As an avid TF2 supporter and someone who was in the TF2 beta (tooting my own horn) I have to say this would be a good idea IMO. I am half thinking of getting a game I played and beat already on Xbox like 3 years ago just so I can get the hairdo and a guitar for TF2.... HATS!
  14. The son could be shocked to see a new creature he isn't accustomed to seeing.(looks more like shock than defiance)
  15. I hear it a lot actually. It is the only thing I go crazy over in the game because there is nothing happening and no indication of anything going on but it is there.
  16. Wilson goes too far with science.Willow sets fires.Wendy sees her dead sister... (clear mental problems).Wolfgang is vain.WX-78 is unfeeling and uncaring.Wickerbottom believes she is smarter than the rest.Wes... Well Wes is just speachless.My assumption is that these people were dragged here as individuals and don't actually know one another. Otherwise it would be too complicated.
  17. What is with it? Bees make it and you can eat it. It helps make Taffy and Honey Ham... The best items in the game are made with it.
  18. Best way to kill rabbits is the memorize where the best grouping of holes are and go out at night and kill them in their sleep. Just bring a torch. (IMO)Manure is as easy as 4 monster meat, a whole stack of petals and a little knowhow. "Kabobs" by "sticks" he means twigs.
  19. The Blood Moon Every 30 days (or so) a frightful night will appear. A red hue would light the night sky and drive all the animals mad, and you along with them. Hounds would howl, beefalo packs would go mad with disease, ghosts would spawn in the night and roam around, pigs would turn! Madness would spread through the land and everything the red light of the moon touches. During this time spiders would do more damage and killer bees would be more deadly. Shadow monsters will be seen in full during this time as well, so mad or not you can see them. No sleeping during this time (too might red light) and it can't be skipped with a tent. We need more chaos in this world we live in!
  20. Hey man, Wes makes the game A LOT more fun. Not that the game with anyone else isn't fun. But if you thought getting food and staying sane was hard before! :DYou are in for a treat.
  21. Didn't we just get a bunch of rough and tough mobs with insanity?
  22. Around day 5 or 6. I went afk for just a few minutes! Don't know how I died, all I know was I was dead and started over.Starting over is the best part though IMO.