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  1. Don't Starve memes/ragecomics/ect ect ect

    Nice one
  2. Seems like gems go in statuesAh the statues are dark when gems are out and light when in perhaps the statues summon a boss or something?
  3. hello people

    I remember seeing a steam group called gamer girls or something so i checked out the comments and it said "good thing theres a girl group now away from the pigs (men)" than i saw a guy saying "your all lesbians" and i couldnt stop laughing
  4. hello people

    Which one?
  5. What's the land's name?

    Give her the D?
  6. SECRET- Hidden in the video

    Who the **** bumped this
  7. I pronounce it "Food" i think its like "God"
  8. First of all im pretty sure kevin didnt state there would be no multiplayer he only said it would be alot of work and it would take out that lonely-ish feel to dont starve
  9. [Cave Spoilers] I'm scared

    There is ground between this and the tentacles above because if the ground would be flat as a coin everything would fall down
  10. Share your "home"/ base here!

    Seems legit.
  11. I hate how people use spoiler tags wrong
  12. Share your "home"/ base here!

    First i thought "Look at all these cracked players with the old version"than i thought oh no not this again someone bumped age old threads
  13. I thought you were the one who gave me rep
  14. Maybe maxwell should come up after day 100+ and hes all mad and stuff and he starts destroying several resources, burning trees smashing rocks etc..