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  1. I think this is a very fair request and I think can easily be accommodated for. It could just be a world setting when starting a new world, just a little checkbox underneath the "Survival or Sandbox" selection where you can toggle "World Imperatives" on or off at your own discretion. I can definitely see both sides as to why one would want it and vice/versa.
  2. Points of interest, those pre-built set pieces that spawn on your map, and I second that they should also be deconstructable lol
  3. I would really love for this game to have a "blueprint" layer to be able to simple draw out an outline of what you want your base to look like without actually assigning the jobs to dig/build said objects and tiles. That way you could technically plan out and draw your entire base right from the start of the game if you wanted to and then be able to toggle that layer on and off for reference when you go to actually build the objects and tiles. Think of it like a creative mode but only for drawing lol the actual building would still have to be done out of real mats and labor
  4. Praying to the light god for more friends, ofc
  5. I found this little typo in the code of the "walrus_camp" prefab file. On line 133, the variable you're declaring is "DespaenedFromHaunt" instead of "DespawnedFromHaunt". This causes the function on line 148 in the same file to become global instead of remaining local to the walrus_camp prefab (also why it still "works" and doesn't crash the game). It's nothing too serious as it's only a very small function, I just figured I'd let it be known
  6. Found this little interesting bug when trying to mess with creating custom world presets. If you save a custom world preset in one preset slot and then, without changing anything, go and save a custom cave preset to the same preset slot (or vice versa, cave first then world) and then launch the world, you will get a world with 2 of the same shard types. It will be the world type of whatever preset you saved last, so if you save the world preset first then the cave preset, you'll get 2 cave worlds and vice versa. These are from the same world: And then these are from a different world generated the other way, with two overworld shards: Just thought I'd shed some light on it for you guys
  7. Changing events

    To those who are having the problem of it not being persistent amongst saves, the problem the 2nd line of code is referring to a variable, not a function. So to actually assign the value, you have to do this instead: TheWorld.topology.overrides.specialevent = SPECIAL_EVENTS.WINTERS_FEAST Then just save and exit your game and it will reboot your world as if it were in that event. You actually don't even need the first line of code at all, the game does that part automatically when you restart. Without restarting your game, the crafting tabs won't get updated and will still be stuck on the previous event (as well as maybe a couple of other things), so restarting your game is just the safest way to make sure everything involving your designated event initializes properly.
  8. EResult 9 when trying to update mod?

    Ok, after ripping my hair out trying to solve the issue I think I finally figured out what the problem was. Apparently it will not let you upload a mod from the same directory to two different workshop submissions. I had to make a separate directory (even though it's still literally the same mod lol) to upload to DS and it went through... If I could make a suggestion, it'd be to perhaps change the error I was getting to reflect such an issue :\ had I'd not experimented trying anything I could, I wouldn't have solved this issue. Even according to the log, it really never pointed towards that being an issue. Either that or even laying out the proper guidelines and prerequisites for uploading a mod, like also needing to change the version number with each update or you'll also get an error...Took a little time to figure that one out too lol It's okay, you guys are still my favorite indie company but yeah you can close this, I think I've managed to figure out my issue
  9. I can't even move.

    You should look up your client_log.txt and post that, usually what happens if you can't move or are invisible is because you pass authentication when connecting, but crash client side before the server can even manage to get any info from you. When you edit your post, I think there's an instruction if you scroll down to show you the path of where the log is on your computer, but in case there isn't its usually Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_log.txt
  10. I made a post about this on the modding forum here but I thought it might be necessary to post it here since it's also a technical issue. Over the weekend I had an issue updating my mod because I kept receiving an "EResult 9" error from the uploader. The mod itself worked fine and I didn't think there was any corruption, so I thought it had to be on Steam's end. I tried today and I did manage to update my already existing DST mod, but now I'm trying to upload it to DS as well and am now getting the same exact error... What exactly does this error entail? Is there anything I have to do differently or double check before uploading? As I stated in that post, I had a similar problem uploading a mod earlier in the year because I kept getting "EResult 25" as an error and @PeterA came to the rescue and helped solve the issue (I guess it had something to do on your guys' end?) I've attached a copy of my mod and the ModUploader log if you want/need to take a look at them. I'm more than happy to comply if you need me to do/check anything for you, I'd just like to be able to update/upload my mods :\ Repair Mod_w00tyd00d.zip
  11. The Campfire Song Contest!

    I just wanted to say thanks again to [MENTION=7126]Raccoon Superhero[/MENTION] for holding the contest. The T-Shirt is amazing!
  12. W00tyd00d's Music Hall

    Thanks man! I really do appreciate it.
  13. Haha no hard feelings, bud
  14. xD I completely agree...Thank you, [MENTION=9585]Alvhem[/MENTION] for considering me for nomination, I feel honored but I really do think both [MENTION=3309]Spazmatic[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7126]Raccoon Superhero[/MENTION] are both much more worthy candidates for the position than I. I always see the both of them go out of their way to help people.
  15. The Next Expected Step For Art

    12 o'clock and all's well.....Where are you [MENTION=54978]Mathspy[/MENTION]?